New Program added to the safelist downline builder

If your not using good safelist to build your business
you are missing out BIG TIME!

Not only are they fast and effective, they can extend
your reach in a matter of minutes, see every safelist
or mailer often lets you email a certain amount of
people just for joining..

This is a no-brainer..Using a safelist or mailer is
like borrowing someones list..

, You get to mail people today, your
ads, your offers, and get results!

So, one of our very good friends and fellow
Youreightsteps members Kenny Kolijn who won our first
ever referral contest for referring the most members
has launched his own mailer..

And now you can take full advantage of it right now!

See we do not add a site without monitoring its growth
and effectiveness, once it passes our test, only then
do we add it..

So now log in to and go to
the safelist downline builder, and join fastlistmailer
under your sponsor..You dont want to miss this most
excellent advertising resource!
(then make sure to add your own id to the downline builder)

Its time to get even more sign ups and commissions!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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