The Keys To Your Success Are Truly In This Post…

Please read this entire post, dont skim through it,
you will understand why at the end, what I have been
trying to get across to so many of you for such a long
time. WE truly, really want to help you, but there is
a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in how you perceive internet
marketing then the top marketers do..This is a REAL

If I had to start completely over today and was
completely a new member of YourEightSteps, how would I

1. I would first and foremost get upgraded in
YourEightSteps, I would take the lifetime, because its
a one-time cost and would never have to pay for my
membership again. So 147.00$ thats it no further cost
for youreightsteps, and now I would collect 50%
commissions off of the monthly $14.97, the yearly $77
and the lifetime $147.00.

2. I would then purchase the Pureleverage tool suite
for $24.95 and $19.97 for the reseller fee, so I can
make 100% commissions, and 50% matching check bonus. I
would then make sure I set up all the squeeze pages in
YourEightSteps and followed the instructions and
connect them to my PureLeverage autoresponder.

3. I would then purchase GVOs hostthenprofit package
for $9.97 so I would have my web-hosting, so I could
make my own web pages and squeeze pages and host on my
own domain of my choosing.

Okay, now to get moving fast, I would start buying
traffic…Because I want to make money my first month.

So where would I purchase traffic first to get things
cranking along.

1. I would buy at least 5 clixsense clixgrid ads at
$20 a piece, and I would put as the links 4 of the
YourEightSteps squeeze pages, and one of my
Pureleverage squeeze pages. The reason this would be
my first traffic purchase is, the traffic will begin
immediately and its hands free, will deliver traffic
over the next 30 days straight, this way so when Im
mowing the lawn, Im still getting traffic.

2. I would join safe-swaps and find two good solo ad
sellers to buy from, and purchase at least $100 in
solo ads. Again this is hands free traffic, set it up
to run, and nothing else for me to have to do.

3. Next I would join Herculist, and then buy one of
their special solo ads to their three safelist, I
would buy at least the $40 ad. Again this is hands
free traffic, set it up and there is nothing else to
do, they send out all the ads for you.

Now basically all the traffic I have set up thus far,
will get me results and requires hardly any of my
time, and I would have traffic rolling in 24/7..

4. Time to do some free advertising, so I would now
share my squeeze pages on every social network I am
part of. etc

Wouldn’t You Want To Know About Something Your Friend
Was Doing That Could Get You Totally Out Of Debt, And
End The Pain You Go through Every Month??

5. I would start to join the traffic exchanges in the
list of them in the YourEightSteps downline builder, I
would add at least three of my YourEightSteps Squeeze
pages to each one I joined. I would surf at least 5 to
10 of them a day for an hour using tab surfing,
meaning you surf them all at once.

6. I would do the same for the safelist listed in the
downline builders, and click for credits in 5 to 10 of
them a day for an hour and then send email advertising
my squeeze pages to each one.

7. I would buy a traffic package in one of the top
traffic exchanges, like Tezak, Traffic-splash,
Hit2hit, Soaring4traffic….I would try for 25,000
credits between two of them..Usually can get it for
$50 bucks, if I didnt see an advertised special for
this many, would ask the owner what could they do for
me. Then I would add my squeeze pages and assign all
the credits, again and let this run hands free.

8. I would then join the gvo-teambuilder for the $25
one-time traffic purchase and add my links into the
referral builder, to get some added help building my

9. Continue on each day, earning traffic in traffic
exchanges and safelist..And as I made commissions, I
would reinvest that money into more traffic. (You want
your traffic diversified why the different sources

10. Now for the most important part. Follow through
everyday…As you build your list, and build a
relationship with your list and get to know them by
sending them emails offering your help and support and
guidance, what will start to happen, is every person
you put on your list, will start to become worth to
you $1 to $5 per person, per month.

So if you have 1000 people on your list, this will
eventually equate to you in $1000 to $5000 in monthly
income, depending on how well you learn to follow up
and help the people on your list. You basically need
to get to the point where you are emailing your list
twice daily, use stories to help people relate to you.
Tell them about yourself, tell them your hopes dreams
and goals, and they will respond. Offer them help,
give them your email, your skype name, or even your
phone number. Dont just spam them with straight out
promotion, give them content, real help, share with
them how to do something…This is how you build
friendships and long term relationships..How do you
think me and Brenda met?? She lives half way around
the world from me..But yet we formed a friendship and
a true partnership..That we both highly value!

So how much did it cost me to start my new business,
and get it cranking along the first month?

Basically $550 bucks…

Now let me ask you this, since you now treated this
like a real business and have $550 invested in it
upfront, how are you going to work it the next 30
days? What will be different for you now that you have
acted like you will succeed…

Think your mindset will change a little bit? How about
your commitment level?

How about, how you come across in your emails to your

Think they will believe you a little more, perceive
you differently?


This is exactly how me and Brenda build our own
businesses, and why we have success, we treat this
like a real business..This is how people have the
almost instant success stories, they treat it like a
real business from day one!!

$550 dollars is nothing, let me repeat that, $550 is
ABSOLUTELY nothing to start a business. My retail
store I use to have in my local mall was $4000.00 a
month, I had to pay first and last months rent to
start, so $8000.00 Grand! And that wasnt the lights,
the electric, or the heat or the products to sell, or
the merchant services..No that was another $100,000

So what would I do if I didnt have any money what so
ever to start my business properly…..I would get a
$1000.00 loan, yes, I totally would or I would sell a
bunch of crap I didnt need, that was just sitting

And then I would work my ever living ass off to make
it work, I wouldnt look around to see if anybody was
doing anything, I would just keep plowing forward,
building my list bigger and faster, all the time
learning as much as I could about following through
with my list, thats it, I would be successful my first
30 days and beyond, I would never look back.

Its easy to make life altering decisions, when you
want to change your life bad enough..When your sick
and tired of having no time, or no money to truly do
the things you want..I absolutely hated working for
someone else, never having time to take a vacation..It
was like a giant rutt, home to work, home to work,
couple days off, then back to home to work…UGGG!
Sickening, I felt like all I was doing was digging a

Can you relate?

So how long do you want the pain to last? Years or

In short, you have to make a decision, we cant make it
for you..

Everything I talked about in this email is available
to you in YourEightSteps, and anything your not sure
about doing, thats where we come in, we are always
testing add copy, squeeze pages, conversion, we are
glad to help you out, share everything we do..

I know this was a long email, but the keys to your
success are truly in it..

Its only the decision stopping YOU, from YOUR success..

Until Next Time, Your Friends


Richard Weberg and Brenda de Reus

How to get Started in YourEightSteps With Little to No Money

Okay, I wanted to cover a couple things today that we get asked quite often..How do I get started making money online the fastest when I have little to no money?

What is the first thing you should do, now that you have joined YourEightsteps, if you have little to no money?

Video Walks you through.

Well, the first thing I would do, is find a way to come up with the $67.00 lifetime, one time investment. This way you never have to pay again, and you start earning 50% commissions on all upgrades.

First off we are raising the upgrade fee to $97.00 as soon as the last 13 upgrade specials are gone. So you will save yourself $30 and remember you never have to pay again. It is $67 onetime, if you take advantage of our special offer.

The difference is this. As a pro member you will earn $48.50 off of the new $97 lifetime upgrade and $4.98 off of the $9.97. As a free member you would only earn $9.97 off of the lifetime, and 1.00 off of the monthly. This is a massive difference…So now you will make money much faster…a lot more!

Put it this way 10 commissions as a pro member you would earn $480.50 off of the life time.
The monthly would be $40.98

If you only earned them as a free member you would only make $90.97 and the monthly would be 10.00.

This is why we encourage you so often to get upgraded! So I hope you can now see why paying $67 one time and never having to pay again is so valuable to you.

My partner Brenda was very, very, very smart when she first started marketing, she understood the value in taking lifetime upgrades when available. Lots of her traffic, she literally never has to pay for again, and she has told me she can reach some where between 100,000 and 200,000 people a day!

Now that we have that out of the way, the next thing you can do is go to steps 4 through 6 (read the instructions) and join the free to join traffic exchanges and safelist. You can then go to the affiliate toolbox in YourEightSteps and find all the marketing material you need and your links you can use complete with your referral ids to build your downline in YourEightsteps. And since you upgraded in YourEightSteps you will earn 50% commissions when any of your new downline upgrade.

And your new referrals will follow you into the programs in YourEightSteps that you have put your ids in place for, and you can earn commissions from those programs as well. Just remember as a free member in them your commissions will be less.

Then all you do is keep earning traffic in the traffic exchanges and safelist and sending it to YourEightSteps referral links. As you earn commissions you can upgrade in more of the programs in YourEightSteps and start building your list.

This strategy is for people with little to no money to invest in their business, otherwise start with step one, list building is the most important money making task you can do online.

log in:

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

How to add banners to traffic exchanges and safelist video tutorial

How to add banners to traffic exchanges and safelist video tutorial.

Sometimes online, we take things for granted because we have been doing this so long, but no longer.

We realize some people are just starting out and have no experience to help guide them how to do things, so now, I am going to make sure even what seems to us the simplest things to do, we will make a tutorial to help people, and if you have anything you want to learn how to do, ask us or request it, and we will make a video to help you, or jump on skype and walk you through it.

A few people were having a problem understanding how to add banners to traffic exchanges and safelist, so we made a video tutorial explaining it..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Nobody is left behind!

Have you logged in and seen the changes yet?

We reversed the funnel..And all members make sure to
grab your bonuses from the downloads tab, we have
bonuses for all!
Pro members have you checked out the new bonus step
yet? Only upgraded members will see this step,
another great reason to upgrade now.

YourEightSteps is now the most ideal and complete
marketing system online!!


No one gets left behind…

We now have four different traffic strategies with the
addition of the pro bonus step.

So you now can buy solo ads or do ad swaps with some
of the top marketers online, all from one site. They
use a rating system, and everything is done internally
and monitored. You do not have to go searching all
over the place to find people you can buy solo ads
from, or send emails back and forth. So now you do not
have to be tied to your computer using this traffic
method, get your autoresponder and squeeze pages set
up in steps number 1-3, buy your solo ad, and thats
it, get results. Solo ads have some of the highest
conversion ratios of all ad sources.

And for those of you who like to earn your traffic, or
buy it when you can afford it…This is where the
Traffic Exchanges and safelist come in, you can even
build residual traffic 24/7. This is what referral
marketing is all about.

We also have the ultimate mobile blogging solution,
blogging as as simple as using facebook now, post from
your mobile phone in seconds, make sure to go to step
7 and watch the video on this, the features are
incredible!! Their cart opens up on Friday the 18th,
be ready to absolutely Jump on this, this will change
marketing as we know it, make sure to log in and join
this program on Friday underneath of your sponsor, we
help you promote your business, we have down line
integrity, we never send our own links to your

Your at liberty to chose what programs you join, or
use to drive traffic, you can build your list or
promote youreightsteps directly, what ever you chose,
just remember those you refer may want to join
programs you have not, so you will pass on commissions
for that program.

We are here to help you win!! YourEightSteps is
absolutely the best..

log in now: and start
finally winning.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

**Very Important** New Splash And Squeeze Pages

Hello everyone, I am super excited..There is not a better time to be building an internet business then now!

With the emergence of 100% payout programs Empower Network and Pureleverage, they are blazing new and bountiful trails, its absolutely awesome! People are making more money ten times as fast, without having to make their own products or having to create everything, the done for you aspects of these two programs are incredible…Empower Network and Pureleverage are about to go into super sonic over drive with there latest additions coming out!

And speaking of done for you, we have some wonderful, awesome, and exciting new pages for you..

For pro members we have created a new funnel complete for building your list. You can find these new pages by clicking on the pro squeeze page tab..Here is what they look like, you will have to set up your autoresponder code with them.

This first page above goes to the index page like normal, but this one here:

You will set up to go here, this is the landing page(we have made this landing page available for everyone)You will also need to upload your photo in step 4 for this one, if you have not already:

And for all members we have created another splash page for you, you can brand this one by uploading your picture in step 4:

We keep working hard creating, to make your job easier and help you make the most money possible!

So log in now and take advantage of the new pages we have created for you, we made these pages with very specific intent, to focus in on more conversions for you..

**Two email Swipes below

Have an awesome day!!!
Do not hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions, or connect with us in the skype group.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

P.S. Email swipes for you..

1. Pro Member swipe for the new funnel

Subject: *Alert* You’ve Been Lied To About Making Money Online!

Email Body:

This is something you seriously NEED to know..
If there is one thing you do today, at least watch these videos
and learn the truth..
Are You Still Promoting Products Or Programs With Less
Than $20 Commissions??

You Are Going To Make Thousands Right..
It Will Never Happen!

You need A System That Has Programs And Products In It,
That Pay Decent Commissions…$25, $50, $100, $250, $500.

Unless You Think You Can Put 1000 people into a program any time soon…
Good Luck, I have Been Doing This a while now.

There Is A Reason Empower Network Has Paid Out Over 60 Million in Commissions in two years,
And PureLeverage Has Paid Out Over 1 Million In There First 18 days alone!!
Watch These Videos Now..And Get The Truth!


2. Email swipe for everyone

Subject: Your Downline Is Safe With Us..We Wont Steal Them

Email Body:

What does this mean for you?

We will NEVER email your downline with our links!

We have downline integrity, in every email we
send, we will tell you and your downline to log
in and join the program from the downline builder
under your sponsor, so that you get the direct
referral and commissions, not us!

