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Our May Leader Board Results Are In!

The final results for the month of May are in and Congratulations to Every one who referred people to YourEightSteps, here are the results and our Top referrers leader board for May..Thanks everyone for promoting and supporting Your Eight Steps, we have a very wonderful group of people..

Final Monthly Leader board For May.

Monthly Leader board

Member Name Referrals
Mario Salerno 268
Chris Elsom 129
Dan Watson 123
Bo Tipton 78
Gloria Moore 60
Richard Weberg 37
Ronald Young 24
Audrey Sorg 16
Brenda deReus 11
Join Silver 10
Richard Winters 10
Wim Saelmans 10
felix rojas 8
Steve Laycock 7
Karri DaltonHull 6
Mark Barton 5
Sandra Tibble 5
Jakob Wezelenburg 4
Luis Zaragoza 4
Lucienne Fleury 4
Harry Scott 3
Dovid Wheeler 3
Domenic Amato 3
Angela Porter 2
Dave Young 2
Jim Sinclair 2
frank freemantle 2
Karl Grzona 2
Peter Freemantle 2
Dale Thomson 1
Deb Eberle 1
Joseph GasparreIII 1
Marty Petrizza 1
Abe Taddesse 1
Robert Rehling 1
Janid Inayat 1
Kenny Kolijn 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1
Martin Eno 1
rob norman 1
ben youcef 1
Frances Buchanan 1
Rebecca Stamer 1
Online Business 1
Donnie Ellis 1
Victor Hunte 1
LindaorMichael GrahamorChampion 1
Rob Gehring 1

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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus