The August Monthly LeaderBoard, Congrats to all!

Congrats to everyone who is following the steps
and making it happen, and great job Mikael Gustavsson,
way to lead the pack in August!! Awesome job Mikael!!

Here is the leaderboard for the month of August.
Congrats to all, way to rock it!!

We reset this leader board each month, if your name is not at the top, now is the
time to step on the gas, and become a Top Leader in Your Eight Steps, the marketing machine!!

August Monthly Leaderboard

Member Name Referrals
Mikael Gustavsson 121
Donald Ducharme 85
Lisa Fladeland 64
Dennis Heitmann 40
Richard Weberg 13
Roy Smeds 12
David Street 12
Heather Frost 11
Randy Meagher 8
Roy Smeds 8
Wim Saelmans 7
gerhard rugullies 6
Steve Smith 6
Steven Quick 5
Monuel Bain 5
Jonathan Weberg 5
James Fawcett 4
Clifford Martin 4
Marc Comfort 3
Steve Laycock 3
Fred Vandersteen 3
Oliver Zander 3
Mark Barton 2
Lucienne Fleury 2
Seely ClarkIV 2
Kevin Sanders 2
Marty Petrizza 2
Audrey Sorg 2
SamandDeb Burgess 2
Patra Buels 2
Ted KazmirekJr 1
Sean Walker 1
sherry goff 1
Dawud Islam 1
Brenda deReus 1
Stephen Cronshaw 1
John Harrell 1
john worsham 1
Domenic Amato 1
Scott Bauer 1
Join Silver 1
Carol Walczak 1
David Todd 1
Lugano Synergy 1
Luis Zaragoza 1
Nick Hankey 1
Carl Davies 1
erik badeaux 1
Lee Frost 1
Cesar Skaf 1
George Coppola 1

Making money online my friends, is not that complicated, log in and follow the steps, it is exactly how we have earned hundreds of thousands dollars online..

We teach you step by step, exactly what to do…

This is how Mikael Gustavsson is absolutely rocking it, he is taking action every single day, to build his empire!

Your Friends
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Our March Leader Board Results Are In!

The final results for the month are in and Congratulations to Every one who referred people to YourEightSteps, here are the results and our Top referrers leader board for March..Thank you everyone for promoting, we appreciate you all!

Final Monthly Leader board For March


Member Name Referrals
Richard Weberg 95
Gloria Moore 94
Audrey Sorg 73
Angela Porter 41
Join Silver 28
Bo Tipton 26
Chris Elsom 21
Nicholas Allard 20
Frances Buchanan 19
Norman Plouffe 14
Dan Watson 12
Harold Gardner 9
Aldas Dambrauskas 9
Brenda deReus 9
Richard Winters 6
CJ Nugent 6
Wim Saelmans 6
Domenic Amato 4
Marcy McManaway 4
Richard Theriault 3
Mario Salerno 3
Janid Inayat 3
David Hunter 3
Aldo Staffieri 3
Steve Laycock 3
Harry Scott 3
David Greenfield 3
Michael Sweeney 3
Marion McFadden 3
Noble Cozine 3
Robert Fischer 2
Digokgwe Mokone 2
Bill Thomas 2
Randy Howard 2
Jonathan Weberg 2
chris kelly 2
Hitesh Sangani 2
Steven Lloyd 2
Tony Tezak 2
Ashik IbneMahmood 2
Lucienne Fleury 2
Randy Sult 1
David Smith 1
Carol Walczak 1
ashley marks 1
David Jackson 1
Leif Stromstedt 1
Dale Thomson 1
Jon DeRidder 1
Anton Baikov 1
Robert Rehling 1
Larry Chamberlain 1
Jim Sinclair 1
Thomas Jose 1
john stinson 1
Sandra Tibble 1
Michael Gonzalez 1
Ingvild MoeBehrens 1
bob collins 1
AnnaLoredana Orlando 1
Troy Wray 1
David Best 1
Mark Barton 1
Charlie White 1
Chris Woodward 1
At Coetzee 1
Fred Mugone 1
Marci Jones 1
Eric Lafontaine 1
ernest west 1

Consistency in your marketing is the key to your success,
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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

New Program added to the safelist downline builder

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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

We Can Now Accept Debit And Credit Cards

Well, we have very good news for a lot of you.

We can now take credit and debit card payments for upgrading in Youreightsteps..

See there are several countries where Paypal is not accepted, and we have had several members over the last year ask for an alternative method for upgrading.

Now we have it!

So this will mean more commissions for our members as well, very awesome!

So for those of you who have not been able to get upgraded, now you can, log in here and get set up.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Live Get Together Tomorrow, don’t be late :)

Tomorrow, Friday the 28th at 5:00 Pm Central standard time, we will have a live meeting online at,yes

We will be talking about YourEightSteps and adapting to the market, and about the launch of the new GVO Teambuilder…And list building of course..

All you need to do is put in your name, you do not need a password, and then click ok, and you will be signed in.

Do not be late, you do not want to miss anything:)

Richard Weberg