Did You Forget About Banner And Text Ads??

Sometimes when we are all out and about surfing all these traffic exchanges and safelist, it can be easy to forget about banner advertising and text ads. Traffic exchanges and safelist offer more than one way to advertise your sites and build your email list. Banner advertising and text ads can be very effective tools for driving more traffic to your offers.

I made it a point today and the last couple days to log into every traffic exchange that I am a member of and assign all the credits I have racked up towards banners and text ads. It had been a while since I had assigned them………actually a long while. Some of my traffic exchanges I was very surprised (happy) to see over a hundred thousand banner and text ad impressions I had coming. So if your like me and you get so into your surfing and racking up credits it might be a wise idea to log into some of your exchanges and assign those impressions, or if you have not added some banners or text ads yet, go add some. Some safelist also allow you to add a banner and text ad.

Log into http://youreightsteps.com and go to the affiliate toolbox, to grab your banners and links that you can use in your traffic exchanges and safelist.

If your handy at making your own banners I would encourage you to build some of your own and if you know how to add your picture to your banners, I would so as to brand yourself. Banner and text ads are very effective tools for building your business so do not forget about them. Try to utilize everything the traffic exchanges and safelist have to offer, there is nothing like getting more free advertising. If you are making your own banners try to make them stand out, same with your text ads, make the title catchy………the more you stand out, the more clicks you will get.

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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus