**YourEightSteps Update** Program Update..Act Immediately!

I hope you are using solo ads to build your email

Solo ads are one of the fastest ways to add leads to
your list and get your business flying along. If you
are not using solo ads, you are truly missing the
boat..This is how we sponsor sometimes 20 people in a

We updated path 1, step 5 the solo ads section to
reflect the changes that have taken place with
safe-swaps, basically they split the site into two
different programs, their new site where you now get
solo ads from is called Udimi. Safe-swaps only does ad
swaps now..

So you need to log into http://youreightsteps.com and
go to path 1 step 5 and click on the box with the solo
ads, then on the next page join Udimi under your
sponsor. Then go to the recommended programs downline
builder and add your id for Udimi. We also added
another solo ad resource, so now there is three listed
in this section, two of which there is no affiliate
links for, they are just good resources to find good
solo ads, so that is why they are listed.

Let us show you EXACTLY how we are taking HUGE
ADVANTAGE of Solo Ads and how you can too…

These emails will always go out to pro members first,
they have made the commitment to them selves and to
growing their business..

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Nobody is left behind!

Have you logged in and seen the changes yet?

We reversed the funnel..And all members make sure to
grab your bonuses from the downloads tab, we have
bonuses for all!
Pro members have you checked out the new bonus step
yet? Only upgraded members will see this step,
another great reason to upgrade now.

YourEightSteps is now the most ideal and complete
marketing system online!!


No one gets left behind…

We now have four different traffic strategies with the
addition of the pro bonus step.

So you now can buy solo ads or do ad swaps with some
of the top marketers online, all from one site. They
use a rating system, and everything is done internally
and monitored. You do not have to go searching all
over the place to find people you can buy solo ads
from, or send emails back and forth. So now you do not
have to be tied to your computer using this traffic
method, get your autoresponder and squeeze pages set
up in steps number 1-3, buy your solo ad, and thats
it, get results. Solo ads have some of the highest
conversion ratios of all ad sources.

And for those of you who like to earn your traffic, or
buy it when you can afford it…This is where the
Traffic Exchanges and safelist come in, you can even
build residual traffic 24/7. This is what referral
marketing is all about.

We also have the ultimate mobile blogging solution,
blogging as as simple as using facebook now, post from
your mobile phone in seconds, make sure to go to step
7 and watch the video on this, the features are
incredible!! Their cart opens up on Friday the 18th,
be ready to absolutely Jump on this, this will change
marketing as we know it, make sure to log in and join
this program on Friday underneath of your sponsor, we
help you promote your business, we have down line
integrity, we never send our own links to your

Your at liberty to chose what programs you join, or
use to drive traffic, you can build your list or
promote youreightsteps directly, what ever you chose,
just remember those you refer may want to join
programs you have not, so you will pass on commissions
for that program.

We are here to help you win!! YourEightSteps is
absolutely the best..

log in now: http://youreightsteps.com and start
finally winning.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus