Are You Upgraded In YourEightSteps Yet?

Well, if your not let me ask you the question..

Why not??

Have you been through all the steps, did you get
everything set up?

Are you driving traffic daily through both free and
paid traffic resources?

Seriously..Have you taken any action at all?

Maybe even you upgraded in YourEightSteps, but havnt
committed to doing anything?

Maybe your not interested in making a full time living

Or enough to change your entire life, and to never
worry about money ever again..?

Only you can answer these questions…But rest assured
if you never start taking real action and treating
this like its a real business..You will never make any
real money, I guarantee it!

Here is what I did the other day, and why I make money
everyday online..

Number one, I have been committed to taking action
since the day I started internet marketing over ten
years ago..

Now here is what I did the other day, and what my
typical weeks look like, remember though when reading
this, for me this is a real business, that pays all my
bills, and sends me on vacations, and buys me new
cars, and gives me the sanity of not living paycheck
to paycheck..thank God!

Okay here goes, first I logged into clixsense and
bought 10 new clixgrid ads, $20 a piece, even though I
already had several running, then I went to herculist
and bought a $64 dollar solo ad through them, that
goes out automatically to three different safelist
they own..So now I didnt stop there, I then went to
safe-swaps and bought 2 solo ads, one for $60.00 and
one for $58.00..

More yes more, I then went to the soload directory and
bought another solo ad from someone listed there for
$78.00 and another for $80..Now I bought all those ads
in one day..So since those ads started running on the
27th, I have put 33 new people into YourEightSteps,
had several of those upgrade in YourEightSteps,
Pureleverage, GVO and several of the other programs
with in YourEightSteps, not to mention the other 350
plus new opt-ins I put on my list..This has all
happened Since the 27th of May, so 7 days…

And guess what only 2 of my ads I bought are done
running, yes thats right only two of the solo ads are
completed, my clixsense ads run for 30 days each, my
herculist ad will run for about 15 days, and I have
two more solo ads to go…

And this isnt none of the other Traffic exchange or
safelist marketing I do…Or marketing I did for the

My whole point is here, I get results all the time,
because Im all in, always have been, I seen people
making tens of thousands of dollars a month online
years ago, and decided hey if they can do it, so can
I. I said to my self if there is one single other
person making 10,000 a month online, I can do it to…

The YourEightSteps system is a complete no-brainer,
all anyone needs to do, is follow the
system..Seriously, Just like we say in the steps, free
is the slow and painful way, and believe me it is..I
can get more results using paid advertising in one
week, then someone can get in a year using only free

I mean come on, we have put everything together and
connected all the dots for you, we have some of the
best paying programs online within our system,
Pureleverage alone can make you an absolute fortune!
We teach you how and where to build your list we give
you the squeeze pages, teach you how to set up your
advertising, we have left nothing out….

I take that back, there is the one thing we can not
provide, only you can, and that is the motivation and
will to take action…We can not provide that..Sorry
wish we could, but that has to come from with in you…

You have to decide to finally get committed to
something and stop playing around, only then will you
become successful online..I am sure glad I decided
that immediately when I first got started, otherwise I
could have wasted a lot more time getting nothing

Let me ask you this, is there anything better then
YourEightSteps out there?

Maybe, maybe not,
but truly only you decide this, I
decided that when YourEightSteps was first conceived
it was the best program online period! I never waiver
from building my downline in it, because I
believe…It offers people the best chance for

I do not know what the word try is, I only know the
word commitment..I learned this word very early in
life, because I had my first son when I was 18 years
old, I didnt have the time to mess around in life, I
had to work hard from the day I graduated from high
school, I couldnt let my son and family down..

And to this day, I feel the same way, commitment is
the only thing I know, I dont know how to quit
anything, because quitting means failure..And like I
said earlier if there was only one single solitary
person online making it work, I would then make it
work as well. Because all I need is a tiny bit of
belief, to create a whole lot of something..Failure
isnt an option! Just give me some instructions and
come hell or high water I will make it work for me!!

And so can you, just believe you can, and act as
though this is a real business and not a card game you
play with friends on Saturday night..Get serious, get
your plan together and follow it, work at it, dream
about it, get passionate about it, let nothing stand
in your way!

Come hell or high water you are going to make it!!

Now log in and get set up,
follow the steps, make a commitment to yourself and
your family, that nothing is going to stop you from
reaching your goals and dreams, NOTHING!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus