Why Have You Been Failing Online??

There is a big difference as to why there is such
a huge gap between those who actually make good
money online, and those who make nothing.

90% of all people who attempt to make money
online fail, only 10% are actually making good
money consistently online.

We see it everyday in YourEightSteps, the 10% who
are making money at YourEightSteps, take advice
and follow what we teach them to do, and they
actually use the tools we share with them to
use….Hence those are the ones who make money.

One of the biggest reasons people fail online to
make money, is either lack of knowledge or lack
of money to invest in their business, well I
should say they just do not invest money in their
business, because lets face it you can get
started properly making money online for next to
nothing, so people just refuse to put money into
their business.

People just refuse to follow advice and they
think they can short cut the system…

Another thing thats stops people is lack of faith
and belief that this really can work for
them…When I first started I had previous owned a
traditional brick and mortar business and
understood from the beginning I was going to have
to invest something in my business for it to
work. My retail store I owned cost me $4000.00 a
month just for the rent!

So for me I am shocked when I tell people they
need an autoresponder to market properly online,
and they hesitate when you tell them it is $24
bucks?????????????? Or they need web hosting at
$9.97 monthly..WHAT??? But yet people willingly
go to Mcdonalds and spend $20 for a meal 4 times
a month…You get my point I am sure. It still
amazes me though to see people join opportunities
and think they will make money without putting
any investment into it .

So that is the purpose of this email, is to
hopefully help someone who reads this, and help
them understand that anyone can make money
online, if they just follow the advice given to
them, and if they do not have the belief yet, to
take some of it on faith and understand if money
does not change hands there is no money to make,
it is why we all do this, is to make money, but
you can not produce money out of thin air. It
takes certain marketing tools to even hope that
you will make money, and without them it WILL
PERSON, who fails to make any money online.

Now it is your turn to decide where you want to
be…Either building a successful business online
or just messing around??


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus