Congrats to the leaders! November Monthly Leader board.

Thank you to all members who promoted Your Eight Steps, here is the leader board for the month of November. Congrats to the leaders!
November Monthly Leader board.

We reset this leader board each month, if your name is not at the top, now is the time to step on the gas, and become a Top Leader!!

November Monthly Leader board



Member Name Referrals
john worsham 70
Richard Weberg 46
Chris Elsom 18
austin ayang 15
Max Taylor 10
Dave Hayes 8
PerryJ GibsonSr 8
Jonathan Weberg 8
Dan Watson 7
Angela Porter 5
Thomas Turnbull 4
Steve Laycock 4
Alen Strahinec 4
Audrey Sorg 4
Christopher Woodward 3
Mark Stevens 3
Seely ClarkIV 3
amando aquino 3
taylor taua 2
John Simpson 2
Ronald Young 2
Miguel Rodrigues 2
Gary Estep 2
Fred Vandersteen 2
Daniel Swanson 2
Michael Carmona 2
Terrence Hopkins 2
Nick Hankey 2
Domenic Amato 1
Gary Sisler 1
Brenda deReus 1
Dang Huynh 1
Yvonne rioux 1
Pierre WDieudonne 1
saber chwaya 1
Doug Clarke 1
MahomedIqbal Fakir 1
Klaus Biesel 1
Kevin Clark 1
Mark Barton 1
Frances Buchanan 1
Rushitana Polepole 1
Wade Bednarek 1
william kayser 1
Josef Licka 1
Radford ParkerJr 1
DrKevin Rowe 1
Troy Wray 1
Nataliia Sakharuk 1

Thank you to all again, we appreciate all of you!

Happy Holidays my friends!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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