Are You On The YourEightSteps Team Yet??

You can either be in the parade of life, or watch it
go by..

Its Your Choice..So do you want to be on the YourEightSteps team?
Here is what you need to do, is log in ,
then make sure your are committed to following the
steps and you are upgraded.

Then start taking daily action, and start working
towards your online goals. You have everything you
need to be wildly successful online inside of
YourEightSteps, you just need to get 100% fully
committed to the process, and start using all the
resources we have for you.

We have a vision for YourEightSteps and wanting to
leave no one behind, and help people reach their
financial goals online. This is why we have created
the two paths, so anyone regardless of their situation
can learn to properly market online, and reach their

We will be here to support you throughout the journey,
that is our commitment to you, now you just have to
make sure you are ready to do whatever it takes! We
want you to win.

I can see the time when we have many people on top of
the leader boards in Pureleverage, GVO and Empower
Network…People making thousands of dollars a month
from just one of the programs inside YourEightsteps. I
have been on some of these leader boards my self in
the past, and now its YOUR TURN. If I can make money
online, believe me anyone can. Brenda says my Tech
skills are like that of a ham…and I
still type with only two fingers..Just goes to show
you if the dream is big enough the facts do not count!

We build our list the same as you, we use the
resources in YourEightSteps, and promote our referral
url the same as you, we build our own businesses
exactly the way we teach you to.

And We have downline integrity, we help promote to
your referrals on your behalf, we have no outside
advertising on our site, we never send links in our
emails for other programs or products, we are not
interested in stealing your referrals, or confusing
them. No system online provides what we do.

“WE are building YourEightSteps as a team” And
Together we will win!

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I
defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team,
not the individual, is the ultimate champion.

Only when YOUR NAME is in lights will we win!

We are a 100% committed to your success…We have been
working diligently on making YourEightSteps the best
online system the internet has ever seen!

We will continue to strive to make it even better.

The YourEightSteps Team members will be on top of the
leader boards, this is guaranteed to happen, the only
question left is do you want to be one of them?

YourEightSteps Team members are the committed ones,
you see their names and faces everywhere, they are
true leaders who are willing to do what ever it takes
to succeed! We are very proud of our members, and are
very glad to have each and every one of you on The
YourEightSteps Team.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Build Your Business At Lightning Speed!

Okay…today we added the pro bonus step, log in now and go see your bonus step and get ready to build your list and get referrals at lightning speed!!

This is another advantage to being a pro member at YourEightSteps…You will not see this new page if you are not upgraded.

Take a look at this image, this is what will happen when you follow the steps, and take sound advice..This is from only the last hour and a half from one of my inboxes.

**Very Important Note for all members make sure when you are filling out the downline builders in YourEightSteps you are only putting your id or username in the space. Do not put the whole url.

Example: this is my referral url for TrafficWitch, the number at the end is my id 3142 this is what you would enter only, not the whole url. Sometimes the id will be your username. The system will not read the whole url, and you will lose referrals.

Also we updated the home page today, this is the page you land on after logging in, so check it out..

**Another Note: Empower Networks Cart will reopen on the 18th, make sure your ready to join fully then, get in right away, the new blogging system is absolutely incredible! People are making a killing with this launch. For now go to step number 7 and you can watch a video showing off the new features, then click on the banner on that step and get signed up to get on the early bird list for any new announcements…I can not stress this enough, you do not want to miss out on this. If the site doesnt load right away, just wait a while and try again, their servers are getting crushed with traffic right now!!

We are cranking along, come join us if you have not started the steps yet, we are here to help you, join our skype group from the home page and we can chat directly with you.

“You can either be in the parade of life, or watch it go by”


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

**Very Important** New Splash And Squeeze Pages

Hello everyone, I am super excited..There is not a better time to be building an internet business then now!

With the emergence of 100% payout programs Empower Network and Pureleverage, they are blazing new and bountiful trails, its absolutely awesome! People are making more money ten times as fast, without having to make their own products or having to create everything, the done for you aspects of these two programs are incredible…Empower Network and Pureleverage are about to go into super sonic over drive with there latest additions coming out!

And speaking of done for you, we have some wonderful, awesome, and exciting new pages for you..

For pro members we have created a new funnel complete for building your list. You can find these new pages by clicking on the pro squeeze page tab..Here is what they look like, you will have to set up your autoresponder code with them.

This first page above goes to the index page like normal, but this one here:

You will set up to go here, this is the landing page(we have made this landing page available for everyone)You will also need to upload your photo in step 4 for this one, if you have not already:

And for all members we have created another splash page for you, you can brand this one by uploading your picture in step 4:

We keep working hard creating, to make your job easier and help you make the most money possible!

So log in now and take advantage of the new pages we have created for you, we made these pages with very specific intent, to focus in on more conversions for you..

**Two email Swipes below

Have an awesome day!!!
Do not hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions, or connect with us in the skype group.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

P.S. Email swipes for you..

1. Pro Member swipe for the new funnel

Subject: *Alert* You’ve Been Lied To About Making Money Online!

Email Body:

This is something you seriously NEED to know..
If there is one thing you do today, at least watch these videos
and learn the truth..
Are You Still Promoting Products Or Programs With Less
Than $20 Commissions??

You Are Going To Make Thousands Right..
It Will Never Happen!

You need A System That Has Programs And Products In It,
That Pay Decent Commissions…$25, $50, $100, $250, $500.

Unless You Think You Can Put 1000 people into a program any time soon…
Good Luck, I have Been Doing This a while now.

There Is A Reason Empower Network Has Paid Out Over 60 Million in Commissions in two years,
And PureLeverage Has Paid Out Over 1 Million In There First 18 days alone!!
Watch These Videos Now..And Get The Truth!


2. Email swipe for everyone

Subject: Your Downline Is Safe With Us..We Wont Steal Them

Email Body:

What does this mean for you?

We will NEVER email your downline with our links!

We have downline integrity, in every email we
send, we will tell you and your downline to log
in and join the program from the downline builder
under your sponsor, so that you get the direct
referral and commissions, not us!

Your Eight Steps is a professional traffic
exchange and internet marketing system, that
includes powerful splash pages, opt-in pages,
follow up email letters and more to easily build
your list and generate highly targeted leads for
your business with traffic exchanges, safelists
and other free traffic sources.

We build our business the same exact way you do,
by advertising our own affiliate links. We
understand how difficult internet marketing can
be..and we are on your side…This is why Your
Eight Steps is so different…

We do not send our affiliate links to your
downline (this is why we build our own list), you
work hard and we want you to win with us…not
for us!!

We promote to your downline for you…


P.S. Another thing you will not see in Your Eight
Steps is outside advertising for other programs
in the members area. ALL programs are in one of
the downline builders, so YOU CAN EARN FROM THEM.

This is why it is called “YOUR Eight Steps”

Something VERY BIG is coming..And Is Here..Are You Ready?

I just got off a live webinar, and I am so excited, more excited then I have been about any launch..well I should say relaunch..this program has already paid out now over $70,000,000.00 to their affiliates! There is not to many programs that have had this kind of success in their first 2 years..

Relaunch to these guys is just making what already is one of the greatest opportunities online, and taking it up ten notches!!

The relaunch has just begun..

And In just a few weeks, the full “Blog Beast” will be totally unleashed,
and when it does…

…blogging and marketing will never be the same again.

With over a year of development, dozens of some of the smartest
people working around the clock, and millions of dollars invested –

…the “Blog Beast” is expected to take the Internet by storm…literally, you think you see Empower Network a lot now..You have not seen nothing yet!

Right now, you’re in the right place at the right time. Get
ready – spread the word – and prepare for a tidal wave to hit.

If you become an affiliate of Empower Network you have the
opportunity to take part in what will be the largest product
launch of it’s kind in internet history,

… and if you become a customer, prepare for a blogging
experience unlike anything else that exists. No blogging platform can touch this new one they are launching…

It’s time to turn your Beast Mode: ON

Seriously you do not want to miss this…

Log in RIGHT now go to step 5 and join Empower Network under your sponsor, then go to the downline builders tab and put in your username so your referrals in YourEightSteps can follow you into one of the greatest products and programs that exist for the average person to finally make it!!

We stand behind you 110%, and remember we help you promote, we never send our own links to your referrals, ever!

There are many, many, many, many, many reasons why Empower Network, and Pureleverage are in our system…The most important is they over deliver in every way shape and form..Do not delay..

Start Changing your future now!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Thanks For The Commissions!!

Who ever your sponsor is in YourEightSteps is thanking you every time we send out an email..Why?

Because some of you have have referrals in YourEightSteps, but you do not have all your ids or usernames in place in the downline builders, some of you have actually referred pro members, and your not a pro member yourself…So not only did you lose out on bigger direct commissions from that, you also passed up commissions for Empower Network And Pureleverage…

Actually many of you have passed up some VERY HEALTHY COMMISSIONS…And I am not kidding

And your sponsor who ever that may be, is thanking you BIG TIME!!!

So you might want to get all the way committed and stop losing out..and for petes sake at least join all the free programs before you start referring people…Every program in YourEightSteps pays commissions!

We hate seeing people lose out, this is why we always talk about taking action, almost every email we send, we implore you to take action..

This is how you become successful online, by being committed and taking action every day..

And remember we never send our own links in emails, we promote for you, we are one of the very few programs online that have downline integrity, but if you do not have all your ids in place they will pass up in that program to your sponsor.

So log in and get committed to your future and quit passing up commissions..

To Your Success
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Are You In The 60 Million Dollar Program?

If you are not a member of Empower Network yet, you are making a huge mistake…

Empower Network has paid out over 60 million dollars to their affiliates, people are making a boatload of cash with them, why it is part of Youreightsteps, and why every guru out their is scrambling to make it part of their own systems..

1. They have some of the best training online, and they even have live events you can attend in person.

2. They absolutely pay, and are setting records, and they are and have created millionaires, there are not many programs online that can say that.

3. They have visionary leaders who expect big things for people and over deliver on their promises.

Empower Network is Now launching their new blogging platform EN 2.0, with features better than all the other blogging platforms out there, they are ditching wordpress and have created their own from scratch, with incredible benefits!!

If I had to start all over, Empower Network would be one of the first programs I joined.

You do not want to miss the launch of EN 2.0. We send you information as soon as we know things, and we give you the programs with the greatest benefits and that will make you more..

Not Reacting to opportunities when they are presented is where most people go wrong, failing to take action…leads to failure. You have to learn to act fast when these things present themselves..

This is what we do daily, we take massive action, why we are successful at what we do..

So what would I do if I was not a member yet?

I would join, and go all in, copy parts of this email and then start emailing my list, and start blogging through my Empower Network website, its already set up for you. If you do not have a list then you start blogging and build one, we give you the tools to do so throughout the steps.

Alot of you really do not know how powerful Youreightsteps really is, and the kind of income you can make with it..And why you dont, is because you have skipped some of the steps…Do you realize that you can make over $1500.00 in one day promoting Youreightsteps by finding one serious referral who really wants to change his life. One referral is all it takes who joins, upgrades and follows every step to completion to make over $1500.00 in one day!

So hurry now, and start getting a bigger slice of the pie, log into and go to step number 5, and join underneath your sponsor. And then plug in your id, by going to the downline builder tab, and clicking on income programs.

Remember we help you build your downline in Empower Network, because we send emails on your behalf, we never send our own affiliate links, we promote for you, we have downline integrity.

Why are you wasting time? So now quit messing around, get upgraded in YourEightSteps, follow ALL OF THE STEPS, and start making a ton of income!!! I mean why would you refer someone to YourEightsteps, if your not all in, you really only want the te and safelist referrals? We are trying to help you, but if you want to keep passing up the 100% Empower Network and Pureleverage commissions to your sponsor then so be it.

You have the golden goose, Go through and read Youreightsteps, every word, watch every video, become a student of the system, you will not make thousands of dollars online without learning…This is how you will learn and grow.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps News And Contest Update

Well, as most of you all know, myself and Brenda made a contest between us, to see who could get 50 new Youreightsteps referrals first. This contest will roughly take me and her ten days to complete. We started our race on August 29th, and so far as of writing this I have had 28 new referrals and Brenda has had 23 new referrals, she also has had 3 people upgrade in Youreightsteps in the last 24 hours, so with 50% commissions (For Upgraded Members) in YourEightSteps she made $89.94, just in the direct commissions from the three upgrades in YourEightSteps (in 24 hours), this is not including commissions she will make from her other 23 new referrals who upgrade or buy traffic in the other 40+ or so programs in YourEightSteps.

See this is why a complete system is so powerful, when you refer people to a system, commissions are automatic, people will join and use all the programs in YourEightSteps, you literally can build 40+ income streams in YourEightSteps almost on complete autopilot, all you have to do is refer people and we do the rest of the work, because we do not send our affiliate links to your downline like so many programs do, we promote for you, and tell people to log in and join the programs under their sponsor which is you. We do not take the spoils from your hard work, we build our business the same as you do, by advertising our own affiliate links.***(We allow no outside advertising on our pages..none. All programs are put in a downline builder for you to reap the benefits from)

We started this contest between us to show our members how well YourEightSteps system works, and to help motivate other by doing, not telling. The rules of our contest were simple, neither one of us could use outside advertising, like buying solo ads off someone else list, we had to stay within bounds of YourEightSteps system, meaning we are using traffic exchanges and safelist, blogging, and anything YourEightsteps system teaches to do. Focus and determination will get you far, its a mind set that you are going to do, and make it work no matter what. We expect to get referrals and upgrades so we do, because we are focused on the task at hand.

YourEightSteps can make you a ton of money, literally one serious referral who understands the value here at YourEightSteps can be worth thousands of dollars to you, especially with our two income programs Pureleverage and Empower Network. I have made as much as $1500+ dollars in a single day directly from building referrals in YourEightSteps. My whole focus is building my list and YourEightSteps, I do not waiver from this, no system offers what we do, NONE, they all are missing something extremely important, either they have programs with way to little of commissions, or they do not teach you simple traffic methods, or there is no support..etc. One way or another most programs fall very short.

With that all said, we are here to support you and show you the way, all you have to do is take action, and follow the steps, if you skip steps we can not guarantee your success, we give you everything we are doing step by step…Its up to you what you do with it.

One last note: We are almost ready to raise the upgrade fee from 59.95 to 97.00, this will happen soon, we just need to finish a couple more pieces and add a module (Which you Upgraded Members Will Really Like!) So now is the time to get upgraded if you are not yet and save some money.. So log in and get upgraded now before we increase the price..

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Your Downline Is Safe With Us!!

What does this mean for you?

There are many programs or affiliate programs that you go and
build for someone else by referring members, then when the
owners join or create another program, instead of putting it in
a downline builder first, and telling you to log in and put in
your ids in so your referrals can join underneath of you,
instead they send their own affiliate link in an email to the
whole group, including your downline…..So you lose out, and I
can name MANY POPULAR PROGRAMS that you are a member of that do
this to you all the time, and you are oblivious to it, because
you expect it..

Dont believe us, watch your emails, and you will see…They do
not care about you, they only care about how much money THEY can
make, not you, and this is how they dominate leader boards in
other programs, you helped them build their list, and they do
not care to help you..They want all the rewards, and only your
loyalty to them, and most fall for it.

This is why we have downline integrity, every email we send, we
tell you and your downline to log in and join the program from
the downline builder under your sponsor, so that you get the
direct referrals and commissions, not us!!

We build our business the same exact way you do, by advertising
our own affiliate urls, we understand how difficult internet
marketing can be..and we are on your side…This is why
YourEightSteps is so different…All you have to do is read your
emails from us, and the others and you will see…..

We do not send our affiliate links to your downline(this is why
we build our own list), you work hard and we want you to win
with us…not for us!!

If you read our email from us yesterday about the updates to
Pureleverage and Empower Network..? This is another reason
Pureleverage and Empower Network are part of
YourEightSteps…Downline integrity, they believe the same, you
can not sponsor hop in these two programs, you actually must
quit for 6 months before you can be sponsored by anyone else, so
that people are not buying you in…So with that said, log into and go to step 5 and join underneath
your sponsor in the two most lucrative programs online..that
have the tools you need to be successful online…

We promote for you…

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it
and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is
the ultimate champion”

P.S. Another thing you will not see in YourEightSteps is outside
advertising of other programs on our pages, all programs are in
one of the downline builders, so YOU CAN EARN FROM THEM. People
can run their programs anyway they want, this is just the way we
see to run ours 🙂

This is why it is called “YourEightSteps”

To Your Success

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Announcements on our two major income programs in YourEightSteps

Two Major Announcements on Pureleverage and Empower Network we want you to be aware of, and video..

Empower Network is soon relaunching their blogging platform, if you missed the launch before, you will not want to miss Empower Network 2.0 They have ditched the WordPress platform and created their own blogging platform from scratch!

The new features are going to be incredible, so if you have not started blogging yet, now WOULD BE A PERFECT TIME, before they launch it in September. No other blogging platform will have these features.

Also PureLeverage is soon to make a MAJOR technology announcements that will be made in Vegas.. at our first LIVE event! IT IS ANOTHER GAME CHANGER FOR US!!

Pureleverage and Empower network leaders and have vision for the future and its affiliates, they will rise with the times and make the changes when necessary to grow into the future.

Here is a Video below I did regarding the reasoning behind them being in YourEightSteps, keep in mind I have done this stuff a very long time…I lay out a diagram about 7 to 8 minutes in, that really is extremely important in understanding how to build a decent income online.

You can log into and go to step 5 and get more info on both of these programs. YourEightSteps is a complete system and downline builder to build both of these programs.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
Zig Ziglar”

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Green Label Networks First System Payout Is Almost Here

We just wanted to keep everyone updated regarding the launch of Green Label, I talked to owner/Dominic Mongello last night, and he was very excited about the systems first commission payout happening in just a little over a week…

So those of you who have taken advantage of The early bird launch of Green Label, are positioned now to make an absolute killing online!…We are the first movers, those that understand an opportunity when they see it and act fast stand to position themselves a head of the masses..

This is your alert if you have not joined yet and secured your position.

Log into: and join in step number 5 under your sponsor

Have you ever wanted to be involved in
something really great from the
beginning, before it became super

How about a program that will be the
next internet marketing giant…Get
positioned NOW before the masses.

Seriously, get in and start promoting now, those who take action stand to make a lot of money very quickly..
Don’t miss out…this is your ship, swim out to it now before it leaves with out you!!

Done for you income funnels for some of
the most popular programs online,
Empower Network, Pureleverage,
YourEightSteps, complete with turnkey
splash and squeeze pages that
absolutely Rock!

100% Payout, First ever paired pass up sales – Never lose a Commission again!

Green Label Has Just Been Released, the most powerful all-in-one wordpress solution ever put together, BUILD ANY EXISTING PROGRAM ONLINE, create and share content with your downline in minutes! There has never been such a powerful complete automated system creating platform like this…

Get positioned now, in the beginning and drive your income through the roof!

Get positioned a head of everyone else now, Green Label was over three years in the making, this was not some just randomly thrown together system.

Log in and join under your sponsor in step number 5,

You can Watch The 3 Minute Video About The Compensation Plan on step number 5 as well:

We will see you on the inside!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Please take the time to drop us a note on our facebook fan page, and let people know what you have in your heart about Youreightsteps, we appreciate you and your comments.