You Are Being WARNED!

We are warning you a head of time, watch our emails VERY
closely..We have a big update coming VERY SOON..

We are taking YourEightSteps to a whole new level!

And if you have not logged in for a while, we have added several
new videos to help you out.

You can find them in the video tutorials tab, and the GVO/PL
video tutorials..

How to purchase and set up Herculist solo ads

How to make your links clickable in your emails you send in your

How to purchase and set up Udimi Solo Ads

Everyone can use more traffic no matter what you are promoting,
you requested them, and we made them…

So log in, and watch them now..And make sure you have your ids
in place for any of these programs, we do not want you to miss
out on any commissions…

Remember we promote on your behalf we do not send any outside links in
YourEightSteps emails, we do not steal your downline.

We build or own list, and our own business the same way you do!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

We have two videos for you today..And more stuff coming soon!

Hello everyone,

We hope you are having a great day:)

We get several request to do videos explaining different
things, on how to set up different ads, etc..

So today we have two videos for you. The first one deals with
something very important..You really should make sure you are
making your links clickable. If not, you could be losing out big

The second is been requested for a while now, and sorry took me
so long to get around to creating it.

How to buy and set up a solo ad from Udimi.

We will be adding them to the video tutorials very soon in the
members area in YourEightSteps..

And as soon as Brenda gets up the second Herculist banner in the
safelist downline builder, will be doing the video for how we
buy our ads through them as well.

And we will be adding things here and there, small things some
of you may or may not notice to help increase conversion even
more. We added some new wording today in places.

Also for those of you who may have had a hard time understanding
how to download and access the products from the downloads area,
we have put a link there to a page, that has some instructions
on it to help.

We do listen to your questions and suggestions, and we keep
improving everything for all members.

We want you to be successful!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

**YourEightSteps Update** Program Update..Act Immediately!

I hope you are using solo ads to build your email

Solo ads are one of the fastest ways to add leads to
your list and get your business flying along. If you
are not using solo ads, you are truly missing the
boat..This is how we sponsor sometimes 20 people in a

We updated path 1, step 5 the solo ads section to
reflect the changes that have taken place with
safe-swaps, basically they split the site into two
different programs, their new site where you now get
solo ads from is called Udimi. Safe-swaps only does ad
swaps now..

So you need to log into and
go to path 1 step 5 and click on the box with the solo
ads, then on the next page join Udimi under your
sponsor. Then go to the recommended programs downline
builder and add your id for Udimi. We also added
another solo ad resource, so now there is three listed
in this section, two of which there is no affiliate
links for, they are just good resources to find good
solo ads, so that is why they are listed.

Let us show you EXACTLY how we are taking HUGE
ADVANTAGE of Solo Ads and how you can too…

These emails will always go out to pro members first,
they have made the commitment to them selves and to
growing their business..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus