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Two HUGE announcements from the GVO/Pureleverage conference..I just got home from this conference..

1. Reliable Reach- will be launched in the next two weeks, you need to be in Pureleverage and a reseller to launch this product, there will be no cost for Pureleverage resellers to sell this product, only commissions:) Trust me…Do not let this pass you by, Joel Therien is expecting 20,000 people to join the very first day!! This launch alone will change peoples lives, the ones who take action!

2. Leverage live- will launch May 31st. And here is the leverage live video we got to see at the Pureleverage convention, for the upcoming launch of the product.. The video was done by Joel Peterson for us, he is on the Pureleverage advisory team. This is only a 5 minute video and explains the comp plan as well.

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I can not wait to meet some of you at the next Pureleverage Conference..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus


GO…GO…GO…The New Pages Are Live!!

The New Paths and pages are live… We have two paths now you can take in YourEightSteps, you choose based on your own circumstances, we have tried to make sure, no one is left behind and made it completely brain dead simple!

Need proof the Youreightsteps system works?

The importance on building your list has not changed, so we made it even simpler for anybody to get started, no matter where you are at in life. You now have the option of using Pureleverage or GVO in the direct set up, depending on which path you choose. And for those of you looking to grow your income very fast, it is recommended that you are a member of both Pureleverage and GVO and have your ids in the income downline builder for both. Reason being your referrals could take either path it is now up to them.

This will do two things, increase conversion, money in your pocket, and help all your downline get started off on the right foot straight away. The system is designed with everyone in mind, to try and help as many people as possible get started quickly and get rid of the small obstacles in their way.

The other thing about GVO and Pureleverage is they both build the same income stream, because Pureleverage is a product of GVO, they just offer other tools each and have different price points. Which allows to reach more people to fit different budgets.

Go log in and see the all new system set up and get ready….

ITS now time to kick this system in overdrive and pump out the cash!

Start your path today, follow the steps, and get strapped in for one hell of a ride, we are going to make 2014 better, smarter and faster for everyone involved!

Until Next Time, Your Friend And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus