**YourEightSteps Update** Program Bonus..Act Immediately!

Okay, we have added another bonus for our pro members,
Kenny Kolijn our good friend and owner of fast list
mailer has given our pro members 5000 credits.

So pro members log in http://youreightsteps.com and go
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Now this is just another reason to upgrade to pro, we
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We strive to give all our members the very best. But
with out people upgrading and giving members more
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the facts, there is no such thing is making money
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Pro members get..

Even more squeeze pages

More product downloads

50% commissions versus 10%

Bonus traffic deals and out right free credits in some
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Basic economics, if money does not change hands, no
one gets paid, you can not get it out of thin air…If
you dont have any skin in the game, your commitment
will probably match this.

is cranking along, come join us, and
make some money for a change!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

New Program added to the safelist downline builder

If your not using good safelist to build your business
you are missing out BIG TIME!

Not only are they fast and effective, they can extend
your reach in a matter of minutes, see every safelist
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This is a no-brainer..Using a safelist or mailer is
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, You get to mail people today, your
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So, one of our very good friends and fellow
Youreightsteps members Kenny Kolijn who won our first
ever referral contest for referring the most members
has launched his own mailer..

And now you can take full advantage of it right now!

See we do not add a site without monitoring its growth
and effectiveness, once it passes our test, only then
do we add it..

So now log in to http://youreightsteps.com and go to
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(then make sure to add your own id to the downline builder)

Its time to get even more sign ups and commissions!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Here Comes Kenny Kolijn up the leader board!

We told you anyone can win this contest all they have to do is make up their mind and take action, Kenny Kolijn has rocketed up the leader board in two days! He has now taken over the number two spot and soon expect him to move into first.

Will he stay there and win it? Only time will tell…But it just goes to show you what happens when you plug into the system and follow the steps..Anything is possible….When you make up your mind that it is possible.

We believe in each and every one of you, the only thing holding you back is yourself…Having the right mental attitude will always be your biggest hurdle to over come..

We are looking forward to see who the next person is who will take massive action and start changing their future…Will you be next to take over the number 1 spot?

Only 26 lifetime upgrades left at $67…better move quickly before they are gone and the price goes up..

P.S. Congrats Kenny..You are making it happen!

log in:http://youreightsteps.com/


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps * New Bonuses Just Added Today!

Today we have added even more value to the YourEightSteps pro membership, if you have not gone pro yet you are missing out big time!

More free traffic..

More discounted traffic..

We give way more value..we keep adding more bonuses..If your not a pro you keep missing out..

Special discounted traffic deals and upgrades!

We have gone out of our way and used our
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We are constantly striving to create
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These traffic deals and outright free
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**These special traffic deals will
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Go Pro Now, before we raise the price, it will happen very soon. The one time upgrade will soon be $97.00, raised from a extremely low $59.95..Do it quickly, and save yourself 30 bucks!

And a big thank you to John Bell of Viral list builder plus. And to Kenny Kolijn owner of Banner ads that pay!

You Rock Guys!

Just the traffic in the pro bonuses area alone can ignite your business and get it rock’in!

Keep following, working the steps 2013 will be your year to win!

We strive to provide all our members with the very best…

LOG IN NOW, and get your ids in place for the new bonuses and get your traffic!

To Your Success
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
P.S As always we promote for you, this is going to all your downline..