Check Out These Cool Pages…Makes You want to SCREAM Conversion!

Totally awesome!!

This is what will be available to YourEightSteps Members soon…I told you we were going to rock this!!

Do not try to join from these, just click on them to see our dedication to our members, and see the examples of some we are setting up.

Some cool ass pages all created with Green label for Youreightsteps members!!
You will need to be a member of Green Label to use them, they will be fully integrated, easy share style! Redoing step 7 in YourEightSteps as we speak, this is going to totally explode!!
Plus you can create your own cool pages on the fly!! Nobody will touch this!
We will have instructions for using these and creating your own in step 7 soon. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

log in below, and join Green Label under your sponsor Now in step 5 so you will be ready to use these new pages as soon as they go live.

We now have a event calender, and our first live event!! Next Live Training Event 2:00 pm eastern/1:00 pm central, April 23rd Tuesday, See calendar in back office for more details..We are rock’in!


Richard Weberg & Brenda de Reus

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