Why Clixsense Is In YourEightSteps?

We get this question from time to time, people asking us why Clixsense is in the list of traffic exchange programs in Youreightsteps.

Clixsense is not listed there so you can go click for pennies, this is a very viable advertising resource, and we have used it with very good results. I personally buy a link in the clixgrid game every month, sometimes as many as four to five a month.

In fact I just bought another one last night, it cost $20 bucks for a thirty day spot (I had three opt-ins and one Youreightsteps new referral with in a half hour of it being approved). Now for that twenty bucks you will receive on average 18,000 visitors in thirty days. These are real visitors.

My last stats from my last link I bought, was 19,236 total visitors, and 18,832 unique, for a total cost of $0.0009 per click…Now thats Awesome! You can build your business all day long with numbers like these absolutely dirt cheap!! You will not find more hands free effective advertising.

And to buy a link on the clixgrid game, takes literally less than a minute, you ad the link you want to advertise, then make payment..and thats it, your done.

We just wanted to clarify why Clixsense is listed in step one in the traffic exchange resources. If you have not joined yet, log in: http://youreightsteps.com

And go to step 1 and join under your sponsor, who referred you to Youreightsteps.

We are moving fast, 2013 can be your year…We are hear to help you, we share everything we do, and are behind you 110%!

Together we can all win!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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