We are Closing Your Eight Steps (Please Read Immediately)

We are Closing Your Eight Steps (Please Read This whole post)
We are very sorry to inform everyone, that we will be closing
Your Eight Steps down for now..

We are giving everyone a heads up, as we want you to be able to
alter your current promotions before we close down the site.

We first and foremost want to Thank everyone for all of the
wonderful years together, some of you have became very dear
friends of ours..And we appreciate you all very much!

Many of you I have even personally met and traveled with.

As a lot of you know, Your Eight Steps has been around for many
years, and was built on a script, over the years we have altered
the script to make it work with current technology and payment

And there have been many changes in the industry that required
constant monitoring and changing to make everything work for
members the last few years..

Your Eight Steps is no longer profitable and able to keep up on
its current script with other high tech custom built, done for
you marketing systems..

In other words, YOU as one of our valued members will not be
able to make as much money either, in comparison with other
custom built done for you systems.

We would have had to totally rebuild Your Eight Steps from the
ground up in order to do so..

In hindsight there is no reason to rebuild Your Eight Steps when
there are done for you systems out there, that already do more
for people than what we ever envisioned Your Eight Steps would
do for people.. (Our Honesty)

We were truly one of the first, done for you systems, that
really educated people on how to properly market the correct

Now even though Your Eight Steps is closing, we do not wish to
end our relationship with you, we still want to help guide you
in your journey to freedom..

We are still affiliate marketers, who have had massive success
online, and have found a perfect replacement to our system, one
that is already producing huge results for its members,
including us..

In fact in the first 35 days, I personally made over $40,000.00
from this system, and has features that no other system online
has ever done..

These features will allow you to make money online faster than
you ever have before, and is one of the reasons, we need to shut
Your Eight Steps down, as Your Eight Steps can not compete with
how fast this system produces for everyone.

So if you still want to pursue your dreams, we recommend you

Click here now and get set up on our Team, your going to absolutely love it!

We are saddened by what we must do with the closure, but excited
at the same time, and so should you be, because the alternative
is 1000X better when you join us in this new system..

Forever your friends

To new beginnings together!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

The February Monthly LeaderBoard, Congrats to all!

Congrats to everyone who is following the steps
and making it happen, and great job Mikael Gustavsson,
way to lead the pack in February, great job!!

Here is the leader board for the month of February.
Congrats to all, way to rock it!!

We reset this leader board each month, if your name is not at the top, now is the
time to step on the gas, and become a Top Leader in Your Eight Steps, the marketing machine!!

February Monthly Leaderboard

Member Name Referrals
Mikael Gustavsson 100
Donald Ducharme 65
Mark Gazica 53
jonathan gambrell 22
Richard Weberg 19
Charlie White 17
Roy Smeds 12
James Fawcett 9
Nikolai Gratchev 3
Heather Frost 3
Audrey Sorg 2
Frances Buchanan 2
Nikki Chubb 2
James Lawrence 2
Don Levy 1
Marc Comfort 1
Michael Camire 1
Lucie Bellemare 1
Seely ClarkIV 1
Jon DeRidder 1
Cynthia Eads 1
sherry goff 1
Mike Davey 1
Terry Allison 1
Tom Beauchamp 1
Lucienne Fleury 1
erik badeaux 1
Wayne Randall 1

Making money online my friends, is not that complicated, log in and follow the steps, it is exactly how we have earned hundreds of thousands dollars online..

We teach you step by step, exactly what to do…

This is how Mikael Gustavsson is absolutely rocking it, he is taking action every single day, to build his Life Style empire!


Your Friends
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

(Extremely Important) Your Eight Steps Members please read this RIGHT AWAY..

Some people are not following instructions in the videos, or in the written content..
In the downline builder spaces, like in step number 2, where you join your sponsor in Now LifeStyle, you are suppose to put your Now LifeStyle Username in this box, not a link..
Example: http://nowlifestyle.com/?id=richardandjohn this is my referral url for Now LifeStyle, the username at the end is my id richardandjohn this is what you would enter (Your Username) in the space provided for that program in step number 2 .
See this image on the correct way to do it for the programs.
Do not put links in any of the downline builder spaces, they will not work for your downline to follow you into the programs .

Another Example: http://hit2hit.com/?rid=59095 this is my referral url for Hit2Hit, the number at the end is my id 59095 this is what you would enter in the space provided for that program. .

Sometimes the id will be your username, or a number. You can find your ids from any of the programs by logging into them and locating your referral url, usually located under affiliate toolbox or promotional tools.

See this image on the correct way to do it for the programs.

Log in and check yours please.



Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Do you EVER really want to make money online.?

How do I get started..?

The steps work, Your Eight Steps is exactly what we do
personally each day, every day, and why we continually dominate any leader board as we wish..

We truly want to help you, and I would hope you would take
advice from two people who are absolute marketing masters, as myself and my partner Brenda de Reus are!

The videos are all completely step by step, to help you get set
up and win!

Internet marketing is extremely simple, and I mean that, you may have been failing for years, and it is always because people try and recreate the wheel, they are unwilling to follow instructions, they join program after program, and they do nothing!

Well and you know how that story ends..Join another
program..repeat process, join another program, repeat


You will never succeed until you learn and master the process,
which is what we teach you, we have spent hours doing how to
videos in your members area, that are totally over the shoulder,
do exactly these things, because that is what works!

We really want to help you, but you have to be willing to be

We created the steps to help people learn what we do, they walk you by the hand..

I do not know what else to say, but hey, it is your life, either
you truly want to have a better life or you do not..

You can lead a horse to water, but you can not force it to


2018 is just around the corner my friend, it can either be the
same as it is now for you, or you can change your life, dig
down, build something, and make it happen, life is glorious when you decide that it can be!

To your absolute success and happiness, may you make the right decisions that will help you live a bountiful life!

Happy Holidays
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

The NEW Your Eight Steps are live my friends!

YES, is alive and well!

We have simplified the steps..

Made them even more powerful..

What does this mean for you..?

More money in your pockets faster then ever before, YES..

Well, I’m ecstatic! Because NOBODY is giving people a system

It is a thing called downline integrity, we are one of the only
sites that have it..

Many people launch affiliate programs, but when they email the
database of members, they send their own links to them, that’s
how some people dominate leader boards, because affiliates do
all the work for them, while they sit back and collect big
commission checks..

Not us, we send YOUR links to YOUR referrals in our emails..

We help you get signs up in all the programs located in Your
Eight Steps, as long as you have your ids or usernames in place
in the downline builders, your referrals will click on your
links. If you decide to not join a program, then when we email
out about it, and your referrals click on the link, it will be
your next available upline who does have their id or username in

See are emails pull tags from the downline builders, where your
ids or usernames are stored for each program..Very smart system!

Another very powerful feature of Your Eight Steps, is it is a
system, and with in the system, are many traffic programs,
including solo ad providers, which all pay in either commissions
or traffic..

Massive residual traffic….Understand..?

This has always been my secret to building a massive income
online, I learned how to systematize everything I do..And now we
have done that for you.

Without tons of traffic your business and income are going no

The key to your success is EXACTLY what we teach in Your Eight


Happy Holidays

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Here is the monthly leader board for May..

May Monthly Leader Board

Awesome job everyone, and thank you for promoting Your Eight Steps, we appreciate you all very much!
Great job Patrick, for being number 1! It’s always fantastic to see new names on the top of the list..

Member Name Referrals
john worsham 34
David Best 32
craig smith 23
John Bell 11
Steve Laycock 10
Richard Weberg 10
Domenic Amato 6
Richard Caples 6
Join Silver 5
Ronald Kennedy 5
Dan Watson 5
Mario Salerno 5
Brenda deReus 5
Klaus Biesel 5
Brent Sissel 4
Mark Stevens 4
Naomi Hill 4
Tony Gibson 4
David Todd 3
Ben Bailey 3
Fred Vandersteen 3
Harry Scott 3
Ronald Young 3
Linda Sapp 2
Seely ClarkIV 2
Lisa Baker 2
Angela Porter 2
Carol Walczak 2
Stanislaw Ziolkowski 2
Diana Grinyer 2
John Hammarbeck 2
David Green 2
Audrey Sorg 2
Dave Hayes 2
Marcy McManaway 1
Stan Gran 1
Susan McCook 1
John Glover 1
Judy Daus 1
Marian Hornjak 1
Ingvild MoeBehrens 1
Morimda Tassembedo 1
Ryan Hartman 1
anthea sparks 1
robin fraser 1
Heinz Spoerer 1
Sam Falcone 1
Cyril Ndikanwu 1
Frances Buchanan 1
Chris Elsom 1
Harold Pollard 1
Chris Arnell 1
bruce rohrer 1
Sandra Tibble 1
Reynold Modeste 1
Richard Bebee 1
Tom Beauchamp 1
Simon Colhoun 1
Steve Low 1
Gisela Beckermann 1
Adam Harris 1
Angelo Moss 1
Miguel Rodrigues 1
Reuben Glover 1
Luc Menard 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1
Mary Owens 1
Luis Zaragoza 1
Doyle Lord 1
Ernie Brown 1

To your success

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Our August Monthly Leader board for Your Eight Steps

Congratulations to our top leaders in the month of August, and everyone who promoted Your Eight Steps this past month!! Thank you, we really appreciate all of our members, and the effort you put forth every month.. Thanks
for being the best affiliates and partners any site owners
could ever want! You all Rock  my friends!!
  August Monthly Leader board Results

Member Name Referrals
Richard Weberg 125
Ronald Young 64
Mario Salerno 63
Steve Laycock 43
Audrey Sorg 26
Laura Dews 19
John Bell 13
Wim Saelmans 11
Carol Walczak 11
Chris Elsom 9
Dave Hayes 9
Stan Gran 8
Mark Barton 6
Pietro Conte 6
Gloria Moore 5
Join Silver 5
Richard Winters 4
Brenda deReus 4
Donald Jones 4
Robert Fogg 3
Mark Stevens 3
Alonzo Patterson 2
Franklin Lai 2
Harry Scott 2
Dave Young 2
Jim Sinclair 2
Ted KazmirekJr 2
Scott Douglas 2
Martin Huber 2
Marcy McManaway 2
Sandra Tibble 2
Frances Buchanan 2
Steven Hupprich 2
Domenic Amato 2
Naomi Hill 2
Dan Watson 2
StormMarie Barlowe 2
Ronald Kennedy 2
Bill Rislov 2
Peter Freemantle 2
Paul Yeager 2
Paul Kinder 2
Victor Hunte 1
Frank Richy 1
Margaret Gaskin 1
Marty Petrizza 1
Ebonie Cross 1
Bridget Malone 1
Robert Rehling 1
Jonathan Weberg 1
Luis Zaragoza 1
Robert Jacobs 1
Marion McFadden 1
Karri DaltonHull 1
bob collins 1
James Posey 1
Trevor McNamee 1
David Todd 1
chris kelly 1
Ronald Cox 1
Thomas Jose 1
Michael Sweeney 1
Samuel Boydston 1
Jairo Silvera 1
Anton Baikov 1
Bo Tipton 1
Marco Mauro 1
GoddyKen madukwe 1
Tej dhillon 1
ronnie Swift 1

P.S Brenda is almost done with the new look for Your Eight Steps, she has been putting the finishing touches on it, and will be done very soon.

Seeing new names on the leader board each month, means Your Eight Steps is strong vibrant and growing We are very proud of you all my friends!!

We have the best members of any site online, we look forward to your future success!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Two New Programs have been added to Your Eight Steps**

Hello Friends, just wanted to let you know, we have just added two new programs to Your Eight Steps..And we also took out a few programs, because they were not performing. We have your back, and are always checking programs, making sure they are giving our members the best value.

1st: Log in now

2nd: Go to the safelist downline builder, and join Mailer Ninja, under your sponsor. Mailer Ninja is a simple mailer and message scheduling tool to help you never miss a mailing at your favorite safelist, viral list builder, or mailer. Keep track and schedule your mailings and messages and this website will keep track of when your mailings are available, and your messages to send making it easier then ever to manage your mailer campaigns, and make the most of your mailer upgrades.

3rd: Go to the recommended programs downline builder, and join Directpay Biz, under your sponsor. Directpay Biz is a Unique Opportunity Where EVERYBODY WINS! New 5×4 Forced Matrix With Instant member to member Payments! Automated System Designed Especially for Beginners.

Lastly, make sure you have joined us in 4 corners Alliance, we are team building this program as well, it is also located in the recommended programs downline builder.

It is important you react to the emails we send you right away and take action, you may benefit directly by just being in our team, we have created spill over for many members, in programs like 4 corners and Directpay Biz.

We have one of the best groups of people you could ever want to work with. Your Eight Steps gives you the absolute best approach to building your income online.


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Our May Leader Board Results Are In!

The final results for the month of May are in and Congratulations to Every one who referred people to YourEightSteps, here are the results and our Top referrers leader board for May..Thanks everyone for promoting and supporting Your Eight Steps, we have a very wonderful group of people..

Final Monthly Leader board For May.

Monthly Leader board

Member Name Referrals
Mario Salerno 268
Chris Elsom 129
Dan Watson 123
Bo Tipton 78
Gloria Moore 60
Richard Weberg 37
Ronald Young 24
Audrey Sorg 16
Brenda deReus 11
Join Silver 10
Richard Winters 10
Wim Saelmans 10
felix rojas 8
Steve Laycock 7
Karri DaltonHull 6
Mark Barton 5
Sandra Tibble 5
Jakob Wezelenburg 4
Luis Zaragoza 4
Lucienne Fleury 4
Harry Scott 3
Dovid Wheeler 3
Domenic Amato 3
Angela Porter 2
Dave Young 2
Jim Sinclair 2
frank freemantle 2
Karl Grzona 2
Peter Freemantle 2
Dale Thomson 1
Deb Eberle 1
Joseph GasparreIII 1
Marty Petrizza 1
Abe Taddesse 1
Robert Rehling 1
Janid Inayat 1
Kenny Kolijn 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1
Martin Eno 1
rob norman 1
ben youcef 1
Frances Buchanan 1
Rebecca Stamer 1
Online Business 1
Donnie Ellis 1
Victor Hunte 1
LindaorMichael GrahamorChampion 1
Rob Gehring 1

 We teach the right process of how to build a successful business online, all you have do is log in and follow the steps. Build daily traffic to your squeeze pages.
Consistency in your marketing is the key to your success,
and learning to drive more traffic to build your email list bigger and faster!
The follow through with your list is where the results will come..

The More people on your email list, equals more people to follow up with!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus


All Commissions have been paid for period ending 5-15-2015

Congratulations to all who earned commissions this period
and Thank you everyone for promoting YourEightSteps.

We appreciate every one of you…You All Rock my friends!!

All commissions were paid Today for period ending 5-15-2015..We
always pay on time…And there is no having to request your
commissions, they are always paid out automatically every 15th
of the month..

And some other news:
1. We added a couple new cool tools in your Tips And Tricks tab in your members area.
2. We added another bonus to the pro member bonuses, thanks to David Mosher of SimpleTextadz!!

The thing about YourEightsteps is it works, plain and simple, if
you follow our instructions, you will build your email list and
build commissions in many programs simultaneously, with out
promoting them all individually.

We always teach the correct fundamentals that will lead anyone
to success if they only kept following the right process..Which
is the root of success for any one online..

You can have success selling anything online, if you follow the
correct process and apply the traffic strategies we share with
you in YourEightSteps.

Its not the opportunity that will set you free, it is the
learn it, master it and you will earn more money then
you ever thought possible.

Watch Now:

Log in and take action. http://youreightsteps.com

Do not waste time thinking about this, leverage the steps into a
paying income!

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus