The Keys To Your Success Are Truly In This Post…

Please read this entire post, dont skim through it,
you will understand why at the end, what I have been
trying to get across to so many of you for such a long
time. WE truly, really want to help you, but there is
a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in how you perceive internet
marketing then the top marketers do..This is a REAL

If I had to start completely over today and was
completely a new member of YourEightSteps, how would I

1. I would first and foremost get upgraded in
YourEightSteps, I would take the lifetime, because its
a one-time cost and would never have to pay for my
membership again. So 147.00$ thats it no further cost
for youreightsteps, and now I would collect 50%
commissions off of the monthly $14.97, the yearly $77
and the lifetime $147.00.

2. I would then purchase the Pureleverage tool suite
for $24.95 and $19.97 for the reseller fee, so I can
make 100% commissions, and 50% matching check bonus. I
would then make sure I set up all the squeeze pages in
YourEightSteps and followed the instructions and
connect them to my PureLeverage autoresponder.

3. I would then purchase GVOs hostthenprofit package
for $9.97 so I would have my web-hosting, so I could
make my own web pages and squeeze pages and host on my
own domain of my choosing.

Okay, now to get moving fast, I would start buying
traffic…Because I want to make money my first month.

So where would I purchase traffic first to get things
cranking along.

1. I would buy at least 5 clixsense clixgrid ads at
$20 a piece, and I would put as the links 4 of the
YourEightSteps squeeze pages, and one of my
Pureleverage squeeze pages. The reason this would be
my first traffic purchase is, the traffic will begin
immediately and its hands free, will deliver traffic
over the next 30 days straight, this way so when Im
mowing the lawn, Im still getting traffic.

2. I would join safe-swaps and find two good solo ad
sellers to buy from, and purchase at least $100 in
solo ads. Again this is hands free traffic, set it up
to run, and nothing else for me to have to do.

3. Next I would join Herculist, and then buy one of
their special solo ads to their three safelist, I
would buy at least the $40 ad. Again this is hands
free traffic, set it up and there is nothing else to
do, they send out all the ads for you.

Now basically all the traffic I have set up thus far,
will get me results and requires hardly any of my
time, and I would have traffic rolling in 24/7..

4. Time to do some free advertising, so I would now
share my squeeze pages on every social network I am
part of. etc

Wouldn’t You Want To Know About Something Your Friend
Was Doing That Could Get You Totally Out Of Debt, And
End The Pain You Go through Every Month??

5. I would start to join the traffic exchanges in the
list of them in the YourEightSteps downline builder, I
would add at least three of my YourEightSteps Squeeze
pages to each one I joined. I would surf at least 5 to
10 of them a day for an hour using tab surfing,
meaning you surf them all at once.

6. I would do the same for the safelist listed in the
downline builders, and click for credits in 5 to 10 of
them a day for an hour and then send email advertising
my squeeze pages to each one.

7. I would buy a traffic package in one of the top
traffic exchanges, like Tezak, Traffic-splash,
Hit2hit, Soaring4traffic….I would try for 25,000
credits between two of them..Usually can get it for
$50 bucks, if I didnt see an advertised special for
this many, would ask the owner what could they do for
me. Then I would add my squeeze pages and assign all
the credits, again and let this run hands free.

8. I would then join the gvo-teambuilder for the $25
one-time traffic purchase and add my links into the
referral builder, to get some added help building my

9. Continue on each day, earning traffic in traffic
exchanges and safelist..And as I made commissions, I
would reinvest that money into more traffic. (You want
your traffic diversified why the different sources

10. Now for the most important part. Follow through
everyday…As you build your list, and build a
relationship with your list and get to know them by
sending them emails offering your help and support and
guidance, what will start to happen, is every person
you put on your list, will start to become worth to
you $1 to $5 per person, per month.

So if you have 1000 people on your list, this will
eventually equate to you in $1000 to $5000 in monthly
income, depending on how well you learn to follow up
and help the people on your list. You basically need
to get to the point where you are emailing your list
twice daily, use stories to help people relate to you.
Tell them about yourself, tell them your hopes dreams
and goals, and they will respond. Offer them help,
give them your email, your skype name, or even your
phone number. Dont just spam them with straight out
promotion, give them content, real help, share with
them how to do something…This is how you build
friendships and long term relationships..How do you
think me and Brenda met?? She lives half way around
the world from me..But yet we formed a friendship and
a true partnership..That we both highly value!

So how much did it cost me to start my new business,
and get it cranking along the first month?

Basically $550 bucks…

Now let me ask you this, since you now treated this
like a real business and have $550 invested in it
upfront, how are you going to work it the next 30
days? What will be different for you now that you have
acted like you will succeed…

Think your mindset will change a little bit? How about
your commitment level?

How about, how you come across in your emails to your

Think they will believe you a little more, perceive
you differently?


This is exactly how me and Brenda build our own
businesses, and why we have success, we treat this
like a real business..This is how people have the
almost instant success stories, they treat it like a
real business from day one!!

$550 dollars is nothing, let me repeat that, $550 is
ABSOLUTELY nothing to start a business. My retail
store I use to have in my local mall was $4000.00 a
month, I had to pay first and last months rent to
start, so $8000.00 Grand! And that wasnt the lights,
the electric, or the heat or the products to sell, or
the merchant services..No that was another $100,000

So what would I do if I didnt have any money what so
ever to start my business properly…..I would get a
$1000.00 loan, yes, I totally would or I would sell a
bunch of crap I didnt need, that was just sitting

And then I would work my ever living ass off to make
it work, I wouldnt look around to see if anybody was
doing anything, I would just keep plowing forward,
building my list bigger and faster, all the time
learning as much as I could about following through
with my list, thats it, I would be successful my first
30 days and beyond, I would never look back.

Its easy to make life altering decisions, when you
want to change your life bad enough..When your sick
and tired of having no time, or no money to truly do
the things you want..I absolutely hated working for
someone else, never having time to take a vacation..It
was like a giant rutt, home to work, home to work,
couple days off, then back to home to work…UGGG!
Sickening, I felt like all I was doing was digging a

Can you relate?

So how long do you want the pain to last? Years or

In short, you have to make a decision, we cant make it
for you..

Everything I talked about in this email is available
to you in YourEightSteps, and anything your not sure
about doing, thats where we come in, we are always
testing add copy, squeeze pages, conversion, we are
glad to help you out, share everything we do..

I know this was a long email, but the keys to your
success are truly in it..

Its only the decision stopping YOU, from YOUR success..

Until Next Time, Your Friends


Richard Weberg and Brenda de Reus

My 4 Success Steps “Dirty Little Secret”

There is 4 things I focus on everyday to build my
business, these are the 4 most important factors for
having success. If you do not do these you will not
have success. And you would swear that these 4 steps,
were like a dirty little secret, because of how so
many people fail to do them.

I have been doing this now over ten years, do you
think I might know what I am talking about?

4 Daily Task that will ensure your success.

1. Build daily traffic, using both free and paid
traffic so your squeeze pages get seen 24/7. This is
critical, free traffic alone is not enough, unless you
want to wait 5 years before you make any real money.

(so this is my first focus, is testing and finding
good traffic sources)

2. You must be using this traffic to build your opt-in
list, so make sure you are sending your free and paid
traffic to your squeeze pages, otherwise known as your
opt-in pages. This is the most important task you can
do, if your not building your list using an
autoresponder, you are failing…

(this is my second focus send my traffic to my squeeze
pages, build my list)

3. I direct my new leads, otherwise called
subscribers, or opt-ins people who have joined my
list, to my main funnels or system(YourEightSteps).

(this is my third priority, put people into my main
funnel or system to help teach them this whole
process, it has to be a funnel that has duplication,
and builds multiple income streams “YourEightSteps”)

4. Follow through, Follow through… This is actually
the most important part of the process, but relies on
the other three to be able to even do this part,
because you cant follow through if you do not have a

(the follow through is where you build a relationship
with the people on your list, become friends with
them, help them, offer them ways to contact you, I
have become very good friends with people over the
years because of this process. You should be emailing
your list daily.)

**Very, EXTREMELY important** I do not sit around and
focus on what people I put on my list or sponsor into
YourEightSteps do or dont do..NEVER, I only focus on
the 4 task, thats it! When you focus on those 4
things, you will naturally find the go getters, the
all stars, the people with incredible energy and
passion..This is when your business will finally
explode when you realize, its all up to you, no one
else, it dosnt matter if your downline are lazy and
dont do anything, because when you keep going and
focus on those 4 things, the cream will rise to the
top and follow you..Dont wait on anyone else, its your
life, now get on with it!!

Now if you focus on these 4 actions everyday, you will
have success. How much success and how fast, will be
determined how you treat this process..

Are you treating this like a real business?

Do you have some skin in the game, meaning are you
invested, do you have something to lose if you do not
go to work in your business everyday? What
commitments have you made to force you to set aside
time to make this all work?

Or are you doing this when ever you feel like it?

This will be the difference between succeeding and

If you dont have anything to lose, frankly you will
give a crap less if you do anything or not, and thats
exactly why you will fail and get nothing out of doing

See I made a decision when I first started I was going
to make this work no matter what, and I was going to
work it like my life depended upon it!

And my life did depend on it, I hated working for
someone else, I woke up every morning with a pit in my
stomach..I didnt want to be in debt anymore, I didnt
want to live paycheck to paycheck…I couldnt stand
getting up in 25 below 0 weather to go to work..

And I absolutely hated not having the time to truly do
the things I wanted to do with my family and
friends..Because I was always working…It sucked!

Any of this sounding familiar to you?

Are there any changes you wish you could make in your
own life?

Well through internet marketing anything is
possible..I havnt worked a job in years now, I no
longer have to get up and go work for someone else, I
can get up any time I please…This is one of my
favorite parts of being financially free..My time is
mine, I decide now what I do and when..

You can to!!

Focus on those 4 things above everyday, get committed,
put some skin in the game, so you work your business
like your life depends on it, and someday you will be
financially free!!

Do not get side tracked going after new shiny objects,
those 4 things above will set you free, you do those 4
things right, you can build any program or business
online and make a killing with it!!

Log in take action, focus
and change your life, once and for all..YourEightSteps
teaches you those 4 things, you dont need to get
bogged down doing other stuff, you need to build a
massive list first and foremost…This is what will
set you free.

The faster and bigger you build your list, the faster
your success will come.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Why Do So Many Fail Online?

First off, In yesterdays email we talked about the
importance of having an autoresponder, if you missed it,
you can read it hear:

Now today I want to talk about the tools and resources you
need and why YourEightSteps offers you your biggest chance
for success.Everyone online who is making consistent income
now, or who is building to this point has everyone of these
tools. You will not make it now or in the long term online
without them.

My question to you is..Do you really, honestly want to make
your living online or make at least $500.00 or more
Reach down inside yourself, because I am talking
to those of you who do…Now keep in mind these are the
only people I am talking to in this email, are those of you
who have a burning desire to change your life and quit
living paycheck to paycheck.

“Passion pushes you to learn more, create more and to
create better. Best of all, it’s contagious.”

The first truth…

First off realize this is a business, and there is no way
you will make thousands of dollars a month, or even $500 a
month without investing in yourself and in your business.

The second truth…

If you try to do everything for free, you will quit long
before you ever make your first $1000.00 because you have
no commitment. Its easy to quit when you have risked

The third truth…

If you do not have the tools and resources absolutely
necessary to make money online, you will never even really
get started.

“The people who “don’t make mistakes” are the ones who are
falling behind. Why? Because they don’t take the risk to
get ahead”

Original video was out of sync, this is mostly audio, I
hope you can see and feel the passion in my voice, this was
really spoken from the heart. I am not known for sugar
coating anything, I really always try to give things
straight up. I really do want people to be successful with
internet marketing, and hate to see people struggle so much.

So what are these tools and resources?

1. Support

2. Autoresponder

3. Multiple Traffic Sources

4. Web Hosting

5. A Blog

6. Products/Offers

7. You need to evolve as you learn.

With as competitive as it is online, and the sheer number
of people trying to make money online, it is more
imperative now then ever before to be armed with all the
tools and resources you need, otherwise you will be left in
the dust and make nothing, and only have wasted your time.

And the one most important thing you must have beyond
everything else mentioned above…Is DESIRE! If you do not
truly desire this, it is pointless, there are to many
roadblocks that will stop you dead in your tracks. Desire
is what kept me going after I went bankrupt and lost my
retail store and everything else I owned, desire is what
kept me going after my first two years online where I had
made nothing, desire is what made me finally start learning
instead of quitting, desire is what kept me going long
enough to have my first $10,000 month…Desire is what kept
me going after a failed back surgery that left my legs
completely numb….

Desire is why I am still doing this today..I could have
quit this long ago, many excuses ago…But I didnt, AND BOY

Please repeat after me….”Its Not Over Until I Win!”

Now log in and really get started creating your new
future…The past is over with, lets get you moving forward.


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus