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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

What are you thinking..?

Truly your thinking is your most important asset..

And many people trying to make this marketing stuff work,
fail to realize this..

They keep running around in circles accomplishing hardly

We want to help you forge a straight path to where you want
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And it all starts in your mind..

Please take the time to watch the video, we
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We all begin at a different point in our lives, but if you
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You will be able to figure it out, and follow them my

Your new life is waiting for you..

Time is either your enemy or friend..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

The April Monthly Leader Board, Congrats to all!

Congrats to everyone who is following the steps
and making it happen, and great job Mr. Donald Ducharme,
way to lead the pack again, now 4 months in a row!!

Here is the leader board for the month of April.
Congrats to all, way to rock it!!

We reset this leader board each month,
if your name is not at the top, now is the
time to step on the gas, and become a Top Leader in Your Eight Steps, the marketing machine!!

Monthly Leaderboard


Member Name Referrals
Donald Ducharme 111
Antoine DuBois 91
Steve Laycock 80
Ewart Ward 59
Marc Ley 54
Sam White 44
Richard Weberg 27
Lucienne Fleury 25
Jonathan Weberg 11
Julie Brandt 9
Oliver Zander 9
Frances Buchanan 8
Randy Sult 8
Slobodan Milutinovic 7
Fred Vandersteen 5
Dale Thomson 5
Luis Zaragoza 5
Paul Yeager 5
Martin vanDijk 4
John Harrell 3
Marty Petrizza 3
Mikael Gustavsson 3
Samy Schoenweger 3
Heather Frost 3
Marc Comfort 2
James Lawrence 2
Mark Barton 2
Michael Camire 2
Sandy Murray 2
Alberto Cuervo 2
Jason Stewart 2
Chris Fisher 2
James Fitzpatrick 2
Nathaniel Frazier 1
Marshall Baldwin 1
Randy Campbell 1
Join Silver 1
Jerry Garaffa 1
ash brent 1
Yvonne rioux 1
Carol Walczak 1
Ven Wegner 1
Paul Wilson 1
Ted KazmirekJr 1
Mike Davey 1
BhanuPrakash Srivastava 1
AndiCholif Andi 1
Dawud Islam 1
Geoffrey Reason 1
John Glover 1
Dandy Sykes 1
Ulrich Achilles 1

Making money online my friends, is not that complicated, log in and follow the steps, it is exactly how we have earned hundreds of thousands dollars online..

We teach you step by step, exactly what to do…

This is how Donald Ducharme is absolutely rocking it, he is taking action every single day, to build his empire!


Your Friends
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus