With Out Traffic, You Will Never Make Money Online!

The solution, get surfing the tidal wave of traffic sites that are available to you.

We have learned to use traffic sites to our advantage and get tens and hundreds of thousands of visitors a day to all our offers.

And we can teach you to do the same,
traffic is widely available, you just need to know where to get it, and be either willing to earn it or buy it.

All you need to do is log in http://youreightsteps.com, then go to steps 4 through 6 and join the free traffic programs in these steps and use them, you can either earn traffic by surfing for it, or buy it if you want.

This is the solution and all that is stopping you from being successful online, you have to build huge amounts of daily traffic. Use the traffic to promote anything you want..

We give you the sources and the strategies but we can not take action for you, only you can decide that you want a change in your life and you are ready to do what ever is necessary.

Making money online is really brain dead simple!

1. Set up your autoresponder
2. Build traffic daily
3. Send them your offers and share your success and tools you use.
4. Collect money

Seriously, we have done all the hard work for you. Creating this whole system for you to use and we maintain it, and we even help you promote to your downline. We give you every resource we use, and train you and your downline how to use everything.

Now the rest is up to you, people who are following the system, are getting referrals and commissions..The question is, do you want some?

Remember as well you can make commissions from every program in side youreightsteps, but not if you do not have your ids in place in the downline builders.

Until Next Time, Your Friend And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus


Very important..log in right now http://youreightsteps.com and make sure that in ALL the downline builders you have only entered your ids, and not the whole urls. Brenda just checked the data base and many people have put the whole urls even though in the instructions it clearly explains not to.

**IMPORTANT!!! ONLY enter your referral id’s in the downline builder. NOT your entire referral link!
Example: http://www.trafficwitch.com/?rid=3142 this is my referral url for TrafficWitch, the number at the end is my id 3142 this is what you would enter in the downline builder. Sometimes the id will be your username.

You only put the id from the end of the referral link or username, some programs go by your username.

You will not get referrals to your programs in the downline builder if you have put the whole link in.

**Also You can now log in and see the contest details.

Go to the RACE To 5,000 Referral Contest, Tab at the top. We are very excited to launch our new contest, its our first ever! We are giving away cash to the winners!

We have meticulously built our system, and spent most of the time getting everything just right, before having a referral contest, because we want you to make the most money possible..

We have also added by request a new squeeze page
for pro members, here is your new page, just add your id to the end of it. http://youreightsteps.com/squeezes/prosqueeze_04.php?rid=

You can also find it by going to the pro squeeze page tab, and scrolling down to the bottom.

And counting down…4 more days to save yourself money and get upgraded before we raise the price! On November 1st the upgrade will increase to $97.00 onetime payment or $9.97 monthly…So log in http://youreightsteps.com and get upgraded now.

Pro members get 50% commissions, versus free only get 10% here is the difference. A pro member would make $48.50 off the new $97.00 onetime payment. A free member would make $9.70. Plus now with the monthly you will make residuals. November 1st is going to be an epic day!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus