Do you want some good news??

Well the good news is, if you follow Youreightsteps and
implement what we teach you through the steps, and do not
quit…You Will Make Money!!


It has been a very exciting Year so far, very exciting…

We have people in our downlines who are on the leader boards for
many programs… Because they are building their list, and are
creating funnels for all that they promote..They are not trying
to recreate the wheel..

Email marketing..

Yes…list building

and building your list..

Follow up..

Follow through..

why does it work..

because you can email your list and communicate..

Log in..Follow the steps and build your list..

You have seen it, heard it, read it a million times…Take
action and do it, and never stop, and this year will be your
best ever online.

It is not the opportunity that will make you the money, it is
the process, and only the process..

Without the process, you will never make money..

How do we build thousands of downline members in programs, we
build our list, and send all of our traffic to our squeeze pages
(opt-in pages) then we follow up with them, by sending them an
email through our autoresponders..

Lots of TRAFFIC + squeeze pages + email follow up = FREEDOM

Freedom from a job, freedom from financial stress, freedom from
time constraints…

I don’t care how long it takes you to build a good responsive
list, just please do it…

Action..Take action, action, action…

We have the best members and team online, we have many great
leaders..who are the best!!

Here is my skype richard.weberg I am in the US. add me as a
contact and I will add you to our skype group or here is
Brenda’s cash2day78

reach out to either one of us and we will add you to the group.

This is your chance..You found it, now do something with it!!

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Okay, big news, log in now, seriously go get logged in now…

Okay, big news, log in now, seriously go get logged in now…

We are seriously team building the absolute best paying programs

Not only are we team building 4 Corners Alliance, we just added
five dollar funnel, and Got Back Up to the recommended programs
downline builder. And added simpletextadz to the banner and
text ad exchange downline builder.. Log in and then join
underneath of your sponsor, get your ids in place
IMMEDIATELY…And we have a few more things coming as well..Very
exciting stuff!

New index page..

New leader board..

And more..We have always told you we are never done..This will
be a record income breaking year for many people in

As a team we are building some of the absolute best paying
programs online, all you have to do is join them from your
members area in Youreightsteps under your sponsor, many people
this year are going to make a ton of money online, if they only
follow, build their list and stay the course!!!

What we promote is real, not hype in the sky..Truly works!!

And a ton of our members are having a milestone year..What are
you waiting for??

What we teach is the absolute cornerstone to successfully
marketing online..

Log in , and finally take action, change your life once and for
all, yea it may take a bit of a learning curve, but what would
just an extra $1000.00 a month do for you life??

We are kicking ass!! Excuse my french, either get on board or
get left behind, getting the same thing you have always
gotten..Its your choice??

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Congratulations And Thank You All…You Are The Best!!

Congratulations to all who earned commissions and Thank you everyone for promoting YourEightSteps.

We appreciate every one of you…You Rock!!

All commissions were paid yesterday for period ending 2-15-2015..We always pay on time…And no having to request your commissions, they are always paid out automatically every 15th of the month..

It is so nice to hear the excitement in peoples voice, when they are having success, and read the emails and skype messages, that are full of positive things. We all have struggles online, especially when we are first starting out, and it is so nice to see the change that happens when someone reaches new milestones..

This next year for many of our members, will be a record breaking year for income and growth in their business..All the hard work and dedication is paying off for many of you who have stayed the course and followed through..

The only sad thing, is to know that many other people could be in this same position, had they not let obstacles get in their way or new shiny objects..

We always teach the correct fundamentals that will lead anyone to success if they only kept following the right process..Which is the root of success for any one online..

You can have success selling anything online, if you follow the correct process and apply the traffic strategies we share with you in YourEightSteps.

Its not the opportunity that will set you free, it is the process, learn it, master it and you will earn more money then you ever thought possible.

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Here is a copy of an email Brenda send out to Youreightsteps members

Thought I would post it here in case some of you missed it.

Subject: I can’t think of a subject line, just open the email:-)

They say the money is in the list… and it’s

If you’re not building a list already, you should
start RIGHT NOW!

Here’s a good place to start:

But then when you have a list. A list that keeps
growing. Then what do you do with it? Well…you
mail them of course!

I keep hearing people say: “But what if they
unsubscribe?”. Well… let them. If they are not
interested in what you have to tell them, they
are not going to join you in any program.

But guess what happens when you do not ever mail
your list? NOBODY will be interested in what you
have to tell them, because you’re not telling
them anything! And NOBODY will ever join you in
any program, you are mailing about, because
you’re not mailing!

So yes, the money is in the list, EXCEPT…when
you never mail them!

But then there are days, when you really don’t
know what to mail about. It’s not just you… we
have those days too (especially me, Brenda LOL)

Here’s the thing… You don’t have to mail every
day about some new program, you can mail your
list about a great free site you found and think
is useful. People like that. Always remember
these are people and not cash cows!

For example something like:

That awesome free site helps you format your
emails. In fact I’m using it right now, while
typing this email:-)

You can even swipe this email, edit it and send
it to them (don’t forget to put in YOUR Your
Eight Steps referral link).

So you see, it’s not that hard.

I just wrote you this email, in a few minutes,
without really promoting anything. I couldn’t
even think of a subject line:-)

To YOUR Success,
Brenda de Reus & Richard Weberg