Yea..Payza is back, Youreightsteps has another payment option again

Hello my friends, hope everything is going well for
each and everyone of you..And want to say we love you
all, we have the best friends, partners and members
any program could ever have!

And we are kicking butt and taking names…

And now Payza is back in the US so we can now take
Payza to pay for upgrades as well as payout this way.
The more processors we use the better for everyone. So
Brenda is also working on a new credit card processor
as well, so very soon we will have this option
available as well.

We want you to win, so now log in and get upgraded, then make
sure to start the steps, do each one and you will

Also can you imagine as a team, the income we all
would make if we pull together in one concerted
effort, and followed through with the programs within
Youreightsteps, and everyone started building their
list and joined GVO and Pureleverage..Fortunes would
be made together..

And this is our goal, to help convert everyone one of
your referrals into paid customers for you, because we
know you all deserve it and have been through many
challenges, everyone of us have.

But as a team we can accomplish so much more..we plead
with you to go through the steps, join us, take action
and follow through, you will be amazed at what can
happen my friends!!

There is more to come, we haven’t even scratched the
surface yet, we are only getting started, and will
work hard to ensure your success..


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus