September Monthly Leader board results for Your Eight Steps

Sorry folks I know this is a few days late being posted here, I actually thought I had already done it.

Congratulations to our top leaders in the month of
September, and everyone who promoted Your Eight
Steps this past month!! Thank you, we really
appreciate all of our members, and the effort you
put forth every month.. Thanks
for being the best affiliates and partners any
site owners
could ever want! You all Rock my friends!!

September Monthly Leader board Results

Member Name     Referrals
Mario Salerno    57
Steve Laycock    48
Ronald Young    44
Richard Weberg    43
Adrian Whitworth    22
Audrey Sorg    22
Paul Yeager    21
Richard Winters    15
John Bell    14
Stan Gran    14
Laura Dews    11
Denis Jost    9
Brenda deReus    8
Marcy McManaway    8
Wim Saelmans    7
Mark Barton    7
Margaret Thomson    7
Chris Elsom    6
Orlando Zambito    6
Gloria Moore    6
Audrey Norris    5
Dave Young    5
Sandra Tibble    5
Carol Walczak    4
Michael Sweeney    4
GDouglas Pearson    4
Ray Wizard    4
Frank Richy    4
Allen Williams    4
MIke Morgan    4
Richard Bebee    3
Join Silver    3
Leonides Sumayan    3
Dan Watson    3
Guillermo Agodong    3
Ronald Kennedy    2
Frances Buchanan    2
Lisa Dunne    2
David Best    2
Karen Naicker    2
anthea sparks    2
Jonathan Weberg    2
Robert Rehling    2
Karri DaltonHull    2
Jim Sinclair    2
Donald Jones    2
Troy Wray    2
Domenic Amato    2
StormMarie Barlowe    2
David Smith    2
justin pady    2
Pietro Conte    2
john claiborne    1
Franklin Lai    1
Steven Hupprich    1
Charlie Davis    1
Anton Baikov    1
Thomas Griffin    1
Norhisham Rahmat    1
Matt McGarry    1
Dave Hayes    1
Trevor McNamee    1
Barbara Arbster    1
ronnie Swift    1
Brenda Baeumler    1
willy beerlandt    1
Rebecca Stamer    1
Marty Petrizza    1
Russ Clark    1
Harry Scott    1
Tania Klein    1
Thomas Jose    1
Judy Daus    1
Danielle Parsons    1
Pat Patton    1
Mark Stevens    1
Scott Douglas    1

P.S More exciting updates coming for Your Eight Steps.

Seeing new names on the leader board each month,
means Your Eight Steps is strong vibrant and
growing! We are very proud of you all my friends!!

We have the best members of any site online, we
look forward to your future success!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus


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