Your Eight Steps is a professional traffic
exchange and internet marketing system, that
includes powerful splash pages, opt-in pages,
follow up email letters and more to easily build
your list and generate highly targeted leads for
your business with traffic exchanges, safelists
and other free traffic sources.

We build our business the same exact way you do,
by advertising our own affiliate links. We
understand how difficult internet marketing can
be..and we are on your side…This is why Your
Eight Steps is so different…

We do not send our affiliate links to your
downline (this is why we build our own list), you
work hard and we want you to win with us…not
for us!!

We promote to your downline for you…


P.S. Another thing you will not see in Your Eight
Steps is outside advertising for other programs
in the members area. ALL programs are in one of
the downline builders, so YOU CAN EARN FROM THEM.

This is why it is called “YOUR Eight Steps”

**YourEightSteps Update** Program Changes..Act Immediately!

First off, thank you to all members who are promoting YourEightSteps, we are kicking butt!!

YourEightSteps is building faster then ever, and its only going to grow even faster, we are still only just getting started..We are working hard behind the scenes and in the trenches for you and with you.

Today we have two important changes…Act immediately so you do not lose sign ups and commissions.

1. We took out high-hits in step number one and have replaced it with hitsafari, Its one of the very first traffic exchanges I ever joined years ago, and is still rocking and creating mad conversions..

2. We took out fox emails in step number 6 and replaced it with Email traffic list, again conversions here are excellent as well, and make sure to watch out for the kick butt oto (one time offer)!! You do not want to miss this..

So log into  join and get your ids in place immediately, so your downline can follow you into these two incredible programs.

We promote for you, we never send our own affiliate links to your downline, so act fast, so your downline can follow you..

Watch for our emails and post closely, so you do not miss our next updates..Some more exciting stuff is coming very soon!

We post updates regularly on our blog, skype and facebook page as well to make sure you are informed and your questions get answered.

P.S. You can join our skype group from the members homepage, otherwise add me to skype: richard.weberg  and send me a note to add you.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus


The Race Is Over….Brenda Is Victorious!!

Well Brenda won the contest between me and her, she ended up with 52 new Youreightsteps referrals in 13 days, And I ended up with 47..I just want to Congratulate her, and say thanks for racing me partner 🙂 If you knew nothing about our little race you can read more here..

Well it just goes to show everyone, that our pages convert and convert very well. And this was in a slower time of year. Now we are heading into the busiest time of year, the colder it gets the better online marketing is. Summer and vacations are over, kids are back in school, and everyone is getting back into work mode and the buying mood. This is the time to start vamping up your advertising efforts and get things really cranking!!

We have had a few questions about which pages did me and Brenda use mostly during our race, and here are our answers from the skype group below, and if you havnt joined it yet, you can from the home page in YourEightSteps.

[1:55:48 AM] Kenny Kolijn: Hi everyone
[1:56:31 AM] Kenny Kolijn: What pages did you two use the most Brenda and Richard?
[5:02:56 AM] Carol Walczak: you guys did well 🙂
[8:19:40 AM] Bo Tipton: Yeah what pages did you use the most. Good question Kenny

[9:40:14 AM] Brenda de Reus: Mostly the pro squeeze and the pl and en splash

[1:06:48 PM] Richard Weberg: I used mostly pro squeeze as well, then used a few of the other ones listed in the affiliate toolbox, but 90% was the pro video squeeze page.

[1:08:23 PM] Richard Weberg: it converts very well from sign up to your list, to sign up in youreightsteps, uses a different process, after they subscribe to your list it goes direct to the actual sign up page where they enter their info
[1:08:52 PM] Richard Weberg: bypassing the main index page

[1:24:20 PM] Bo Tipton: Thanks Brenda

[1:44:36 PM] Richard Weberg: whats very nice about the pro squeeze page, is roughly 80 to 90 percent of the time, when you get a subscriber from it, you also get a youreightsteps sign up immediately, because of the direct sign up page we used..
[1:45:00 PM] Richard Weberg: we are working on another funnel as well, you will have available soon.

Note: As a free member you will not have the tab with the pro squeeze pages in your back office, or the additional traffic bonuses. Upgrade to pro now and get all the benefits, before the price goes up.

One last thing, make sure you are using all the traffic resources in YourEightSteps, both traffic exchanges, safelist and blogging. Sometimes one or the other is delivering results better than the other, this is why we use three different traffic building methods, and why we can produce referrals so quickly, we leave no stone unturned..

Your losing tons of referrals and commissions if your not using all three..

Please take the time to show support and Congratulate Brenda on a job well done on our facebook support page please.

We will keep working hard, to make your marketing easier..

To Your Success
Your Friends,
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Are You Using Safelist?

If not Your making a big mistake…You have the ability to reach thousands of people instantly with your email message. My partner Brenda and I each have our forte, mine happens to be traffic exchanges, and hers has been safelist. Now each of us market with both of course, we each have just focused more on one or the other.

The key is to be consistent, building traffic daily using a variety of traffic sources, why there are a list of traffic exchanges, and safelist to join in YourEightSteps. Using more than one traffic method, lets you reach a more variety of people faster. Not everyone who uses traffic exchanges, uses safelist and vice versa..The idea is to keep reaching the maximum number of people you can daily, quickly and efficiently.

Safelist are very effective! (If you have never used them before, do not be afraid, they are a very valuable tool, just set up a separate email filter for them). we can not stress enough how effective safelists can be, learning to use them properly and getting good upgrades in them can propel your sign ups and commissions by leaps and bounds! We know people that have built small fortunes online by only advertising in safelists. Safelists work fast. You reach people immediately!

See this link below, if you have never used them, will also show you how to set up email filters.

A lot of the safelist give you free credits just for joining and confirming your account, this will allow to potentially reach thousands of people today! So We are encouraging you to log into and go to step 6 and get started flooding your links with traffic! We have listed the most effective safelist online in YourEightSteps.

It is all about taking action, to be successful.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
P.S. We send out emails on your behalf, your downline get these messages. All messages go out to pro members first. So its in your best interest to take action on all of our updates when we send them.

Why Youreightsteps Works?

What is “Youreightsteps”?

It is a funnel, and a system..

Designed to help you produce thousands of visitors a day to your urls, and opt-in pages, by utilizing and leveraging your time, and money, then multiplying it into more time and money for you.


Building your downline in traffic resources such as safelist and traffic exchanges, by advertising one link, your affiliate links for Youreightsteps. Without a system or funnel you can not do this, you would be trying to advertise every referral link for the programs you would like to promote separately. Utilizing a downline builder is how you leverage your time and multiply it into many of you.

Its duplicate-able and simple, it is why it works so well. I use the exact same system and promote my referral url the same as you, my inbox is literally flooded with commission and referral notifications every single day, in what I consider the best traffic resources online. Why are they the best?

1. You can build residual traffic overtime, no longer have to work for it

2. You will make these resources into paying income streams, so now your traffic pays you in traffic and commissions.

Where else can you do this??

Google adwords-No. Can only purchase ads
Seo-No. One Google change or slap AND ITS ALL OVER BUT THE CRYING
Buying solo ads to other peoples list-NO. Most can not afford them in the beginning, and they will never turn around and pay you for using their list, you only pay them.
Facebook-No. You can only buy ads from them.

This is one of the reasons why Youreightsteps is so powerful, you build residual traffic that pays you, anybody who says traffic exchanges and safelist don’t work, absolutely does not know what they are talking about, and does not know the proper way to market in them. I have been using them for almost 10 years now successfully. There are a lot of marketing techniques, all require time to master them, how do you shortcut the learning curve, by using a successful system where someone has mapped it all out for you.

So what else does Youreightsteps do for you??

Teaches you how to build your email list, using traffic exchanges and safelist to advertise in, if you do not learn email marketing and building tons of traffic, you will never make much money online, if any. Literally, I tried everything else out there, email marketing is how you eventually get to $1000, $2500, $5000, $10000, $20000 a month income. If you do not build your list you will never EVER see these numbers, well not with real money that you can put in your bank.

We also give you the best income programs online to build massive residual income in, by promoting one link, and these programs have the tools you absolutely need in order to produce a living online. All with a 100% payout.

All you have to do is follow the 8 steps, each and everyone of them, they all work together to give you the simplest, fastest, easiest to understand and implement get to your goals and dreams system ever!!

What can I say….Don’t shortcut the system, this will cost you time and money, follow us, follow as we do, and you will make it, you will build your way into the 5% club, the ones who make it. 95% fail, because they do not have a system or refuse to follow one, don’t reinvent the wheel, we have already tried that and it didn’t work.

Get committed and stay focused and 2013 will be your best year ever!!

Richard Weberg & Brenda de Reus

P.S. please dont forget to like our brand new Facebook support page!

Sweeping Changes To “YourEightSteps”

We are making changes as fast as we can…Our plans are incredible…

This will be totally on fire when we get done!!

Log into

And see what we have been working on, everyday things will improve and change for the better..

It was all ready fantastic, but wait tell you see the rest…

Log in now, we have just added two traffic exchanges and one safelist to the downline builder..

This goes out to all your downline, so dont lose out!

We are going to rock this!
Richard Weberg & Brenda de Reus

P.S. please dont forget to like our brand new Facebook support page!