Now you can make $60 Commissions over and over again!!

Watch this video and make sure to read the rest of this

post. You need to be aware of these updates…

Now all members can earn $60 commissions over and over again!!

On the new Log in offer, (Free members) will see the current product package

upfront upon logging in, no longer is the purchase at the

back end of the steps…This will mean a TON MORE money

into members pockets who are actively following the steps!


As many of you know, Paypal has been shutting down peoples

accounts at a record pace, literally tens of thousands of

peoples accounts are getting shut down weekly..Many

marketing companies and entrepreneurs have depended upon

Paypal to make their living online for years..Well that is

a thing of the past..If you have not had your Paypal

account shut down yet, you will..


Their are many alternatives out there, and now people will

have to change and use more of them to remain as marketers

and remain financially solvent in this industry..This shake

up in the industry has given us a moment to step back, and

redesign Your Eight Steps, so we can build it stronger than

ever before!!


So make sure and log in, and go explore your back office as

we have made many changes, and will be making more.. Make

sure to get your new payment details in place, and those of

you who live in the US, get us your 1099 ASAP. Their are

some instructions on the home page in your members area.

Log in here:


We are very excited to bring you these changes, and look

forward to paying a lot more of you, and helping you

finally scale your business at a much faster pace!!

Your friend and partner


Richard Weberg


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