Your Eight Steps…remember us?

Yes, I know we have been quiet..

We have some very good news for you though..

First, we are altering the steps, removing some things, and adding some things..

We will still be teaching and helping you learn how to master marketing online completely step by step..

Everything we are changing will help you to take your income to a much
higher level! Those changes are coming soon, as they are almost finished..

Some parts we will release to everyone right a way, others will progress as we make the first new steps live..

So what you want to do right now in preparation of these changes, is to go a head and request to join our new private facebook group here:

We have a group skype chat for this in the past, but skype is to difficult to moderate, and has to many limitations..And more people use facebook then those that use skype.

This is a huge change in itself, because more people will be able to
interact with us everyday, and you will be able to engage with your
referrals much more easily..

We can not wait to share the new and improved steps with you!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus