The Race is on…….Will You join Us?

Well, today We have for you a race…..Me and Brenda got bored and decided to race each other to the next 50 YourEightSteps referrals, to see who could get the next 50 referrals first…So we need your support, and Brenda thought it would be a good idea to take a poll, to see who each one of you would vote for to see who will get there first. So can you please do us a favor and go here to our facebook page and vote, tell us who you think will win…and believe me we both hate losing..

We are starting the race tomorrow 8-29-2013, and will let you know what time, but please go and vote for one of us, this will be posted on the facebook page, just look for the post and please vote…we need motivation, well at least I know I do. I do not want her to beat me…She will probably kick my ass, but oh well, I needed the challenge..

P.S. Anyone else up for the challenge, it dosnt matter how many referrals you have now, or when you joined, and you will only get as a prize the satisfaction, knowing that you beat us…If you win..;) Please let us know if you are up to it in the comments and get ready to start tomorrow.


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

We appreciate your support

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