We have two videos for you today..And more stuff coming soon!

Hello everyone,

We hope you are having a great day:)

We get several request to do videos explaining different
things, on how to set up different ads, etc..

So today we have two videos for you. The first one deals with
something very important..You really should make sure you are
making your links clickable. If not, you could be losing out big

The second is been requested for a while now, and sorry took me
so long to get around to creating it.

How to buy and set up a solo ad from Udimi.

We will be adding them to the video tutorials very soon in the
members area in YourEightSteps..

And as soon as Brenda gets up the second Herculist banner in the
safelist downline builder, will be doing the video for how we
buy our ads through them as well.

And we will be adding things here and there, small things some
of you may or may not notice to help increase conversion even
more. We added some new wording today in places.

Also for those of you who may have had a hard time understanding
how to download and access the products from the downloads area,
we have put a link there to a page, that has some instructions
on it to help.

We do listen to your questions and suggestions, and we keep
improving everything for all members.

We want you to be successful!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Guess What time it is??

It time to go pro…

and make even more commissions..

We have just added another bonus for our pro members,
thanks to Marty Petrizza of website-traffic-hog..So
log in http://youreightsteps.com and go get your new
bonus, from the pro member bonus tab..

and we just added a new banner in the affiliate
toolbox area, courteous of our good friend MR. Bo
Tipton..Thanks Bo and Marty!

I you are not a pro member yet please read this
paragraph below. **Everyone read below that for more

YourEightSteps Pro members get exclusive upgrade
specials and outright free traffic credits. Once you
upgrade the Pro Bonuses Tab will appear in your
members area in the menu above. These upgrade deals
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This will include full page views, log in ads, text
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upgrade specials… These are exclusive to our Pro
members, use this traffic to promote anything you want!

More news: We have sent over 1 million real visitors
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Do you think some of these visitors have signed up?

Could they be in your downline?

Could you be making more money by now?

yes, yes..and yes..had you signed up and followed the

Guess what you lost out…How, because you didnt sign
up, or you did, and didn’t follow the steps…?

So how do you start benefiting from our advertising?

Log into http://youreightsteps.com and go to the
downline_builders tab at the top in your members area,
and then click on the recommended programs downline
builder, once on that page you can join the
gvo-teambuilder under your sponsor..Well hopefully
under your sponsor…? Because if they didnt join yet
and put in their id, you will pass up to their

And they will lose out, remember we promote to your
downline for you, its to your advantage to have all
your ids in place for each program in YourEightSteps,
because you never know when we will send a message to
YOUR downline and promote to them for you…

Together we all win!!

So we suggest you sign up now in the gvo-team builder
and follow the steps or log in if you are already a
member and follow the steps..CAUSE QUESS WHAT..We will
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As long as I am alive and breathing..I will drive
traffic to the gvo-team rotator..That rotates our
members sign up links. The gvo-teambuilder helps you build
downline in youreightsteps, gvo, and pureleverage and a few
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Im sorry but opportunity is a knocking, your choice,
forever watch the parade go by or join the parade…

Now is your time, dont expect miracles overnight, but
realize there is nobody online, is forthright, honest,
and driven to help you succeed as us..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus