Why building your list is the most IMPORTANT thing you can do??

I just had this question from a member, and its a
good question..

Hi Richard, Is it best to advertise GVO Team
Builder or Your Eight Steps.

The answer is neither…You should be using the
instructions in the Steps from Youreightsteps to
be advertising your squeeze pages and be building
your email list using your Pureleverage and GVO

The number one activity online that creates more
wealth then anything, is building your own email

I have been marketing online for over ten years
now, my first two years I did not build my list,
and I made crap, once I started building my list
I made more money in the next 30 days then I did
in the prior two years combined!!

It is why I am where I am at today financially, I
finally started listening to what I had seen and
read a thousand times…..BUILD YOUR EMAIL
LIST…and do not stop…

So this is what you do, log into Youreightsteps,
and start following each step one by one, they
show you exactly the same steps we use to have
success online. Then as you build your list, you
will also build Youreightsteps referrals and
GVO-teambuilder referrals on autopilot, because
you will make these your landing pages and offer
these programs to your subscribers who are on
your list, this is how you focus and do one
activity that leads to many results!

If you think you will make it without building
your list, you should just quit now, because you
will get no where.

The steps are the answer you have been looking
for, Everything is in Youreightsteps you need to
build a real successful business online. There
are no shortcuts, only common sense, real
instructions, there is no substitute for
following the process, this is the process that
every guru online has done, without this process
you will be lost forever in the land of internet
hype and garbage…

This is how you create a focus, one task, use
your traffic to build your list, then let your
autoresponder do the work for you, this is
automation at its finest!

So I hope this helps, and know we really want you
to make it, and discover a whole new world, one
free of financial worries, but you must follow
sound advice to get there, and remember this is
no lottery, it will take time, and there are no

Failure online comes from having the wrong
perception of how internet marketing works, this
is a real business that can set you financially
free, when you apply proven principals and work
very hard towards your goals.

Having an autoresponder working for you, lets you
make money while you sleep, or while you are at
the beach, or on vacation a thousand miles
away..I gutted my entire home 2 years ago now,
and had no electricity or internet for months,
and guess what I still made money everyday
because I built my business online the right way,
I built residual traffic and used that traffic to
build my list, and my autoresponder sends out
messages automatically…

My autoresponders like GVO and Pureleverage are
my gold producers, they can do what I can not,
they are like an atm…This should be your goal
to build your list as fast as you can, and ask
yourself how can I add even more people to my
list today, what can I do to make this process
even faster, this is when you will realize what
paid traffic is all about..

So do not delay, you are wasting time, start
building your list, and if you are already doing
so, ask yourself the right questions, and you
will get to your dreams and goals much faster.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

2014 Is Going To Be One Exciting Ride!!

Okay, we are working diligently getting ready for the busiest months of the year and they are the most productive in internet marketing.

January through May, you want to hit it hard….This is statistically the best marketing months online!!

I have doubled and tripled my income in these months in the past.

So far the index page (your direct affiliate link), we have finished will look like the main index page, take a look..http://youreightsteps.com/

And Now we have totally re written the back office, and you will see some drastic changes very soon, we are working to maximize conversion for you.

So get ready, start throwing traffic to your pages and get ready for one exciting ride!

2014 can be your year, just put your head down and keep driving traffic everyday, building your list and you will see results…But you will not see them if you do not take action!

**And we are sold out!
We sold all the special $67 lifetime upgrades…But you still have time, but not much, as soon as we get the new pages up, the new pricing will be up as well, I can not give you a time frame, so hurry and save your self some money, before Brenda finishes the pages!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

How do you get someone to see your offer 7 Times?

Did you know on average it takes some where between 6 and 7
times of people seeing your offer, before they will join or buy
from you…So my question to you is, how do you get someone to
see your offer 7 Times?

The answer and the only way you can do it…Is with an

Making Money Online Is Extremely Simple..

Yes, this is true, its people that complicate it..

I have had over ten years experience doing this, and I can truly
say my biggest obstacle my first two years, and the reason I
didnt make any money was because of me…Yes, it was my own

I wouldnt take advice and wouldnt listen to the information that
was out there. Everyone, every website, every person I seen that
was having success was building their email list. What was I
doing…The direct opposite..I know I was dumb.

There are certain factors and tools that are an absolute
necessity online in order to have long term consistent results(
Make Money) , and if you do not follow these things, it will
never happen.

When I finally started listening and following advice I made
more money in the next 30 days, then I had in the prior two
years combined…SERIOUSLY!

And it became easier and easier to make more money…All because
I got serious and followed the advice finally.

See if you do not use an autoresponder, you have to go out and
find people or customers everytime you want to sell something,
and if you quit going out finding customers…You guessed it,
you quit making anything.

With an autoresponder, you do the work once, because your
customers opted in to receive your newsletter, so now, they
receive your offers on autopilot sent directly to their inbox.
So now when your on vacation you make money, and when you are
sleeping you make money, its dosnt matter what you are doing you
make money.

This is why your biggest focus and 90 percent of all your
efforts should focus on getting new subscribers to your list
(your Autoresponder).

This is the only true push button income you can build online.
This is what the gurus talk about when they say they made
$36,000 over night, this is their autoresponder at work for
them, all they did was compose an email for what they wanted to
promote, then hit the send button, and the autoresponder
delivered all the messages for them.

How easy is that?

I am really trying to help you, I hope you understand this, I
want to save you all the heartache I experienced my first two
years online.

Start building your list if you want to succeed, otherwise I
would quit if you never plan on doing this, because it will only
end in frustration for you.

I like to say building your list is like growing a garden. In
the beginning it is real difficult, you have to till the soil,
add some fertilizer, till it again. Next you plant the seeds and
water it. Then you keep watering it, all along pulling out the
weeds, and soon what starts to happen is your garden begins to
grow, until one day you have a full blown harvest that you can
go out and pick everyday.

Email marketing is really no different, and once you have that
harvest it will pay you for years to come, growing in its bounty!

So if you have not yet started to grow your bounty, there is no
better time to get started then now. Take action, we will help
you if you run into any stumbling blocks.

Log into http://youreightsteps.com/ go to steps 1 and 2 and get
your autoresponder set up. Email marketing is the number one
activity you need to be doing to make money online!

Until Next Time, Your Friends And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus