How to get Started in YourEightSteps With Little to No Money

Okay, I wanted to cover a couple things today that we get asked quite often..How do I get started making money online the fastest when I have little to no money?

What is the first thing you should do, now that you have joined YourEightsteps, if you have little to no money?

Video Walks you through.

Well, the first thing I would do, is find a way to come up with the $67.00 lifetime, one time investment. This way you never have to pay again, and you start earning 50% commissions on all upgrades.

First off we are raising the upgrade fee to $97.00 as soon as the last 13 upgrade specials are gone. So you will save yourself $30 and remember you never have to pay again. It is $67 onetime, if you take advantage of our special offer.

The difference is this. As a pro member you will earn $48.50 off of the new $97 lifetime upgrade and $4.98 off of the $9.97. As a free member you would only earn $9.97 off of the lifetime, and 1.00 off of the monthly. This is a massive difference…So now you will make money much faster…a lot more!

Put it this way 10 commissions as a pro member you would earn $480.50 off of the life time.
The monthly would be $40.98

If you only earned them as a free member you would only make $90.97 and the monthly would be 10.00.

This is why we encourage you so often to get upgraded! So I hope you can now see why paying $67 one time and never having to pay again is so valuable to you.

My partner Brenda was very, very, very smart when she first started marketing, she understood the value in taking lifetime upgrades when available. Lots of her traffic, she literally never has to pay for again, and she has told me she can reach some where between 100,000 and 200,000 people a day!

Now that we have that out of the way, the next thing you can do is go to steps 4 through 6 (read the instructions) and join the free to join traffic exchanges and safelist. You can then go to the affiliate toolbox in YourEightSteps and find all the marketing material you need and your links you can use complete with your referral ids to build your downline in YourEightsteps. And since you upgraded in YourEightSteps you will earn 50% commissions when any of your new downline upgrade.

And your new referrals will follow you into the programs in YourEightSteps that you have put your ids in place for, and you can earn commissions from those programs as well. Just remember as a free member in them your commissions will be less.

Then all you do is keep earning traffic in the traffic exchanges and safelist and sending it to YourEightSteps referral links. As you earn commissions you can upgrade in more of the programs in YourEightSteps and start building your list.

This strategy is for people with little to no money to invest in their business, otherwise start with step one, list building is the most important money making task you can do online.

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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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