YoureightSteps News And Exciting Updates!

Hello Everyone, we hope you all are doing exceptionally well.

YourEightSteps is absolutely on fire…And traffic is screaming in!

So much so, we had to move Youreightsteps to a new server, we out grew our old one. We were getting as many as 6000 hits in 5 minutes at times..So we had to go some where bigger and better..

The move is complete, most of you would not even have noticed the change we made.

We have also added a new video tutorial page located in the top menu, we have added a few how to videos and will be adding more as we get them done, and as members request them. We want to make sure that when members have questions they have several ways to get their answers and not have to wait to get them. So log in and go check it out..

We are always striving to give members the very best we can, and continue to find more and more ways to help people grow their business faster. We want you to win!

15 life time upgrades left at $67. This is a downright steal! We give you more value then you can find anywhere online for this low price, and collect maximum commissions!

Upgrade to Lifetime Pro for $67

One-Time Payment. No subscription!

This Is A Special Offer During Our Referral Contest For The First 50 Takers ONLY!

Only 15 Upgrades Left At This Price
After That The Price Will Go Up To $97

So Grab It NOW and save!

When the price goes up, you will be grandfathered in and making $48.50 an upgrade!

Now is the time to get positioned for hyper growth, we are going in to the best time of year!

Also we have manually verified any ones account that did not receive the verification email, you are all set to log in.

Until Next Time, Your Friends


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

18 Lifetime Upgrades Left!

They will be gone very soon…Now is your chance.

Upgrade to Lifetime Pro for $67

One-Time Payment. No subscription!

This Is A Special Offer During Our Referral Contest For The First 50 Takers ONLY! Only 18 Upgrades Left At This Price
After That The Price Will Go Up To $97

So Grab It NOW and save!

Our first ever affiliate contest has been very exciting so far..and everyone has done a super job promoting..We are very proud of our members..!

Log in now and get upgraded, start making larger commissions.

We want you to win!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Why Not Compound Your Income?

Everything we do with YourEightSteps, is done with very specific intent, and with careful consideration..

We want you to win, and we use our vast experience to give you the very best!

You can now understand the compounding affect Youreightsteps can have on your income and why it works so well.

We are in the process of changing some of the videos in the steps, because a couple weeks before the contest started we had changed the order of the steps, so some videos referred to a certain number step which has been reordered.

Take the time to watch the video from the link above, this has some really great info about Youreightsteps system as a whole, and this will become the new video on step 3.

You can log in here:

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

***Please Log IN, And Make Sure You Have Entered Your Payment Details!

***Note YourEightSteps Members*** Please log in and put your Payment Details in if you have not yet, even if you have no commissions coming this time. Hello, everyone, We were just going through and doing the payout for commissions owed. And I have came across several people who do not have their payment details in place. Several do not have their paypal or payza email in their profile.

Please log in now and go to the profile tab at the top and get your email addresses in for your payment processors so we can pay you today!

Thank You
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Here Comes Kenny Kolijn up the leader board!

We told you anyone can win this contest all they have to do is make up their mind and take action, Kenny Kolijn has rocketed up the leader board in two days! He has now taken over the number two spot and soon expect him to move into first.

Will he stay there and win it? Only time will tell…But it just goes to show you what happens when you plug into the system and follow the steps..Anything is possible….When you make up your mind that it is possible.

We believe in each and every one of you, the only thing holding you back is yourself…Having the right mental attitude will always be your biggest hurdle to over come..

We are looking forward to see who the next person is who will take massive action and start changing their future…Will you be next to take over the number 1 spot?

Only 26 lifetime upgrades left at $67…better move quickly before they are gone and the price goes up..

P.S. Congrats Kenny..You are making it happen!

log in:


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Now Its Your Turn…Find out why in this blog post

Yes, it is your turn to finally change your dreams into reality..

Everything is in place, YourEightSteps is the most ideal complete system online!

Every tool you need, with the highest paying programs online.
List building is your key to success..If you have not started yet, now is your time to do so, and finally start winning!

Nobody is left behind At YourEightSteps…The system is set up from newbie to the experienced pro, and if you do not know how to do something, we will help you! We do care about your success, we will support you and answer your questions.

You can contact us by skype: ad me richard.weberg or Brenda cash2day78 we will also add you you to the Youreightsteps skype group.

Also by facebook:

Or on our blog:

Or direct by email from here:

We have four different traffic strategies set up, you chose how you build your business..There is nothing missing from our system, so many systems out there that are good but miss some of the most critical parts. This video shares why we are the best choice!

It truly is your turn to win, to finally make it online…All you need to do, is to take action now and start actually doing the steps. Procrastination always leads to failure, the reason we are successful is because we seize opportunity, get committed and take massive action everyday that bring us closer to our dreams and goals!

So log in now and get started taking action.

We have manually verified all accounts that were having a problem logging in. And our first ever referral contest is heating up, new members are flooding in! You can go to the contest page and see who is on the leader board..anybody can win this thing and take home some nice extra cash for the holidays!


Also for a limited time, we only have around 28 lifetime upgrades left at the $67 price, when there gone the price goes up to $97

Seize the opportunity and save some money and get locked in for life for a onetime very small investment. Here is the difference, Pro members get 50% commissions, versus free only get 10% here is the difference. A pro member would make $48.50 off the new $97.00 onetime payment. A free member would make $9.70. Plus now with the monthly you will make residuals.

Together we can accomplish great things!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps Activation Emails And Contest Update

Well, we have manually activated anyone that has sent us a support ticket that could not log in. Sometimes confirmation emails get lost in the stratosphere…Unfortunately we can not control what Google or Yahoo etc, do with them. (one thing that will help, is make sure to check any email from us as not spam, if it goes into your spam folder)

We have added a support feature where people go to log in, so they can contact us if they have any problem, and we will take care of the not receiving the verification email and we will manually verify their account for them if we need to.

So for those of you who have been waiting for the verification email, you should now be able to go and log in here:

If you have any problem send us an email, from the log in page.

Also if you have not started the steps, you are really missing out, YourEightSteps is absolutely Rocking!! Conversion into the programs in the downline builder is off the charts and upgrades are flying in!

Now truly is the time to get started and build your income and make your holiday season the best ever!

We have 37 upgrades left at the $67 onetime lifetime price, then its going up to $97, we do not expect these 37 left to be there much longer, so go now and get upgraded and save yourself some money….Before they are gone!

Take action, take advantage of our help, we want you to absolutely win, and will be here to help you achieve this, we have downline integrity, your downlines are safe with us, we will not steal them, we do not send them our own links, we are here to build this together!

Also go check out the leader board on the contest page, your name could be on it, all numbers have to be manually verified…

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus