Are You In The 60 Million Dollar Program?

If you are not a member of Empower Network yet, you are making a huge mistake…

Empower Network has paid out over 60 million dollars to their affiliates, people are making a boatload of cash with them, why it is part of Youreightsteps, and why every guru out their is scrambling to make it part of their own systems..

1. They have some of the best training online, and they even have live events you can attend in person.

2. They absolutely pay, and are setting records, and they are and have created millionaires, there are not many programs online that can say that.

3. They have visionary leaders who expect big things for people and over deliver on their promises.

Empower Network is Now launching their new blogging platform EN 2.0, with features better than all the other blogging platforms out there, they are ditching wordpress and have created their own from scratch, with incredible benefits!!

If I had to start all over, Empower Network would be one of the first programs I joined.

You do not want to miss the launch of EN 2.0. We send you information as soon as we know things, and we give you the programs with the greatest benefits and that will make you more..

Not Reacting to opportunities when they are presented is where most people go wrong, failing to take action…leads to failure. You have to learn to act fast when these things present themselves..

This is what we do daily, we take massive action, why we are successful at what we do..

So what would I do if I was not a member yet?

I would join, and go all in, copy parts of this email and then start emailing my list, and start blogging through my Empower Network website, its already set up for you. If you do not have a list then you start blogging and build one, we give you the tools to do so throughout the steps.

Alot of you really do not know how powerful Youreightsteps really is, and the kind of income you can make with it..And why you dont, is because you have skipped some of the steps…Do you realize that you can make over $1500.00 in one day promoting Youreightsteps by finding one serious referral who really wants to change his life. One referral is all it takes who joins, upgrades and follows every step to completion to make over $1500.00 in one day!

So hurry now, and start getting a bigger slice of the pie, log into and go to step number 5, and join underneath your sponsor. And then plug in your id, by going to the downline builder tab, and clicking on income programs.

Remember we help you build your downline in Empower Network, because we send emails on your behalf, we never send our own affiliate links, we promote for you, we have downline integrity.

Why are you wasting time? So now quit messing around, get upgraded in YourEightSteps, follow ALL OF THE STEPS, and start making a ton of income!!! I mean why would you refer someone to YourEightsteps, if your not all in, you really only want the te and safelist referrals? We are trying to help you, but if you want to keep passing up the 100% Empower Network and Pureleverage commissions to your sponsor then so be it.

You have the golden goose, Go through and read Youreightsteps, every word, watch every video, become a student of the system, you will not make thousands of dollars online without learning…This is how you will learn and grow.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Why Empower Network is part of YourEightSteps

Just one of the many reasons why..

Documentation beats conversation any day of the week. I was emailed recently from a friend of mine and fellow Youreightsteps member Gus Payne! Thanks for the info Gus… I found out some recent statistics about Empower Network:

++EMPOWER NETWORK website ranked 165 in US and 407 Worlwide.

++Over the last 3 months average…
….500 people averaged making $1,000/mo
…..83 people making $10,000/mo
…..8 people making $20,000/mo
—7 people making $30,000/mo
…3 people making $40,000mo
…..3 people making $50,000/mo
….2 people making $60,000/mo
—-2 people making $70,000/mo
……4 people making $100,000/mo


What is even more amazing is that these are current numbers–not from last year!
Dec 7,255
Jan 9,486
Feb 10,033
March 12,594

It is pretty easy to see the upward trend! And why we have it in Youreightsteps, people are making tons of money! We have chosen our opportunities very carefully, they are companies that are going to last, and are owned by the best people in our industry.

The company has already paid out nearly $100 million in commissions!

JOIN: IT COST $25 PER MONTH and $19.97 for reseller fee=TOTAL $45 PER MONTH.

Surely, $45 monthly is a small amount to have this opportunity!

We are in…
If you wish to Join us, log into

and Join Empower Network in step number 5 under your sponsor in our downline builder, and remember we are sending this as a email to everyone as well, including your downline. This is what we do at Youreightsteps, we help you build YOUR business.

We are moving and a shak’in!! You have not seen nothing yet!!

We are going to rock this! 2013 will be your Year!

Richard Weberg & Brenda de Reus

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