The Race is on…….Will You join Us?

Well, today We have for you a race…..Me and Brenda got bored and decided to race each other to the next 50 YourEightSteps referrals, to see who could get the next 50 referrals first…So we need your support, and Brenda thought it would be a good idea to take a poll, to see who each one of you would vote for to see who will get there first. So can you please do us a favor and go here to our facebook page and vote, tell us who you think will win…and believe me we both hate losing..

We are starting the race tomorrow 8-29-2013, and will let you know what time, but please go and vote for one of us, this will be posted on the facebook page, just look for the post and please vote…we need motivation, well at least I know I do. I do not want her to beat me…She will probably kick my ass, but oh well, I needed the challenge..

P.S. Anyone else up for the challenge, it dosnt matter how many referrals you have now, or when you joined, and you will only get as a prize the satisfaction, knowing that you beat us…If you win..;) Please let us know if you are up to it in the comments and get ready to start tomorrow.


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

We appreciate your support

Opportunities surround us online, those who seem to always make money, are action takers!

Opportunities surround us online, those who seem to always make money, are action takers, they do not wait, they recognize the value or benefits and act fast!

Today we have such a moment and an opportunity to act, some of you will see it others of you will not.

We have added a product, Social Lever to the downline builder, its located by going to the Follow Thru tab at the top of the members area in

My self and Brenda have both bought this excellent product.

***This was the email we received from Joel Therien today..***Read this email carefully

Hi Richard,

As promised I am going to pay you $5.00 for every
Facebook Marketing Course you sell..

But first you NEED to own the course so buy it here
for just $2.95 if you have not already done so…

Here is where it gets really cool!!

>> No one will get such a great course for $2.95 (with no upsell)
so the value is outstanding..

>> In addition to paying you $5.00 for every $2.95 sale those people
will be “tagged” to you for life!! Which means if they upgrade and buy
Pureleverage you now collect 100% commissions.

The same goes for GVO as well, once they buy the course they are
tagged to you for lifetime commissions!

So really, the purpose of the course is two fold…

1. To teach people about Facebook marketing
2. When they become better marketers they will become
better at recruiting for their GVO|Pureleverage business!

So here is what you need to do Richard

1. Buy the course here for $2.95 then…
2. Promote, Promote using the adcopy below as it contains
your affiliate link once you buy the course!

This is going to generate ALOT of new paid leads for your

****End of his email***

Okay, this is the type of stuff Joel does for us, the course itself is worth way more than $2.95, and he is going to pay us 5.00 for each one we sell at 2.95, and whats good you have to own it to sell it, and it is affordable for ANYONE!! This is why being a member of Pureleverage and Gvo has its advantages over other programs. Joel goes out of his way to help us earn more, and gives us the best in training, Most courses for facebook marketing sell for a lot more than $2.95. And these people we sell to are “tagged” to you for life!! Which means if they upgrade and buy
Pureleverage or Gvo ever you now collect 100% commissions..

So you really have two options, and with either you WIN!!

1. Go to the follow thru tab at the top inside the members area, and buy Social Lever for 2.95 and use the information to get you more leads and sales..This step by step facebook training system will help you sky rocket your business!

2. Go to step number five first in youreightsteps members area, and join Pureleverage today, and buy the product Social Lever from the members area in PureLeverage..Pureleverage has OUSTANDING TOOLS, and one of the best payouts ever!!

and when your downline in youreightsteps gets this email or sees this post, they will follow you into either one or both of the programs..Its up to you…I know what we did..

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
William Arthur Ward

With what we do for you in Youreightsteps, is we provide you with automatic referrals and commissions, because if you take action from our emails and follow the 8 steps and have your ids in place, when we send out an email like this to your referrals, you will make auotmatic referrals and commissions, why its to your advantage to be building your downline in youreightsteps, we do not send our affiliate links to your downline. I hope you are really starting to understand and see what youreightsteps is really about, and that we care about your success!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Your Downline Is Safe With Us!!

What does this mean for you?

There are many programs or affiliate programs that you go and
build for someone else by referring members, then when the
owners join or create another program, instead of putting it in
a downline builder first, and telling you to log in and put in
your ids in so your referrals can join underneath of you,
instead they send their own affiliate link in an email to the
whole group, including your downline…..So you lose out, and I
can name MANY POPULAR PROGRAMS that you are a member of that do
this to you all the time, and you are oblivious to it, because
you expect it..

Dont believe us, watch your emails, and you will see…They do
not care about you, they only care about how much money THEY can
make, not you, and this is how they dominate leader boards in
other programs, you helped them build their list, and they do
not care to help you..They want all the rewards, and only your
loyalty to them, and most fall for it.

This is why we have downline integrity, every email we send, we
tell you and your downline to log in and join the program from
the downline builder under your sponsor, so that you get the
direct referrals and commissions, not us!!

We build our business the same exact way you do, by advertising
our own affiliate urls, we understand how difficult internet
marketing can be..and we are on your side…This is why
YourEightSteps is so different…All you have to do is read your
emails from us, and the others and you will see…..

We do not send our affiliate links to your downline(this is why
we build our own list), you work hard and we want you to win
with us…not for us!!

If you read our email from us yesterday about the updates to
Pureleverage and Empower Network..? This is another reason
Pureleverage and Empower Network are part of
YourEightSteps…Downline integrity, they believe the same, you
can not sponsor hop in these two programs, you actually must
quit for 6 months before you can be sponsored by anyone else, so
that people are not buying you in…So with that said, log into and go to step 5 and join underneath
your sponsor in the two most lucrative programs online..that
have the tools you need to be successful online…

We promote for you…

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it
and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is
the ultimate champion”

P.S. Another thing you will not see in YourEightSteps is outside
advertising of other programs on our pages, all programs are in
one of the downline builders, so YOU CAN EARN FROM THEM. People
can run their programs anyway they want, this is just the way we
see to run ours 🙂

This is why it is called “YourEightSteps”

To Your Success

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

New Soaring Mailer Added To YourEightSteps Downline Builder

Safelist or thriving and growing, it is a fantastic way to grow your business very fast,
and expose your business to thousands very quickly and easily!

We Added The New Soaring Mailer To YourEightSteps Downline Builder.
Ray White owner of Soaring4traffic who has been involved in free
traffic exchange advertising for over 7 years is finally starting his
very own viral list mailer.

You can get involved today to take advantage of the
launch and insane click rates, but even better – Ray is
a dedicated owner so this site will retain its value and grow
long term so you never run out of effective advertising.

Go here now: go to step number 6 and join Soaring mailer from the downline builder underneath of your sponsor, then make sure to add your own id.

We always promote for you, We never send are own links to your downline!!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Announcements on our two major income programs in YourEightSteps

Two Major Announcements on Pureleverage and Empower Network we want you to be aware of, and video..

Empower Network is soon relaunching their blogging platform, if you missed the launch before, you will not want to miss Empower Network 2.0 They have ditched the WordPress platform and created their own blogging platform from scratch!

The new features are going to be incredible, so if you have not started blogging yet, now WOULD BE A PERFECT TIME, before they launch it in September. No other blogging platform will have these features.

Also PureLeverage is soon to make a MAJOR technology announcements that will be made in Vegas.. at our first LIVE event! IT IS ANOTHER GAME CHANGER FOR US!!

Pureleverage and Empower network leaders and have vision for the future and its affiliates, they will rise with the times and make the changes when necessary to grow into the future.

Here is a Video below I did regarding the reasoning behind them being in YourEightSteps, keep in mind I have done this stuff a very long time…I lay out a diagram about 7 to 8 minutes in, that really is extremely important in understanding how to build a decent income online.

You can log into and go to step 5 and get more info on both of these programs. YourEightSteps is a complete system and downline builder to build both of these programs.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
Zig Ziglar”

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Video: How to Use traffic Exchanges

Hello, wanted to pass on a video I did today to help out people who have never used a traffic exchange before. Sometimes I forget after 10 years of doing this, that some people joining have no idea how traffic exchanges work.

So did a video to help out. This is something you can pass on to help other people on your list or contacts of yours who are having problems understanding how to use them.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Check Out Step 7 And Add Your IDS

We have added a program to the recommended programs in the downline builder, as well as added it to step 7.

Instantsplash is totally being revamped and the new pages you will be able to create look fantastic, I just talked to Carl today and he said splashtech 3.0 will be ready very soon. It will be simple and easy to use..Just the way we like it!

Branding yourself will be a breeze, log into and go to step 7 and then go to the follow through tab and add your id in the downlinebuilder.

Make sure to take a look at the example pages you will be able to create and the new functions of Instantsplash, you are going to love it!

We are moving, nothing stops us, get in on the action and start building your business by completing the steps!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
P.S. Check out our facebook page and give us some love..

YourEightSteps Has Three New Banners!

Just a quick update…

Yes, Brenda…Has created us some new banners…She rocks!

Log in and go to the affiliate toolbox, and scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see three new awesome banners for us to use.

We are working hard so you do not have to..and we are still only getting started..Stay with us now.

We are going to help you make 2013 your best year ever, just follow as we do, we have not even scratched the surface yet…

The upgrade price is going up very soon, we are almost done with our ad- ons before the price goes up.

Also come on folks, join me in our challenge, see the details here:

I want you with me!!

Together we all accomplish more…

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Traffic Builder Challenge

I wanted to share a quick short video, well really just an audio, didn’t feel like doing my hair today 🙂

On the challenge I set up, well hope it inspires you to join me…

and if you need a blog for doing the challenge, just log in and go to step 5 and chose your program…they all provide you with an awesome blog!!

Get the challenge details here:

Day 3 for me is almost complete 7 more to go..

It dose not matter what day you start…

Just understand what I am trying to do, is help you to boost the growth of your business with our challenge as well as give your blog exposure, blogging is an excellent way to build huge amounts of traffic and growth.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps News And Updates


First off, we hope you are having a fantastic day!

Now for the news and updates:

1. Today Brenda finished putting the new email series in the members area, you can either go to the downloads area and click on the follow up letters.pdf and add them to your email series manually. Or go to step 4 and follow the video instructions for using the share code. Either way make sure to go through the letters, once you have done either, this way you are familiar with the content, and can alter anything you do not like.

2. We sent out emails the other day, we added trafficswirl to step 1, so if you have not joined yet, and filled in your id make sure to do so. P.S. make sure you have all your ids in place, do not want to miss out on any referrals or upgrades.

3. My Traffic building challenge, started yesterday..make sure to get in on will help your business really take off!! Check it out here:

4. Attention free members: On the upgrade page I believe it says we have 1 or 2 upgrades left at 59.95..We do not, thats a lie, we sold those out a long time ago, we just have not raised the price yet, so now is your chance to steal the upgrade at 59.95 lifetime/no monthly…because it is going up a very, very, very soon!! The new price will be 97.00. We keep adding more for our members, and working harder, we need to raise the price, this will also mean bigger commissions for you. And since we raised the price the last time, it actually increased upgrades, it lets people know there is more value in side.

5. Green Label is having a launch webinar tonight 08-06-13, you dont want to miss this, you can join Green label in step number 5 under your sponsor. Then register for the event here.

Hello Everyone please register for the Green Label Network Pre-Launch Webinar.

Aug 6, 2013 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time at:

log into youreightsteps:

Thats enough to cover for one day…
There’s always more to come!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus