Can You Believe Just One More Time?

We know there is a lot of crap out there, bs and
hype..Can you believe one more time that this can work
for you?

See We have a vision, yes a dream…a goal…to make
YourEightSteps the most lucrative way for people to
make money online!

To make it brain dead simple, follow the steps one by
one, grow your income every day, every week, every
month, every year, because if our members do not make
it to their goals, we do not either.

Do you believe in what you are doing? See I have my
whole heart in YourEightSteps, I do not care about any
other system online, I only want this system to be the
best, better then all the rest..

Help more people and leave no one behind! I want
Youreightsteps to be the place where you come to and
get everything you need to be wildly successful..and
something you can be proud of to share, that your not
afraid of to share, because the owners will not only
be there to help you, but your downline as well.

See I have been part of many make money systems over
the last almost eleven years now, and they all fell
short, either the owners didnt care, or they never
paid you when they were suppose to, or all together
the only goals they had was for themselves and not
their members…And I still see this online today..

Why we created something different, its not a loyalty
program, its a if you follow the steps program YOU
will make money, we are not interested in side
tracking you by sending you emails that have nothing
to do with our system, and we are certainly not going
to side track your downline either, because if we do
that, you lose and so do we..We promote for
you…together is how we win!

We have downline integrity…

This system is not just for us, its for everyone, for
everyone who has ever came online in the hopes of
making some money to help eliminate the financial pain
in their life, thats what I did, when I came online, I
had lost everything I owned, my store went bankrupt,
my town went bankrupt, there were no jobs, there was
no chance…

So I came online to change my life, and I gave it
everything I had, I did not quit, I did not falter no
matter what obstacles got in my way, I just kept
pushing on, because I knew this was my chance to rise
again and be proud of who I am, and change my
financial situation.

and now my life is different, better, less
stressful…Did it happen over night, no…my first
two years online absolutely SUCKED!! But I believed
and desired my goals and dreams, and that is how I
made it to where I am now.

And along the way, I learned if I truly cared about
other peoples success then I would have mine to…

So today learn to believe in what you are doing, be
proud of what you are doing, and care enough to share
what you are doing, because if I would have had a
system like Youreightsteps from the very beginning, it
is all the much better my own life would have changed,
and I could have helped others get rid of the
financial pain in their lives much quicker.

I truly believe YourEightSteps is the most complete
money making system online, that gives everyone a
chance to experience real success online!

I excitingly implore you to start the steps, or
continue doing them, because I know from experience it
is what I do everyday that gives me the ability to
make my own dreams and goals come true..

Its not the facts that will get you there..If the
dreams big enough the facts do not count..Its the
desire…You can learn any facet of online marketing,
but no one can give you the desire to make it work!

Until Next Time, Your Friends And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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