We added a NEW program to one of the downline builders

**Make sure to read the entire email before you join**

Vern over at Smiley Traffic is launching a Brand New TE. It’s
called Quality Page Views.

If you know anything about Smiley Traffic, you know it is one of
the largest traffic exchanges online today. Its his personal
goal to make it the largest TE using the LFMTE Script, which is
very attainable for him!

What does this mean for you? Tons of people joining and viewing
your sites, banners, and text ads…Sign ups and sales is what
you want right?

Vern is relentless with his advertising efforts and Quality Page
Views will be a Monster Advertising Resource.

We love supporting active owners, because an active owner means
an active program. And more sales and sign ups for you!

Official Launch is today, so get in
before the masses! And yes, there will be masses!

I would highly recommend grabbing the QPV Extreme Upgrade. The
benefits are going to be Monstrous! One of the benefits is
random referrals and Vern will be unleashing a truckload of ads
in the next few days!

Don’t Wait on this one, Join Today!

**So don’t delay, log into http://youreightsteps.com and go to the
traffic exchange downline builder, join Quality Page Views under your
sponsor, then make sure to add your id and save it in the downline builder.

This one is a total winner!!

Richard Weberg and Brenda de Reus

We just implemented a new feature..

Okay my friends, we just implemented a new feature..

We can now send out emails with links in them, and have
total downline integrity!

Brenda the wizard has done it again..

So log in http://youreightsteps.com NOW! And get your ids
in place for ALL PROGRAMS, because we can now send out
emails with links in them for specific programs, and it
will be your link..It will pull from the downline builders
your ids when we send out the emails..

This means we can send out promotional emails to your
referrals about any program, and the link will be yours,
but only if you have your ids in place for the program in
the downline builders..This includes free members..

And if you do not have your ids in place for the specific
program we send an email out about, it will pass up to the
next available person who does..

Another way we can help you build your business, and
remember we are the only program online who does not steal
your downline, we build our business the exact same way we

So if you have your ids in place when we send out the
emails, and you have downline, they will join the program
underneath of you, not us!!

We want you to be successful, so for those of you who do
not put your ids all in place and follow our instructions,
hey thanks for the commissions ahead of time, because many
of you do not realize the extant of what we do for you..
So again thank you for the commissions!!

Get committed and build your business, log in and follow
our instructions, we want you to win..

Richard Weberg and Brenda de Reus

P.S. Congratulations to the following members who made a commitment to them selves and to building their business to a much higher level!! The following people have all joined us as Elite members..

David Hunter
Jerome Seton
Hitesh Sangani
Ingvild Moe-Behrens
Guillermo Agodong
Jakob Wezelenburg
Larry Chamberlain
Lucienne Fleury
Graeme Little
Thomas Powell
Frances Buchanan
Eugene Walter
Wim Saelmans
Douglas Clarke
Digokgwe Mokone
Silver Silviano Rodriguez
Steven Laycock
Angela Porter
Bernd Braun