Opportunities surround us online, those who seem to always make money, are action takers!

Opportunities surround us online, those who seem to always make money, are action takers, they do not wait, they recognize the value or benefits and act fast!

Today we have such a moment and an opportunity to act, some of you will see it others of you will not.

We have added a product, Social Lever to the downline builder, its located by going to the Follow Thru tab at the top of the members area in http://youreightsteps.com

My self and Brenda have both bought this excellent product.

***This was the email we received from Joel Therien today..***Read this email carefully

Hi Richard,

As promised I am going to pay you $5.00 for every
Facebook Marketing Course you sell..

But first you NEED to own the course so buy it here
for just $2.95 if you have not already done so…

Here is where it gets really cool!!

>> No one will get such a great course for $2.95 (with no upsell)
so the value is outstanding..

>> In addition to paying you $5.00 for every $2.95 sale those people
will be “tagged” to you for life!! Which means if they upgrade and buy
Pureleverage you now collect 100% commissions.

The same goes for GVO as well, once they buy the course they are
tagged to you for lifetime commissions!

So really, the purpose of the course is two fold…

1. To teach people about Facebook marketing
2. When they become better marketers they will become
better at recruiting for their GVO|Pureleverage business!

So here is what you need to do Richard

1. Buy the course here for $2.95 then…
2. Promote, Promote using the adcopy below as it contains
your affiliate link once you buy the course!

This is going to generate ALOT of new paid leads for your

****End of his email***

Okay, this is the type of stuff Joel does for us, the course itself is worth way more than $2.95, and he is going to pay us 5.00 for each one we sell at 2.95, and whats good you have to own it to sell it, and it is affordable for ANYONE!! This is why being a member of Pureleverage and Gvo has its advantages over other programs. Joel goes out of his way to help us earn more, and gives us the best in training, Most courses for facebook marketing sell for a lot more than $2.95. And these people we sell to are “tagged” to you for life!! Which means if they upgrade and buy
Pureleverage or Gvo ever you now collect 100% commissions..

So you really have two options, and with either you WIN!!

1. Go to the follow thru tab at the top inside the http://youreightsteps.com members area, and buy Social Lever for 2.95 and use the information to get you more leads and sales..This step by step facebook training system will help you sky rocket your business!

2. Go to step number five first in youreightsteps members area, and join Pureleverage today, and buy the product Social Lever from the members area in PureLeverage..Pureleverage has OUSTANDING TOOLS, and one of the best payouts ever!!

and when your downline in youreightsteps gets this email or sees this post, they will follow you into either one or both of the programs..Its up to you…I know what we did..

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
William Arthur Ward

With what we do for you in Youreightsteps, is we provide you with automatic referrals and commissions, because if you take action from our emails and follow the 8 steps and have your ids in place, when we send out an email like this to your referrals, you will make auotmatic referrals and commissions, why its to your advantage to be building your downline in youreightsteps, we do not send our affiliate links to your downline. I hope you are really starting to understand and see what youreightsteps is really about, and that we care about your success!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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