If you’re trying to make $100 per day it’s costing you…

If you’re trying to make $100 per day it’s costing you the ability to make $1000 per day or more…

So yesterday I was surfing on FB (something I almost never do) and I keep seeing all of these marketers on their posts talking about how to make $100 per day.

What completely baffles me is how much excitement and how many people are commenting “info” to learn how.

This really got me thinking why are people so excited about making a measly $100 a day when they could do this at pretty much any job?

Then it hit me… they want to prove it’s possible to actually make enough money that they can live off of and pay their bills.

I get it, I remember not believing it’s possible and when I started in this industry.
I was extremely insecure and didn’t believe I would ever make it.

So I want to help you stretch your vision and belief systems because the biggest reason I see people stopping themselves from making a six-figure or even seven-figure income is they’re bending over to pick up pennies and skipping right over the $100 bills.

So I want to touch on two very important points:

1.) By focusing on making $100 per day you’re actually stopping yourself from making $1k per day or even more.

You see, it’s just as easy to sell a $1000, $5000, or $10,000 product as it is to sell a $100 product.

It takes exactly the same effort, same time and the process is the same.
The only difference is the audience you’re marketing to and the message you’re conveying.

There is an audience for cheap products and premium products.

This is why people buy Rolex instead of Timex.
This is why people buy a Cadillac instead of a Toyota.
This is why people buy premium coaching programs and done for you services to help them grow their business instead of a cheap course that leaves you stuck and confused.

So if you have very small goals (which I will talk about next) and you’re putting the message out about how to make $100 per day… guess what you’re going to attract?

  • People who want things for free.
  • People who don’t want to invest money with you.
  • People with small goals themselves.

Now, if you just switched your messaging and targeted a different customer you could be having $1k – $5k days with exactly the same effort.

When I learned this from my mentor I was burned out, frustrated, and ready to quit because I was selling products that would make me $100 per day.

What’s crazy is I later discovered it’s actually easier to hit $10k, $20k, and even $50k + months by just marketing the right products to the right people.

That’s when I went from a struggling affiliate to making real money.

So to summarize this point, selling cheap products just so you can make a commission is actually costing you a lot of money.

By marketing those low-end products you’re turning off premium buyers because they associate cheap products = low value.

If you bend over to pick up the pennies you will be passing up the $100 bills (premium buyers)

2.) You need big goals if you want to make big money.

If your goal is to make $100 per day online, how hard do you think you will work to make that happen?

Do you think when you hit an obstacle you will keep moving?

Nope, you will give up and look for another easy opportunity because the goal is not big enough to drive you and make you push through the obstacle until you get the result.

When I first started out I had just went through bankruptcy, the stock market was crashing, and nobody was hiring within a 200 mile radius.

So when I wanted to quit I reminded myself I had no other way to turn my life around if I didn’t make this work.

The other thing that kept me going is my family.

They made massive sacrifices after I went bankrupt. I didn’t have the money to do the normal family things. Take them out to dinner or to a movie or go on a vacation together.

I ended up losing everything. My house, cars, I declared bankruptcy.

I sold everything I could find that had any value. My TVS, all my woodworking tools, my DVD collection, even some of my clothes.

I made myself a promise back then that I would not only get everything back that I had lost, but I would have so much cash flow that I would never have to finance anything again.

But once I made $300,000 I hit a wall.

I now had money in the bank, a nice house again and new vehicles, both paid for. But I didn’t have that same drive to fight anymore.

So I had to find a bigger goal and a bigger mission than just helping my family and myself.

That’s when I found my love and passion for helping people.

And I have to say, there is no better feeling than getting messages or phone calls from people telling me how they had just fired their boss or they just paid off their last credit card.

Even a few times people told me they paid off their mortgage. Sometimes they would break down in tears of happiness and relief. That always jerked some tears of my own.

Guess what?

That’s when my income really started to take off.

Now I’m not telling you this to say “Richard is a great guy”.

I’m telling you this because if you don’t have a big goal you will not push yourself to do what it takes to make big money.

When I feel like I can’t tackle an obstacle in my business or I can’t smash that next income barrier I remind myself I’m failing a lot of people.

I’m failing my children, my wife, and all the people’s lives I could possibly make a difference by just crossing my path.

So I will ask you this…

Why in the hell do you only want to make $100 per day?

Because $100 per day may pay the bills, but it’s not going to give you options in life.

It’s not going to help you make an impact that goes above and beyond yourself.
$100 per day is not even going to be worth $100 per day because of inflation and everything is getting more and more expensive every single day.

Especially lately.

So my message to you is this…


Set better standards for yourself.

Expect and DEMAND better for yourself.

Don’t be like the average affiliate setting small goals of making $100 per day.
Because with the same effort you can do $1000 per day and that is going to change your life and other people’s lives a whole lot more.

Want a system that can help you make a $1000 a day?

Then check out our – Multiple Income Funnel Review, over on EmoneyPeeps.


Richard Weberg

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