Are You On The YourEightSteps Team Yet??

You can either be in the parade of life, or watch it
go by..

Its Your Choice..So do you want to be on the YourEightSteps team?
Here is what you need to do, is log in ,
then make sure your are committed to following the
steps and you are upgraded.

Then start taking daily action, and start working
towards your online goals. You have everything you
need to be wildly successful online inside of
YourEightSteps, you just need to get 100% fully
committed to the process, and start using all the
resources we have for you.

We have a vision for YourEightSteps and wanting to
leave no one behind, and help people reach their
financial goals online. This is why we have created
the two paths, so anyone regardless of their situation
can learn to properly market online, and reach their

We will be here to support you throughout the journey,
that is our commitment to you, now you just have to
make sure you are ready to do whatever it takes! We
want you to win.

I can see the time when we have many people on top of
the leader boards in Pureleverage, GVO and Empower
Network…People making thousands of dollars a month
from just one of the programs inside YourEightsteps. I
have been on some of these leader boards my self in
the past, and now its YOUR TURN. If I can make money
online, believe me anyone can. Brenda says my Tech
skills are like that of a ham…and I
still type with only two fingers..Just goes to show
you if the dream is big enough the facts do not count!

We build our list the same as you, we use the
resources in YourEightSteps, and promote our referral
url the same as you, we build our own businesses
exactly the way we teach you to.

And We have downline integrity, we help promote to
your referrals on your behalf, we have no outside
advertising on our site, we never send links in our
emails for other programs or products, we are not
interested in stealing your referrals, or confusing
them. No system online provides what we do.

“WE are building YourEightSteps as a team” And
Together we will win!

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I
defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team,
not the individual, is the ultimate champion.

Only when YOUR NAME is in lights will we win!

We are a 100% committed to your success…We have been
working diligently on making YourEightSteps the best
online system the internet has ever seen!

We will continue to strive to make it even better.

The YourEightSteps Team members will be on top of the
leader boards, this is guaranteed to happen, the only
question left is do you want to be one of them?

YourEightSteps Team members are the committed ones,
you see their names and faces everywhere, they are
true leaders who are willing to do what ever it takes
to succeed! We are very proud of our members, and are
very glad to have each and every one of you on The
YourEightSteps Team.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Can You Believe Just One More Time?

We know there is a lot of crap out there, bs and
hype..Can you believe one more time that this can work
for you?

See We have a vision, yes a dream…a goal…to make
YourEightSteps the most lucrative way for people to
make money online!

To make it brain dead simple, follow the steps one by
one, grow your income every day, every week, every
month, every year, because if our members do not make
it to their goals, we do not either.

Do you believe in what you are doing? See I have my
whole heart in YourEightSteps, I do not care about any
other system online, I only want this system to be the
best, better then all the rest..

Help more people and leave no one behind! I want
Youreightsteps to be the place where you come to and
get everything you need to be wildly successful..and
something you can be proud of to share, that your not
afraid of to share, because the owners will not only
be there to help you, but your downline as well.

See I have been part of many make money systems over
the last almost eleven years now, and they all fell
short, either the owners didnt care, or they never
paid you when they were suppose to, or all together
the only goals they had was for themselves and not
their members…And I still see this online today..

Why we created something different, its not a loyalty
program, its a if you follow the steps program YOU
will make money, we are not interested in side
tracking you by sending you emails that have nothing
to do with our system, and we are certainly not going
to side track your downline either, because if we do
that, you lose and so do we..We promote for
you…together is how we win!

We have downline integrity…

This system is not just for us, its for everyone, for
everyone who has ever came online in the hopes of
making some money to help eliminate the financial pain
in their life, thats what I did, when I came online, I
had lost everything I owned, my store went bankrupt,
my town went bankrupt, there were no jobs, there was
no chance…

So I came online to change my life, and I gave it
everything I had, I did not quit, I did not falter no
matter what obstacles got in my way, I just kept
pushing on, because I knew this was my chance to rise
again and be proud of who I am, and change my
financial situation.

and now my life is different, better, less
stressful…Did it happen over night, no…my first
two years online absolutely SUCKED!! But I believed
and desired my goals and dreams, and that is how I
made it to where I am now.

And along the way, I learned if I truly cared about
other peoples success then I would have mine to…

So today learn to believe in what you are doing, be
proud of what you are doing, and care enough to share
what you are doing, because if I would have had a
system like Youreightsteps from the very beginning, it
is all the much better my own life would have changed,
and I could have helped others get rid of the
financial pain in their lives much quicker.

I truly believe YourEightSteps is the most complete
money making system online, that gives everyone a
chance to experience real success online!

I excitingly implore you to start the steps, or
continue doing them, because I know from experience it
is what I do everyday that gives me the ability to
make my own dreams and goals come true..

Its not the facts that will get you there..If the
dreams big enough the facts do not count..Its the
desire…You can learn any facet of online marketing,
but no one can give you the desire to make it work!

Until Next Time, Your Friends And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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We Just Added New Downloads..Get Them now!

Hey, we have found even more to give our pro members…

5 brand new products to download for free..

ALL with Master Resell Rights!

Which means you are allowed to sell them and keep 100% of the profits! You can even sell the resell rights!

Easy Striped Backgrounds: 100 cool Web 2.0 style striped backgrounds for your website

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Top Twitter Techniques:
How To Tweet Your Way To Network Marketing Success.

Tube Traffic Tactics: The Quick Start Guide To Harnessing The Power Of YouTube To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Websites.

All you need to do is log in and go to the downloads tab at the top of the members area, and click…then choose your download..and you are set!

We strive to give our members the very best…Now , this is another reason to get upgraded, we bring you everything at our disposal so 2014 will be your best year ever, all you have to do is take action and follow our lead, we will arm you, supply you, and give you every tool we can possibly think of, to drive massive traffic and make You huge commissions!

Stop sitting on the sidelines, become an action taker, this is how we make money!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Why Have You Been Failing Online??

There is a big difference as to why there is such
a huge gap between those who actually make good
money online, and those who make nothing.

90% of all people who attempt to make money
online fail, only 10% are actually making good
money consistently online.

We see it everyday in YourEightSteps, the 10% who
are making money at YourEightSteps, take advice
and follow what we teach them to do, and they
actually use the tools we share with them to
use….Hence those are the ones who make money.

One of the biggest reasons people fail online to
make money, is either lack of knowledge or lack
of money to invest in their business, well I
should say they just do not invest money in their
business, because lets face it you can get
started properly making money online for next to
nothing, so people just refuse to put money into
their business.

People just refuse to follow advice and they
think they can short cut the system…

Another thing thats stops people is lack of faith
and belief that this really can work for
them…When I first started I had previous owned a
traditional brick and mortar business and
understood from the beginning I was going to have
to invest something in my business for it to
work. My retail store I owned cost me $4000.00 a
month just for the rent!

So for me I am shocked when I tell people they
need an autoresponder to market properly online,
and they hesitate when you tell them it is $24
bucks?????????????? Or they need web hosting at
$9.97 monthly..WHAT??? But yet people willingly
go to Mcdonalds and spend $20 for a meal 4 times
a month…You get my point I am sure. It still
amazes me though to see people join opportunities
and think they will make money without putting
any investment into it .

So that is the purpose of this email, is to
hopefully help someone who reads this, and help
them understand that anyone can make money
online, if they just follow the advice given to
them, and if they do not have the belief yet, to
take some of it on faith and understand if money
does not change hands there is no money to make,
it is why we all do this, is to make money, but
you can not produce money out of thin air. It
takes certain marketing tools to even hope that
you will make money, and without them it WILL
PERSON, who fails to make any money online.

Now it is your turn to decide where you want to
be…Either building a successful business online
or just messing around??


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Get Thousands Of Real Visitors Today!!

List builders and safelist are one of the best traffic sources online!

Here at YourEightSteps we give you a list of 20 of the best safelist and listbuilders online, and a downline builder so when you refer people here you can build residual traffic in them.

If you are not using them, you are missing out on thousands of website visitors everyday…

I know people personally that have built small fortunes online by only advertising in safelists and listbuilders. Safelists and listbuilders work fast. Most give you free credits for joining so you can email people immediately!

Do not know how they work or how to set them up and use them?

Then watch this video:

and then see the faqs page here:

We will help you learn how to use them, it is actually very simple. To get good results in safelist and listbuilders, you should be using them everyday in your marketing. I just sent to over 100,000 people last night using them myself, and I will send to even more today, this is the only way to email thousands and borrow other peoples list.

You can also go to the affiliate toolbox, and use the done for you ads to send in them, you do not even need to write your own ads if you do not want to, we are here to help you succeed and provide the resources you need to be able to.

log in, and depending on the path you have chosen, you can join the top 20 directly from the person who referred you to YourEightSteps, we do not steal your downline.

path 1 go to step 5, and path 2 go to step 7 to join them underneath your sponsor.

Take action and stop losing referrals and commissions, and get your ids in place in the downline builders now, we want you to win my friends!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Instantly Brand YourSelf And Track Your Marketing

Start tracking Your Marketing, and know where your sign ups are coming from..

We have added a new program to YourEightSteps, hurry and get your ids in place, this will go out to all your downline, you do not want to miss out on any commissions!

For those of you who have absolutely no experience creating your own splash or squeeze pages, you can also use VitalViral Pro to brand any one of the done for you splash or squeeze pages we have created for you here at YourEightSteps, as well as brand any link online very easily.

VitalViral Pro will also allow you to track your marketing efforts and let you know what traffic resources and which pages you are using are performing the best.

Tracking and branding your self are critical components to building a successful business online. So sign up to VitalViral Pro now and start branding yourself and track any pages you are advertising.

Log in go to the downline_builder tab at the top, then click on Recommended Programs. From there you can join VitalViralPro, it is free to join.

Branding your self and tracking your marketing are extremely important..Remember this will be emailed to all your downline as well, we promote for you to help you gain referrals and commissions.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Its time to release the Kracken..Are You Ready To Succeed?

The New Pages Are Live And Kick’in it!!

I give you a complete walk through of the new Youreightsteps back office,

and explain why we have created the new paths and how to capitalize using them.

We want you to win, and are here to help you learn how to market the right way.

YourEightSteps is the most complete marketing system online.

Everything is in place…Now its your turn to win!!

Get a head of the game and watch this now..

Then log in and go take action..and get your 2014 Rocking!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

GO…GO…GO…The New Pages Are Live!!

The New Paths and pages are live… We have two paths now you can take in YourEightSteps, you choose based on your own circumstances, we have tried to make sure, no one is left behind and made it completely brain dead simple!

Need proof the Youreightsteps system works?

The importance on building your list has not changed, so we made it even simpler for anybody to get started, no matter where you are at in life. You now have the option of using Pureleverage or GVO in the direct set up, depending on which path you choose. And for those of you looking to grow your income very fast, it is recommended that you are a member of both Pureleverage and GVO and have your ids in the income downline builder for both. Reason being your referrals could take either path it is now up to them.

This will do two things, increase conversion, money in your pocket, and help all your downline get started off on the right foot straight away. The system is designed with everyone in mind, to try and help as many people as possible get started quickly and get rid of the small obstacles in their way.

The other thing about GVO and Pureleverage is they both build the same income stream, because Pureleverage is a product of GVO, they just offer other tools each and have different price points. Which allows to reach more people to fit different budgets.

Go log in and see the all new system set up and get ready….

ITS now time to kick this system in overdrive and pump out the cash!

Start your path today, follow the steps, and get strapped in for one hell of a ride, we are going to make 2014 better, smarter and faster for everyone involved!

Until Next Time, Your Friend And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Does YourEightSteps Really Work (Want Proof)?

Here is your answer..

Still Jumping From “Biz Opp” To “Biz Opp” Or Do You
Have A Real Marketing Plan?

Is there something stopping you from following through?

Are you ready to turn away from the scams and the
schemes and the promises of easy money that never seem
to work out? Are you ready to stop chasing after every
“biz opp” that lands in your email inbox? Are you
ready to ignore the flashy websites with all their
pictures of big houses, fancy sports cars, and piles
of money?

Every time you drop out of one business and jump onto
another one, you throw away all your previous efforts
~ all the time, money, and “Energy” you put into the
previous one. You start from scratch with a new
ground, new people, new emotional indifference and

And each time your involvement in a new venture
remains shallow, and most likely your results reflect
that too, because your still hoping for that one shot
home run, your going to push a button and the money
will come flowing in. Folks there is no such business
on the internet, you have to build your business step
by step…..

Why do we make so much money online, because we remain
focused..Even when things seem slow, we keep on keeping
on..the same day in and day out.

On the other hand, if you stay committed to one
business, your time, money, effort, emotional
investment into it actually accumulates and starts
“paying interest” to you. You find yourself getting
more results with less effort. At the same time you
find yourself having grown “roots” in this business.

You have no desire to drop everything here and go see
“what else is out there”, but you have a great desire
to invite the whole world to see what a great treasure
you have here, so they too can have a chance to become
part of it.

And unlike the “come-and-go” attitude that most people
have towards the multitude of online programs they
join (and drop, and join, and drop, and join, and
drop…), where everyone is equally non-committed and
disinterested in others (if they were really
interested in their success and other peoples,
especially their “downline” and “upline”, how could
they abandon them with such ease, without any notice
or regret?)…

When you decide to stop running and start growing your
roots in something that you’ve decided to pursue as
your own business, you begin to form a totally
different kind of relationship with people. Those are
long-term relationships that evolve, grow and mature
together with your business. These relationships are
amazingly gratifying and enrich your life and your
whole being with incredible manifestations of
friendship, trust, respect, commitment, service,
gratitude, generosity, selflessness…

This only becomes possible when you get to know other
people over a period of time and when you yourself get
personally involved and committed to the well-being of
those people your in business with.

That is what you have to do to be successful with any
business online or off, get committed and stay
focused. I have been marketing online for several
years, you can spot the people who are failing online
a mile away because every week they are promoting yet
another new sensational business…

There still trying to hit that home run. You will not
get anywhere that way, you need a well developed plan
and a vehicle that will take you from point A to point
B. Your fastest way to become successful online is to
model some one else business plan that has all ready
done what your trying to do, they will save you your
time, energy and money by providing you a marketing
plan that works. That is what we have done with
YourEightSteps, provide you with the road map, vehicle
and plan to get you where you want to go.

All you have to do, is work the plan, follow the road
map and drive the vehicle to your destination. If You
have not yet started your path to personal and
financial freedom start by reading the steps and
watching the videos in the members area, they will
start your journey.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

2014 Is Going To Be One Exciting Ride!!

Okay, we are working diligently getting ready for the busiest months of the year and they are the most productive in internet marketing.

January through May, you want to hit it hard….This is statistically the best marketing months online!!

I have doubled and tripled my income in these months in the past.

So far the index page (your direct affiliate link), we have finished will look like the main index page, take a look..

And Now we have totally re written the back office, and you will see some drastic changes very soon, we are working to maximize conversion for you.

So get ready, start throwing traffic to your pages and get ready for one exciting ride!

2014 can be your year, just put your head down and keep driving traffic everyday, building your list and you will see results…But you will not see them if you do not take action!

**And we are sold out!
We sold all the special $67 lifetime upgrades…But you still have time, but not much, as soon as we get the new pages up, the new pricing will be up as well, I can not give you a time frame, so hurry and save your self some money, before Brenda finishes the pages!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus