How To Sky Rocket Your Commissions This Holiday Season

Hello, And Happy, well at least here in Northern Minnesota its cold!!! 35 below last night. Tonight is suppose to be 17 below 0.

Tonight We Just wanted to make members aware of a promotion from one of our main income programs in YourEightSteps….Because its a big one! Pureleverage has an affiliate contest that just started and Joel is paying $500 daily to the winner each day!

Basically here is how it works.
This contest is set on the person who brings in the most
resellers on a day basis.

Here are the rules:

1. There is only one winner per day. The top reseller for the day. However
you can win as many times as you want!

2. The minimum resellers is 4 per day. So basically the company collects
$19.97 x 4= $79.88 but he will pay out $500 WOW!! Again paid daily
to your payoneer card. (If you win on the weekend they will pay you Monday 🙂

And I believe the last three winners only had four each. So anyone can win..

So Does YourEightSteps Work To Build Downline In PureLeverage?
This is a screen shot of my inbox of the weekly payments I receive.

Also as a team, this should be a program that we all focus on, and make sure to convey to our downline the importance of joining. This is truly a fabulous program that pays HUGE commissions! And Joel is always incenticizing ways for us to make even more money..He always over pays..

So as a team in YourEightSteps all 4100 plus members, can you imagine the income growth for all of us if everyone joined??

So you should really get on board, log in and go to steps 1-3 and join under your sponsor with the dollar trial, then set up your campaign and start building your list(we provide you full instructions).

And here is an email swipe you can use to send to your list or send in safelist.

Subject: How To Sky Rocket Your Commissions This Holiday Season


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Stay warm everyone
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
Ps.Video from yesterday if you missed it, well really audio..

Why Do So Many Fail Online?

First off, In yesterdays email we talked about the
importance of having an autoresponder, if you missed it,
you can read it hear:

Now today I want to talk about the tools and resources you
need and why YourEightSteps offers you your biggest chance
for success.Everyone online who is making consistent income
now, or who is building to this point has everyone of these
tools. You will not make it now or in the long term online
without them.

My question to you is..Do you really, honestly want to make
your living online or make at least $500.00 or more
Reach down inside yourself, because I am talking
to those of you who do…Now keep in mind these are the
only people I am talking to in this email, are those of you
who have a burning desire to change your life and quit
living paycheck to paycheck.

“Passion pushes you to learn more, create more and to
create better. Best of all, it’s contagious.”

The first truth…

First off realize this is a business, and there is no way
you will make thousands of dollars a month, or even $500 a
month without investing in yourself and in your business.

The second truth…

If you try to do everything for free, you will quit long
before you ever make your first $1000.00 because you have
no commitment. Its easy to quit when you have risked

The third truth…

If you do not have the tools and resources absolutely
necessary to make money online, you will never even really
get started.

“The people who “don’t make mistakes” are the ones who are
falling behind. Why? Because they don’t take the risk to
get ahead”

Original video was out of sync, this is mostly audio, I
hope you can see and feel the passion in my voice, this was
really spoken from the heart. I am not known for sugar
coating anything, I really always try to give things
straight up. I really do want people to be successful with
internet marketing, and hate to see people struggle so much.

So what are these tools and resources?

1. Support

2. Autoresponder

3. Multiple Traffic Sources

4. Web Hosting

5. A Blog

6. Products/Offers

7. You need to evolve as you learn.

With as competitive as it is online, and the sheer number
of people trying to make money online, it is more
imperative now then ever before to be armed with all the
tools and resources you need, otherwise you will be left in
the dust and make nothing, and only have wasted your time.

And the one most important thing you must have beyond
everything else mentioned above…Is DESIRE! If you do not
truly desire this, it is pointless, there are to many
roadblocks that will stop you dead in your tracks. Desire
is what kept me going after I went bankrupt and lost my
retail store and everything else I owned, desire is what
kept me going after my first two years online where I had
made nothing, desire is what made me finally start learning
instead of quitting, desire is what kept me going long
enough to have my first $10,000 month…Desire is what kept
me going after a failed back surgery that left my legs
completely numb….

Desire is why I am still doing this today..I could have
quit this long ago, many excuses ago…But I didnt, AND BOY

Please repeat after me….”Its Not Over Until I Win!”

Now log in and really get started creating your new
future…The past is over with, lets get you moving forward.


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

How do you get someone to see your offer 7 Times?

Did you know on average it takes some where between 6 and 7
times of people seeing your offer, before they will join or buy
from you…So my question to you is, how do you get someone to
see your offer 7 Times?

The answer and the only way you can do it…Is with an

Making Money Online Is Extremely Simple..

Yes, this is true, its people that complicate it..

I have had over ten years experience doing this, and I can truly
say my biggest obstacle my first two years, and the reason I
didnt make any money was because of me…Yes, it was my own

I wouldnt take advice and wouldnt listen to the information that
was out there. Everyone, every website, every person I seen that
was having success was building their email list. What was I
doing…The direct opposite..I know I was dumb.

There are certain factors and tools that are an absolute
necessity online in order to have long term consistent results(
Make Money) , and if you do not follow these things, it will
never happen.

When I finally started listening and following advice I made
more money in the next 30 days, then I had in the prior two
years combined…SERIOUSLY!

And it became easier and easier to make more money…All because
I got serious and followed the advice finally.

See if you do not use an autoresponder, you have to go out and
find people or customers everytime you want to sell something,
and if you quit going out finding customers…You guessed it,
you quit making anything.

With an autoresponder, you do the work once, because your
customers opted in to receive your newsletter, so now, they
receive your offers on autopilot sent directly to their inbox.
So now when your on vacation you make money, and when you are
sleeping you make money, its dosnt matter what you are doing you
make money.

This is why your biggest focus and 90 percent of all your
efforts should focus on getting new subscribers to your list
(your Autoresponder).

This is the only true push button income you can build online.
This is what the gurus talk about when they say they made
$36,000 over night, this is their autoresponder at work for
them, all they did was compose an email for what they wanted to
promote, then hit the send button, and the autoresponder
delivered all the messages for them.

How easy is that?

I am really trying to help you, I hope you understand this, I
want to save you all the heartache I experienced my first two
years online.

Start building your list if you want to succeed, otherwise I
would quit if you never plan on doing this, because it will only
end in frustration for you.

I like to say building your list is like growing a garden. In
the beginning it is real difficult, you have to till the soil,
add some fertilizer, till it again. Next you plant the seeds and
water it. Then you keep watering it, all along pulling out the
weeds, and soon what starts to happen is your garden begins to
grow, until one day you have a full blown harvest that you can
go out and pick everyday.

Email marketing is really no different, and once you have that
harvest it will pay you for years to come, growing in its bounty!

So if you have not yet started to grow your bounty, there is no
better time to get started then now. Take action, we will help
you if you run into any stumbling blocks.

Log into go to steps 1 and 2 and get
your autoresponder set up. Email marketing is the number one
activity you need to be doing to make money online!

Until Next Time, Your Friends And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

What Do You Want To Learn How To Do?

That is exactly what our video tutorial page is all about. If you have not visited it yet, log in

Then at the top of the page click on the video tutorial page. We have just added a new one, and Brenda will be adding another one tomorrow.

We are doing videos that will walk people through even what seems is the most simplest actions. Because everyone starts at a different level, some people joining Youreightsteps are brand new to internet marketing. We understand this and want to help people learn and grow as fast as possible.

So if you want to know how to do something please let us know and we will make a video about how to do it.

We want you to win, and our motto is no one gets left behind, just keep following the steps and learning, and with our help we can all make our dreams and goals come true.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

How to get Started in YourEightSteps With Little to No Money

Okay, I wanted to cover a couple things today that we get asked quite often..How do I get started making money online the fastest when I have little to no money?

What is the first thing you should do, now that you have joined YourEightsteps, if you have little to no money?

Video Walks you through.

Well, the first thing I would do, is find a way to come up with the $67.00 lifetime, one time investment. This way you never have to pay again, and you start earning 50% commissions on all upgrades.

First off we are raising the upgrade fee to $97.00 as soon as the last 13 upgrade specials are gone. So you will save yourself $30 and remember you never have to pay again. It is $67 onetime, if you take advantage of our special offer.

The difference is this. As a pro member you will earn $48.50 off of the new $97 lifetime upgrade and $4.98 off of the $9.97. As a free member you would only earn $9.97 off of the lifetime, and 1.00 off of the monthly. This is a massive difference…So now you will make money much faster…a lot more!

Put it this way 10 commissions as a pro member you would earn $480.50 off of the life time.
The monthly would be $40.98

If you only earned them as a free member you would only make $90.97 and the monthly would be 10.00.

This is why we encourage you so often to get upgraded! So I hope you can now see why paying $67 one time and never having to pay again is so valuable to you.

My partner Brenda was very, very, very smart when she first started marketing, she understood the value in taking lifetime upgrades when available. Lots of her traffic, she literally never has to pay for again, and she has told me she can reach some where between 100,000 and 200,000 people a day!

Now that we have that out of the way, the next thing you can do is go to steps 4 through 6 (read the instructions) and join the free to join traffic exchanges and safelist. You can then go to the affiliate toolbox in YourEightSteps and find all the marketing material you need and your links you can use complete with your referral ids to build your downline in YourEightsteps. And since you upgraded in YourEightSteps you will earn 50% commissions when any of your new downline upgrade.

And your new referrals will follow you into the programs in YourEightSteps that you have put your ids in place for, and you can earn commissions from those programs as well. Just remember as a free member in them your commissions will be less.

Then all you do is keep earning traffic in the traffic exchanges and safelist and sending it to YourEightSteps referral links. As you earn commissions you can upgrade in more of the programs in YourEightSteps and start building your list.

This strategy is for people with little to no money to invest in their business, otherwise start with step one, list building is the most important money making task you can do online.

log in:

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

With Out Traffic, You Will Never Make Money Online!

The solution, get surfing the tidal wave of traffic sites that are available to you.

We have learned to use traffic sites to our advantage and get tens and hundreds of thousands of visitors a day to all our offers.

And we can teach you to do the same,
traffic is widely available, you just need to know where to get it, and be either willing to earn it or buy it.

All you need to do is log in, then go to steps 4 through 6 and join the free traffic programs in these steps and use them, you can either earn traffic by surfing for it, or buy it if you want.

This is the solution and all that is stopping you from being successful online, you have to build huge amounts of daily traffic. Use the traffic to promote anything you want..

We give you the sources and the strategies but we can not take action for you, only you can decide that you want a change in your life and you are ready to do what ever is necessary.

Making money online is really brain dead simple!

1. Set up your autoresponder
2. Build traffic daily
3. Send them your offers and share your success and tools you use.
4. Collect money

Seriously, we have done all the hard work for you. Creating this whole system for you to use and we maintain it, and we even help you promote to your downline. We give you every resource we use, and train you and your downline how to use everything.

Now the rest is up to you, people who are following the system, are getting referrals and commissions..The question is, do you want some?

Remember as well you can make commissions from every program in side youreightsteps, but not if you do not have your ids in place in the downline builders.

Until Next Time, Your Friend And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus