We are Closing Your Eight Steps (Please Read Immediately)

We are Closing Your Eight Steps (Please Read This whole post)
We are very sorry to inform everyone, that we will be closing
Your Eight Steps down for now..

We are giving everyone a heads up, as we want you to be able to
alter your current promotions before we close down the site.

We first and foremost want to Thank everyone for all of the
wonderful years together, some of you have became very dear
friends of ours..And we appreciate you all very much!

Many of you I have even personally met and traveled with.

As a lot of you know, Your Eight Steps has been around for many
years, and was built on a script, over the years we have altered
the script to make it work with current technology and payment

And there have been many changes in the industry that required
constant monitoring and changing to make everything work for
members the last few years..

Your Eight Steps is no longer profitable and able to keep up on
its current script with other high tech custom built, done for
you marketing systems..

In other words, YOU as one of our valued members will not be
able to make as much money either, in comparison with other
custom built done for you systems.

We would have had to totally rebuild Your Eight Steps from the
ground up in order to do so..

In hindsight there is no reason to rebuild Your Eight Steps when
there are done for you systems out there, that already do more
for people than what we ever envisioned Your Eight Steps would
do for people.. (Our Honesty)

We were truly one of the first, done for you systems, that
really educated people on how to properly market the correct

Now even though Your Eight Steps is closing, we do not wish to
end our relationship with you, we still want to help guide you
in your journey to freedom..

We are still affiliate marketers, who have had massive success
online, and have found a perfect replacement to our system, one
that is already producing huge results for its members,
including us..

In fact in the first 35 days, I personally made over $40,000.00
from this system, and has features that no other system online
has ever done..

These features will allow you to make money online faster than
you ever have before, and is one of the reasons, we need to shut
Your Eight Steps down, as Your Eight Steps can not compete with
how fast this system produces for everyone.

So if you still want to pursue your dreams, we recommend you

Click here now and get set up on our Team, your going to absolutely love it!

We are saddened by what we must do with the closure, but excited
at the same time, and so should you be, because the alternative
is 1000X better when you join us in this new system..

Forever your friends

To new beginnings together!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus