YourEightSteps News And Contest Update

Well, as most of you all know, myself and Brenda made a contest between us, to see who could get 50 new Youreightsteps referrals first. This contest will roughly take me and her ten days to complete. We started our race on August 29th, and so far as of writing this I have had 28 new referrals and Brenda has had 23 new referrals, she also has had 3 people upgrade in Youreightsteps in the last 24 hours, so with 50% commissions (For Upgraded Members) in YourEightSteps she made $89.94, just in the direct commissions from the three upgrades in YourEightSteps (in 24 hours), this is not including commissions she will make from her other 23 new referrals who upgrade or buy traffic in the other 40+ or so programs in YourEightSteps.

See this is why a complete system is so powerful, when you refer people to a system, commissions are automatic, people will join and use all the programs in YourEightSteps, you literally can build 40+ income streams in YourEightSteps almost on complete autopilot, all you have to do is refer people and we do the rest of the work, because we do not send our affiliate links to your downline like so many programs do, we promote for you, and tell people to log in and join the programs under their sponsor which is you. We do not take the spoils from your hard work, we build our business the same as you do, by advertising our own affiliate links.***(We allow no outside advertising on our pages..none. All programs are put in a downline builder for you to reap the benefits from)

We started this contest between us to show our members how well YourEightSteps system works, and to help motivate other by doing, not telling. The rules of our contest were simple, neither one of us could use outside advertising, like buying solo ads off someone else list, we had to stay within bounds of YourEightSteps system, meaning we are using traffic exchanges and safelist, blogging, and anything YourEightsteps system teaches to do. Focus and determination will get you far, its a mind set that you are going to do, and make it work no matter what. We expect to get referrals and upgrades so we do, because we are focused on the task at hand.

YourEightSteps can make you a ton of money, literally one serious referral who understands the value here at YourEightSteps can be worth thousands of dollars to you, especially with our two income programs Pureleverage and Empower Network. I have made as much as $1500+ dollars in a single day directly from building referrals in YourEightSteps. My whole focus is building my list and YourEightSteps, I do not waiver from this, no system offers what we do, NONE, they all are missing something extremely important, either they have programs with way to little of commissions, or they do not teach you simple traffic methods, or there is no support..etc. One way or another most programs fall very short.

With that all said, we are here to support you and show you the way, all you have to do is take action, and follow the steps, if you skip steps we can not guarantee your success, we give you everything we are doing step by step…Its up to you what you do with it.

One last note: We are almost ready to raise the upgrade fee from 59.95 to 97.00, this will happen soon, we just need to finish a couple more pieces and add a module (Which you Upgraded Members Will Really Like!) So now is the time to get upgraded if you are not yet and save some money.. So log in and get upgraded now before we increase the price..

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Did You Forget About Banner And Text Ads??

Sometimes when we are all out and about surfing all these traffic exchanges and safelist, it can be easy to forget about banner advertising and text ads. Traffic exchanges and safelist offer more than one way to advertise your sites and build your email list. Banner advertising and text ads can be very effective tools for driving more traffic to your offers.

I made it a point today and the last couple days to log into every traffic exchange that I am a member of and assign all the credits I have racked up towards banners and text ads. It had been a while since I had assigned them………actually a long while. Some of my traffic exchanges I was very surprised (happy) to see over a hundred thousand banner and text ad impressions I had coming. So if your like me and you get so into your surfing and racking up credits it might be a wise idea to log into some of your exchanges and assign those impressions, or if you have not added some banners or text ads yet, go add some. Some safelist also allow you to add a banner and text ad.

Log into and go to the affiliate toolbox, to grab your banners and links that you can use in your traffic exchanges and safelist.

If your handy at making your own banners I would encourage you to build some of your own and if you know how to add your picture to your banners, I would so as to brand yourself. Banner and text ads are very effective tools for building your business so do not forget about them. Try to utilize everything the traffic exchanges and safelist have to offer, there is nothing like getting more free advertising. If you are making your own banners try to make them stand out, same with your text ads, make the title catchy………the more you stand out, the more clicks you will get.

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Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus