Two New Programs have been added to Your Eight Steps**

Hello Friends, just wanted to let you know, we have just added two new programs to Your Eight Steps..And we also took out a few programs, because they were not performing. We have your back, and are always checking programs, making sure they are giving our members the best value.

1st: Log in now

2nd: Go to the safelist downline builder, and join Mailer Ninja, under your sponsor. Mailer Ninja is a simple mailer and message scheduling tool to help you never miss a mailing at your favorite safelist, viral list builder, or mailer. Keep track and schedule your mailings and messages and this website will keep track of when your mailings are available, and your messages to send making it easier then ever to manage your mailer campaigns, and make the most of your mailer upgrades.

3rd: Go to the recommended programs downline builder, and join Directpay Biz, under your sponsor. Directpay Biz is a Unique Opportunity Where EVERYBODY WINS! New 5×4 Forced Matrix With Instant member to member Payments! Automated System Designed Especially for Beginners.

Lastly, make sure you have joined us in 4 corners Alliance, we are team building this program as well, it is also located in the recommended programs downline builder.

It is important you react to the emails we send you right away and take action, you may benefit directly by just being in our team, we have created spill over for many members, in programs like 4 corners and Directpay Biz.

We have one of the best groups of people you could ever want to work with. Your Eight Steps gives you the absolute best approach to building your income online.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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