Why Is It Important To Upgrade In Traffic Exchanges?

If you are using traffic exchanges or safelist in your online marketing, there are several important reasons why you want to be an upgraded member in some.

I am going to give you an example here, using trafficwitch, a very good exchange owned by Guido Nussbaum, trafficwitch has been a very responsive exchange.

They offer 3 Account Types, you can see the features of all three of them below.

Witch- Free

? 0.5 up to 0.7 Credits per View
? 10 Seconds Timer
? 5% from Referral Surfing
? 5% Comission on Upgrades
? 2% Comission on Purchases (Credits etc.)
? Minumum Cashout: $30

Wicca- Around 10 bucks a month

? 0.66 up to 1.5 Credits per View
? 10 Seconds Timer
? 10% from Referral Surfing
? 750 Credits per Month
? 1500 Banner Impressions per Month
? 2500 Text Link Impressions per Month
? 25% Comission on Upgrades
? 5% Comission on Purchases (Credits etc.)
? Minumum Cashout: $10

Sorcerer- Around fifteen bucks a month

? 1 up to 1.5 Credits per View
? 10 Seconds Timer
? 15% from Referral Surfing
? 1000 Credits per Month
? 2500 Banner Impressions per Month
? 3500 Text Link Impressions per Month
? 75% Comission on Upgrades
? 10% Comission on Purchases (Credits etc.)
? Minumum Cashout: $10

I personally have the sorcerer upgrade, and very easy to see the difference between each account type. Now here are just some of the reasons some people experience a ton more success with traffic exchanges than others. The people who experience the most success, understand what investing in their business does for them.

1. Do you know how long you would have to surf trafficwitch (as a free member), to just get the 1000 credits/2500 banner credits/3500 text credits I get automatically every month for being an upgraded Sorcerer member?

This is how you leverage your time, and increase your results, my sites and adds will be seen over seven thousand times without surfing one click!

2. Now if I do surf, which I do, as an upgraded member I get double per click of what a free member gets per click. This makes my time worth more than somebody surfing as a free member.

3. Upgraded members get way more credits from their referrals efforts as well, the more you refer the more you earn additional traffic credits.

4. Upgraded members get paid more, what is 5% of $200 bucks………equals only ten dollars. What is 75% of $200 bucks…….equals $150 Bucks!! Which one would you want? Who is going to make money faster and a whole lot more?

These reasons are why it is so important to invest in your business, and if traffic exchanges are part of your overall marketing strategy, you will definitely want to be upgraded in some of the top traffic exchanges. You should have an advertising budget that you can live with, these upgrades are very inexpensive. Even if you only can invest 10 bucks a month in your advertising, you have to start somewhere. And if you are completely broke, you still have the option to earn all of your traffic by surfing, its just way more time consuming, and you do not leverage your results as quickly.

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To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps Internal Program Update

We just wanted to post here today and give you an update on one of the programs located in the follow through section.

Tim Brechbill owner of SkaDoogle, has just added an awesome new product..

WordPress Theme and Sitebuilder:
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You can literally build a new WordPress Niche Blog, fully
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We are sending this out to everyone, I have made some really good cash with this program. So get joined now before your downline does..You will want any one you refer to follow you in this program, Tim is a really good guy and has been doing this stuff a long time.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps * New Bonuses Just Added Today!

Today we have added even more value to the YourEightSteps pro membership, if you have not gone pro yet you are missing out big time!

More free traffic..

More discounted traffic..

We give way more value..we keep adding more bonuses..If your not a pro you keep missing out..

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We have gone out of our way and used our
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We are constantly striving to create
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These traffic deals and outright free
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**These special traffic deals will
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Go Pro Now, before we raise the price, it will happen very soon. The one time upgrade will soon be $97.00, raised from a extremely low $59.95..Do it quickly, and save yourself 30 bucks!

And a big thank you to John Bell of Viral list builder plus. And to Kenny Kolijn owner of Banner ads that pay!

You Rock Guys!

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To Your Success
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
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Why Clixsense Is In YourEightSteps?

We get this question from time to time, people asking us why Clixsense is in the list of traffic exchange programs in Youreightsteps.

Clixsense is not listed there so you can go click for pennies, this is a very viable advertising resource, and we have used it with very good results. I personally buy a link in the clixgrid game every month, sometimes as many as four to five a month.

In fact I just bought another one last night, it cost $20 bucks for a thirty day spot (I had three opt-ins and one Youreightsteps new referral with in a half hour of it being approved). Now for that twenty bucks you will receive on average 18,000 visitors in thirty days. These are real visitors.

My last stats from my last link I bought, was 19,236 total visitors, and 18,832 unique, for a total cost of $0.0009 per click…Now thats Awesome! You can build your business all day long with numbers like these absolutely dirt cheap!! You will not find more hands free effective advertising.

And to buy a link on the clixgrid game, takes literally less than a minute, you ad the link you want to advertise, then make payment..and thats it, your done.

We just wanted to clarify why Clixsense is listed in step one in the traffic exchange resources. If you have not joined yet, log in: http://youreightsteps.com

And go to step 1 and join under your sponsor, who referred you to Youreightsteps.

We are moving fast, 2013 can be your year…We are hear to help you, we share everything we do, and are behind you 110%!

Together we can all win!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps * New Tips Page Is Live!

Brenda has created a new cool tips and tricks page…Shortcuts that will help us speed up our most used activities online, as well as some very cool free resources for all members to use.

We will be adding more to the page, as well as welcome any that you may have that we can share with all members.

Have a tip? Want to share? Contact us!

log in now and check it out: http://youreightsteps.com

We are kicking Butt, and want you to win..Start the steps if you have not..They absolutely work! You can either sit on the sideline and watch the parade go by, or take action and be in the parade, its your choice.

We are here to help you..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Are You Using Safelist?

If not Your making a big mistake…You have the ability to reach thousands of people instantly with your email message. My partner Brenda and I each have our forte, mine happens to be traffic exchanges, and hers has been safelist. Now each of us market with both of course, we each have just focused more on one or the other.

The key is to be consistent, building traffic daily using a variety of traffic sources, why there are a list of traffic exchanges, and safelist to join in YourEightSteps. Using more than one traffic method, lets you reach a more variety of people faster. Not everyone who uses traffic exchanges, uses safelist and vice versa..The idea is to keep reaching the maximum number of people you can daily, quickly and efficiently.

Safelist are very effective! (If you have never used them before, do not be afraid, they are a very valuable tool, just set up a separate email filter for them). we can not stress enough how effective safelists can be, learning to use them properly and getting good upgrades in them can propel your sign ups and commissions by leaps and bounds! We know people that have built small fortunes online by only advertising in safelists. Safelists work fast. You reach people immediately!

See this link below, if you have never used them, will also show you how to set up email filters.

A lot of the safelist give you free credits just for joining and confirming your account, this will allow to potentially reach thousands of people today! So We are encouraging you to log into http://youreightsteps.com and go to step 6 and get started flooding your links with traffic! We have listed the most effective safelist online in YourEightSteps.

It is all about taking action, to be successful.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
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YourEightSteps Is Building Faster Then Ever!!

First the news: Log in http://youreightsteps.com/ we have made changes. Step number one has a new Traffic Exchange in place Traffic2prosperity owned by Eric Abbott and Randy Howard, this is a really awesome exchange with some very unique features.

And in the Follow Through section, we have added a super program called Get Organized For TE Success owned by none other than our own Spectacular Brenda de Reus and our good friend Carol Walczak…A Must join program!! Just go to the follow through tab at the top once logged in.

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And now..

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We constantly are creating more marketing materials for our members, so they do not have to do, they basically plug into the system and follow and implement each step…We do the hard work.

If you are not promoting a system or funnel through your marketing you are making a big mistake, having a system to promote, with all the key pieces in place, leverages your time and your money. Trying to promote one thing at a time, is slow and does not pay very well. We see people all the time advertising a single Traffic Exchange or safelist…You do not want to market this way. You should be building your email list and promoting your favorite programs through a front end funnel or done for you system, this way you build referrals and commissions in many programs at once. YourEightSteps is set up to do exactly that, build massive amounts of residual traffic and commissions by promoting one link!

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