The NEW Your Eight Steps are live my friends!

YES, is alive and well!

We have simplified the steps..

Made them even more powerful..

What does this mean for you..?

More money in your pockets faster then ever before, YES..

Well, I’m ecstatic! Because NOBODY is giving people a system

It is a thing called downline integrity, we are one of the only
sites that have it..

Many people launch affiliate programs, but when they email the
database of members, they send their own links to them, that’s
how some people dominate leader boards, because affiliates do
all the work for them, while they sit back and collect big
commission checks..

Not us, we send YOUR links to YOUR referrals in our emails..

We help you get signs up in all the programs located in Your
Eight Steps, as long as you have your ids or usernames in place
in the downline builders, your referrals will click on your
links. If you decide to not join a program, then when we email
out about it, and your referrals click on the link, it will be
your next available upline who does have their id or username in

See are emails pull tags from the downline builders, where your
ids or usernames are stored for each program..Very smart system!

Another very powerful feature of Your Eight Steps, is it is a
system, and with in the system, are many traffic programs,
including solo ad providers, which all pay in either commissions
or traffic..

Massive residual traffic….Understand..?

This has always been my secret to building a massive income
online, I learned how to systematize everything I do..And now we
have done that for you.

Without tons of traffic your business and income are going no

The key to your success is EXACTLY what we teach in Your Eight

Happy Holidays

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

We just implemented a new feature..

Okay my friends, we just implemented a new feature..

We can now send out emails with links in them, and have
total downline integrity!

Brenda the wizard has done it again..

So log in NOW! And get your ids
in place for ALL PROGRAMS, because we can now send out
emails with links in them for specific programs, and it
will be your link..It will pull from the downline builders
your ids when we send out the emails..

This means we can send out promotional emails to your
referrals about any program, and the link will be yours,
but only if you have your ids in place for the program in
the downline builders..This includes free members..

And if you do not have your ids in place for the specific
program we send an email out about, it will pass up to the
next available person who does..

Another way we can help you build your business, and
remember we are the only program online who does not steal
your downline, we build our business the exact same way we

So if you have your ids in place when we send out the
emails, and you have downline, they will join the program
underneath of you, not us!!

We want you to be successful, so for those of you who do
not put your ids all in place and follow our instructions,
hey thanks for the commissions ahead of time, because many
of you do not realize the extant of what we do for you..
So again thank you for the commissions!!

Get committed and build your business, log in and follow
our instructions, we want you to win..

Richard Weberg and Brenda de Reus

P.S. Congratulations to the following members who made a commitment to them selves and to building their business to a much higher level!! The following people have all joined us as Elite members..

David Hunter
Jerome Seton
Hitesh Sangani
Ingvild Moe-Behrens
Guillermo Agodong
Jakob Wezelenburg
Larry Chamberlain
Lucienne Fleury
Graeme Little
Thomas Powell
Frances Buchanan
Eugene Walter
Wim Saelmans
Douglas Clarke
Digokgwe Mokone
Silver Silviano Rodriguez
Steven Laycock
Angela Porter
Bernd Braun

Do you know what downline integrity is?

Do you know what downline integrity is and how important
it is to you succeeding?

Basically it means we do not steal your downline..See
most program owners rely on affiliates to build their
list for them, then they turn around an email that
list other offers for themselves..We do not do that..

Me and Brenda build our list and referrals the same
way you do, by advertising our own squeeze pages and
affiliate links for Youreightsteps.

We have no outside advertising on our site, Every program inside our members
area has a downline builder in it, so that you as a
member can join and refer other people automatically,
and they will join your downline in those programs.

Also the only email we send to members, is for
explaining how something works, encouraging them, or
to explain the benefits of joining one of our internal
programs…under their sponsor, because we do not send
our links to your downline, ever!

Every member of YourEightSteps has the exact benefits
and advantages as we do..
We are all building our
business the same way and together..

The only link we send is and
we tell people to log in and take action under their
sponsor..And some videos here and there for helping
members progress in their marketing.

This is a MONSTEROUS benefit for you in us having
total downline integrity, and it benefits you the most
when you are upgraded, and are a member of every
program inside the downline builders. Because we are
also promoting to your downline for YOU.

Here is one thing to consider, many times, the answer
to a support question that someone ask of us, is to
refer them to log into YourEightsteps, and join a
certain program under their sponsor, because that tool
or product answers their questions or need of
something, now if your not a member of that program
and have your id in place, they will end up joining
under your sponsor, so that is the only way you lose
out is by not joining every program, it will pass up
then the next sponsor who has their id in place..

We give you every opportunity to maximize your earning
capacity by having downline integrity.
It is very rare
for a program online to have downline integrity,
usually they have ads all over their pages, and they
send other promotional emails to you all the time for
other programs for themselves..

So you either position yourself correctly and with the
right programs and people or you keep doing what you
are doing, and keep getting what you are getting, its
your choice, and your future..

One more thing, we even help you build your downline
in Pureleverage and GVO, simply go to the down_line
builder tab in your members area, then click on
recommended programs, then on the next page go scroll
down, and click on the gvo-teambuilder, we are here to
help you, no one does what we do, we are committed to
your success, and we have total downline integrity, we
dont steal your downline, we dont send them emails
with our links to other programs, we only direct you
back to Youreightsteps to take action under your
upline, and we do the same for you…

So what are you waiting for, do you like being taken
advantage of by other sites, that just want you to
build their list for them so they can dominate the
leaderboards and make all the commissions, or do you
want to be proud to be part of a true team, where we
work together to help everyone succeed???

Your choice, keep banking on programs that steal your downline,
or create a future with sound companies and honest people who
want you to win!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps Activation Emails And Contest Update

Well, we have manually activated anyone that has sent us a support ticket that could not log in. Sometimes confirmation emails get lost in the stratosphere…Unfortunately we can not control what Google or Yahoo etc, do with them. (one thing that will help, is make sure to check any email from us as not spam, if it goes into your spam folder)

We have added a support feature where people go to log in, so they can contact us if they have any problem, and we will take care of the not receiving the verification email and we will manually verify their account for them if we need to.

So for those of you who have been waiting for the verification email, you should now be able to go and log in here:

If you have any problem send us an email, from the log in page.

Also if you have not started the steps, you are really missing out, YourEightSteps is absolutely Rocking!! Conversion into the programs in the downline builder is off the charts and upgrades are flying in!

Now truly is the time to get started and build your income and make your holiday season the best ever!

We have 37 upgrades left at the $67 onetime lifetime price, then its going up to $97, we do not expect these 37 left to be there much longer, so go now and get upgraded and save yourself some money….Before they are gone!

Take action, take advantage of our help, we want you to absolutely win, and will be here to help you achieve this, we have downline integrity, your downlines are safe with us, we will not steal them, we do not send them our own links, we are here to build this together!

Also go check out the leader board on the contest page, your name could be on it, all numbers have to be manually verified…

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Your Downline Is Safe With Us!!

What does this mean for you?

There are many programs or affiliate programs that you go and
build for someone else by referring members, then when the
owners join or create another program, instead of putting it in
a downline builder first, and telling you to log in and put in
your ids in so your referrals can join underneath of you,
instead they send their own affiliate link in an email to the
whole group, including your downline…..So you lose out, and I
can name MANY POPULAR PROGRAMS that you are a member of that do
this to you all the time, and you are oblivious to it, because
you expect it..

Dont believe us, watch your emails, and you will see…They do
not care about you, they only care about how much money THEY can
make, not you, and this is how they dominate leader boards in
other programs, you helped them build their list, and they do
not care to help you..They want all the rewards, and only your
loyalty to them, and most fall for it.

This is why we have downline integrity, every email we send, we
tell you and your downline to log in and join the program from
the downline builder under your sponsor, so that you get the
direct referrals and commissions, not us!!

We build our business the same exact way you do, by advertising
our own affiliate urls, we understand how difficult internet
marketing can be..and we are on your side…This is why
YourEightSteps is so different…All you have to do is read your
emails from us, and the others and you will see…..

We do not send our affiliate links to your downline(this is why
we build our own list), you work hard and we want you to win
with us…not for us!!

If you read our email from us yesterday about the updates to
Pureleverage and Empower Network..? This is another reason
Pureleverage and Empower Network are part of
YourEightSteps…Downline integrity, they believe the same, you
can not sponsor hop in these two programs, you actually must
quit for 6 months before you can be sponsored by anyone else, so
that people are not buying you in…So with that said, log into and go to step 5 and join underneath
your sponsor in the two most lucrative programs online..that
have the tools you need to be successful online…

We promote for you…

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it
and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is
the ultimate champion”

P.S. Another thing you will not see in YourEightSteps is outside
advertising of other programs on our pages, all programs are in
one of the downline builders, so YOU CAN EARN FROM THEM. People
can run their programs anyway they want, this is just the way we
see to run ours 🙂

This is why it is called “YourEightSteps”

To Your Success

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus