To succeed online you NEED traffic and LOTS of it!

Every business online needs traffic, no matter what you are promoting..

And lots of it, you have to develop traffic strategies that will deliver you traffic day in and day out…

Some methods will bring you traffic much faster, and some much slower…And all traffic will convert at a different rate..

So it is much smarter to have multiple different traffic strategies running at the same time, this way you are getting massive traffic exposure, because lets face your program or product is like a needle in a haystack…

There are literally millions of websites online…

Did you know that YourEightSteps will teach you how to drive over 10,000 visitors a day to your offers?

All you need to do is log in, and go to Step 5 in path 1, here you will find several traffic strategies to use to promote anything you want…

If you have not really checked out the steps in Youreightsteps yet, you really should, these traffic strategies work!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Can you do a video testimonial for us?

**We need your help**

We sent an email out a while ago, explaining we are going to be
putting up a brand new index page for Your eight steps, this means
as well your main affiliate link will be new as well…

Now what we need help for, is most of the testimonials on our
current index page are old. And we are looking for some brand
new ones, but these ones we would like to be video testimonials.

So we are asking any member who would be interested in doing a
video testimonial for Your Eight Steps to please submit one to us

Now these video testimonials do not have to be long, or perfect.
We are looking for real, genuine, truthful testimonials from
members who have benefited from YourEightSteps and the support
and training we have provided.

Your testimonial should answer some basic questions like.

1. How have you benefited from our training and support

2. Any results that you have had thus far

3. Do we pay on time, and have you earned commissions

4. What was your experience before you started

5. Did we help you learn how to do something you never knew how
to do before.

And of course you should provide your name and who you are..And
anything else you feel is relevant to someone who is new or
looking at Your eight steps for the first time.

Do not be afraid to do a video if you never have before, like I
said we are not looking for perfection..We do not want phony, or
fake..It needs to be from real people in the trenches going
after there goals and dreams.

Doing a video and uploading it to youtube is very simple, most
players after you record have the option built right in to load
it to your youtube account. And doing this video will brand you,
and help get you known as a leader.

Conquering your fears is what will make you successful..

Okay we are counting on you now,
to get us your video
testimonial, this helps every member in Youreightsteps to build
their business.

Together we will accomplish great things!!

Send your video link to

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
P.S. Did you know that in the pro squeeze page section in Your Eight Steps you can replace the video in squeeze page 5 with a video of you talking?