Did You Know You Have Been Lied To About Making Money Online?

More updates for you today, these are very important
and can affect how well you do online this next 6
months, I hope you are ready to make a commitment to
yourself and your goals, because there is only one way
to do it…

Get committed and serious, no screwing around…So
here we go..**Please for your sake at least read this whole post

First off, are you positioned correctly, what do I
mean by this?

How are you working towards your goals, what business
are your promoting, are they a scam, a cycler, a hyip,
will they be around 6 months from now, do they have
any real products? Are you hoping you will win the

We see this alot, people fall for shiny diamonds,
things that are not real and will never happen..They
think they can join a program for ten dollars and they
are going to make 30,000 a year. This will never
happen, and that kind of thinking is exactly why most
people never make any real kind of money online. They
are still playing the lottery..

You will never make anything, hoping to, you have
to be driven and determined that you are going to
succeed, and follow a proven system like
YourEightSteps, one that teaches you the right
fundamentals and dosnt lie to you..You are responsible
for your own success, thats a good thing and a bad
thing, because that means it is in your hands, no one

So how do you make 30,000 a year online,
you go after
it, you work at it, you build it, and you do the
things that all successful marketers do.

With that said, you all know that GVO and Pureleverage
are our autoresponders of choice, and they are for all
the reasons I talked about above and more..please go
to this page and watch at least the very first video..

And Pureleverage just launched the facebook instant
income system to help us build more downline, and
opt-ins..Now they are also launching in Russia in the
next couple weeks, which is another fantastic reason
to join them, they will have the whole Pureleverage
system in Russian, and they plan to do this in many
countries this way..I hope you understand how huge
this is, seriously..This is no small undertaking,
companies can claim they are worldwide, but are they
dedicated to truly being worldwide..GVO and
Pureleverage are, they are serious about truly helping
people change their life.

okay, please go watch this video now
http://youtu.be/xH9XA98kCBM , well you dont have to if
you could care less about making 30,000 or more a year
online..If you want to stay where you are, then dont
take a word I am saying seriously, but I hate to tell
you in my 10 plus years experience online, I can tell
you there are very few, and I mean very few programs
that will help as many people succeed as Pureleverage
and GVO will. They have paid out millions to their
affiliates, not thousands or hundreds of thousands,
but millions…

So you either position yourself correctly and with the
right products and services or you keep doing what you
are doing, and keep getting what you are getting, its
your choice, and your future..

One more thing, we even help you build your downline
in Pureleverage and GVO, simply go to the down_line
builder tab in your members area, then click on
recommended programs, then on the next page go scroll
down, and click on the gvo-teambuilder, we are here to
help you, no one does what we do, we are committed to
your success, and we have total downline integrity, we
dont steal your downline, we dont send them emails
with our links to other programs, we only direct you
back to Youreightsteps to take action under your
upline, and we do the same for you…

So what are you waiting for, do you like being taken
advantage of by other sites, that just want you to
build their list for them so they can dominate the
leader boards and make all the commissions, or do you
want to be proud to be part of a true team, where we
work together to help everyone succeed???

Your choice, hope to win the lottery are work towards
your future with sound companies and honest people who
want you to win!!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus