Brenda de Reus, just hit Emerald Status!!

A HUGE and SPECIAL Congratulations to Brenda de Reus!!

My partner in Your Eight Steps and and long time friend just hit Emerald in Now LifeStyle, over $10,000!!
Congratulations partner!!

You rock, love ya my friend and Congrats!!

Now it is your turn my friends, we want to recognize
you And put your name in lights!
And why we want you to join us and hold nothing
back my friend!!

Life can be so much more, we will be here to help
you the whole way.. Join us now, in making your
dream life..

No matter what you are trying to make money
online with, Your Eight Steps will help you do

Because it is learning and mastering the process
that will set you free, and that is exactly what
we teach you to do..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Does YourEightSteps Really Work (Want Proof)?

Here is your answer..

Still Jumping From “Biz Opp” To “Biz Opp” Or Do You
Have A Real Marketing Plan?

Is there something stopping you from following through?

Are you ready to turn away from the scams and the
schemes and the promises of easy money that never seem
to work out? Are you ready to stop chasing after every
“biz opp” that lands in your email inbox? Are you
ready to ignore the flashy websites with all their
pictures of big houses, fancy sports cars, and piles
of money?

Every time you drop out of one business and jump onto
another one, you throw away all your previous efforts
~ all the time, money, and “Energy” you put into the
previous one. You start from scratch with a new
ground, new people, new emotional indifference and

And each time your involvement in a new venture
remains shallow, and most likely your results reflect
that too, because your still hoping for that one shot
home run, your going to push a button and the money
will come flowing in. Folks there is no such business
on the internet, you have to build your business step
by step…..

Why do we make so much money online, because we remain
focused..Even when things seem slow, we keep on keeping
on..the same day in and day out.

On the other hand, if you stay committed to one
business, your time, money, effort, emotional
investment into it actually accumulates and starts
“paying interest” to you. You find yourself getting
more results with less effort. At the same time you
find yourself having grown “roots” in this business.

You have no desire to drop everything here and go see
“what else is out there”, but you have a great desire
to invite the whole world to see what a great treasure
you have here, so they too can have a chance to become
part of it.

And unlike the “come-and-go” attitude that most people
have towards the multitude of online programs they
join (and drop, and join, and drop, and join, and
drop…), where everyone is equally non-committed and
disinterested in others (if they were really
interested in their success and other peoples,
especially their “downline” and “upline”, how could
they abandon them with such ease, without any notice
or regret?)…

When you decide to stop running and start growing your
roots in something that you’ve decided to pursue as
your own business, you begin to form a totally
different kind of relationship with people. Those are
long-term relationships that evolve, grow and mature
together with your business. These relationships are
amazingly gratifying and enrich your life and your
whole being with incredible manifestations of
friendship, trust, respect, commitment, service,
gratitude, generosity, selflessness…

This only becomes possible when you get to know other
people over a period of time and when you yourself get
personally involved and committed to the well-being of
those people your in business with.

That is what you have to do to be successful with any
business online or off, get committed and stay
focused. I have been marketing online for several
years, you can spot the people who are failing online
a mile away because every week they are promoting yet
another new sensational business…

There still trying to hit that home run. You will not
get anywhere that way, you need a well developed plan
and a vehicle that will take you from point A to point
B. Your fastest way to become successful online is to
model some one else business plan that has all ready
done what your trying to do, they will save you your
time, energy and money by providing you a marketing
plan that works. That is what we have done with
YourEightSteps, provide you with the road map, vehicle
and plan to get you where you want to go.

All you have to do, is work the plan, follow the road
map and drive the vehicle to your destination. If You
have not yet started your path to personal and
financial freedom start by reading the steps and
watching the videos in the members area, they will
start your journey.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Why Do So Many Fail Online?

First off, In yesterdays email we talked about the
importance of having an autoresponder, if you missed it,
you can read it hear:

Now today I want to talk about the tools and resources you
need and why YourEightSteps offers you your biggest chance
for success.Everyone online who is making consistent income
now, or who is building to this point has everyone of these
tools. You will not make it now or in the long term online
without them.

My question to you is..Do you really, honestly want to make
your living online or make at least $500.00 or more
Reach down inside yourself, because I am talking
to those of you who do…Now keep in mind these are the
only people I am talking to in this email, are those of you
who have a burning desire to change your life and quit
living paycheck to paycheck.

“Passion pushes you to learn more, create more and to
create better. Best of all, it’s contagious.”

The first truth…

First off realize this is a business, and there is no way
you will make thousands of dollars a month, or even $500 a
month without investing in yourself and in your business.

The second truth…

If you try to do everything for free, you will quit long
before you ever make your first $1000.00 because you have
no commitment. Its easy to quit when you have risked

The third truth…

If you do not have the tools and resources absolutely
necessary to make money online, you will never even really
get started.

“The people who “don’t make mistakes” are the ones who are
falling behind. Why? Because they don’t take the risk to
get ahead”

Original video was out of sync, this is mostly audio, I
hope you can see and feel the passion in my voice, this was
really spoken from the heart. I am not known for sugar
coating anything, I really always try to give things
straight up. I really do want people to be successful with
internet marketing, and hate to see people struggle so much.

So what are these tools and resources?

1. Support

2. Autoresponder

3. Multiple Traffic Sources

4. Web Hosting

5. A Blog

6. Products/Offers

7. You need to evolve as you learn.

With as competitive as it is online, and the sheer number
of people trying to make money online, it is more
imperative now then ever before to be armed with all the
tools and resources you need, otherwise you will be left in
the dust and make nothing, and only have wasted your time.

And the one most important thing you must have beyond
everything else mentioned above…Is DESIRE! If you do not
truly desire this, it is pointless, there are to many
roadblocks that will stop you dead in your tracks. Desire
is what kept me going after I went bankrupt and lost my
retail store and everything else I owned, desire is what
kept me going after my first two years online where I had
made nothing, desire is what made me finally start learning
instead of quitting, desire is what kept me going long
enough to have my first $10,000 month…Desire is what kept
me going after a failed back surgery that left my legs
completely numb….

Desire is why I am still doing this today..I could have
quit this long ago, many excuses ago…But I didnt, AND BOY

Please repeat after me….”Its Not Over Until I Win!”

Now log in and really get started creating your new
future…The past is over with, lets get you moving forward.


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Now Its Your Turn…Find out why in this blog post

Yes, it is your turn to finally change your dreams into reality..

Everything is in place, YourEightSteps is the most ideal complete system online!

Every tool you need, with the highest paying programs online.
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Nobody is left behind At YourEightSteps…The system is set up from newbie to the experienced pro, and if you do not know how to do something, we will help you! We do care about your success, we will support you and answer your questions.

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It truly is your turn to win, to finally make it online…All you need to do, is to take action now and start actually doing the steps. Procrastination always leads to failure, the reason we are successful is because we seize opportunity, get committed and take massive action everyday that bring us closer to our dreams and goals!

So log in now and get started taking action.

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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus