(Extremely Important) Your Eight Steps Members please read this RIGHT AWAY..

Some people are not following instructions in the videos, or in the written content..
In the downline builder spaces, like in step number 2, where you join your sponsor in Now LifeStyle, you are suppose to put your Now LifeStyle Username in this box, not a link..
Example: http://nowlifestyle.com/?id=richardandjohn this is my referral url for Now LifeStyle, the username at the end is my id richardandjohn this is what you would enter (Your Username) in the space provided for that program in step number 2 .
See this image on the correct way to do it for the programs.
Do not put links in any of the downline builder spaces, they will not work for your downline to follow you into the programs .

Another Example: http://hit2hit.com/?rid=59095 this is my referral url for Hit2Hit, the number at the end is my id 59095 this is what you would enter in the space provided for that program. .

Sometimes the id will be your username, or a number. You can find your ids from any of the programs by logging into them and locating your referral url, usually located under affiliate toolbox or promotional tools.

See this image on the correct way to do it for the programs.

Log in and check yours please.



Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

The July Monthly Leader Board, Congrats to all!

Congrats to everyone who is following the steps
and making it happen, and great job Lisa Fladeland,
way to lead the pack in July!! Awesome job Lisa!!

Here is the leader board for the month of July.
Congrats to all, way to rock it!!

We reset this leader board each month,
if your name is not at the top, now is the
time to step on the gas, and become a Top Leader in Your Eight Steps, the marketing machine!!

July Monthly Leaderboard


Member Name Referrals
Lisa Fladeland 78
Donald Ducharme 71
Steven Quick 42
Terry Allison 25
Lucienne Fleury 21
Mikael Gustavsson 20
Steve Smith 14
Dennis Heitmann 8
Richard Weberg 8
Action TEAM 7
Jonathan Weberg 6
Michael Camire 5
Scott Caile 4
Heather Frost 4
Monuel Bain 4
Oliver Zander 3
Lee Frost 3
Paul Yeager 3
Patra Buels 3
Marc Comfort 2
Fred Vandersteen 2
Janid Inayat 1
James Fawcett 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1
Domenic Amato 1
Lugano Synergy 1
Cheryl Jennings 1
Dandy Sykes 1
Margaret Gaskin 1
Mike Davey 1
Brenda deReus 1
Sandra Tibble 1
Shannon Riggins 1
Andrea Walker 1
Clifford Martin 1
Judy King 1
Osahar Jourdan 1
Randy Meagher 1
Viktor Gorelov 1


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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus