Commissions have been paid & 2 new additions to the DLBS!

Just finished paying out everyone’s commissions..YEA..Awesome!

All commissions have been paid for period ending 03/15/2016  except for two people
who didn’t put their payment details in…. hate when that happens..So sent them an email

Thank you everyone as always for promoting Your Eight Steps, you are all the very best,
and we appreciate everyone of you very much!!

And if you have not started promoting it yet, we would love to pay you commissions as well:)

Next, we have added Adtroopers & Boxes of Traffic Mailer to the safelist downline builder.

Both owned by long time Your Eight Steps members!

Adtroopers has been around for years and has over 15,000
members. Adtroopers has recently been taken over by Acorn
Marketing… and Acorn Marketing are Bo Tipton and Carol
Walczak! Check out the great relaunch oto’s!

And Boxes of Traffic Mailer has recently been launched by
Doug Ravish. Doug has been a Your Eight Steps member from
the very beginning and knows how to grow a great site!

So log in now, and get your self some really great traffic to promote your offers with,
and join these two programs under your sponsor!

To your success and happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus