**The perfect Funded Proposal.. Please watch this video

**The perfect Funded Proposal.. (Extremely Important) Please watch this video everyone, it will show you how to 4x build your email list for your Your Eight Steps campaign, and put instant commissions in your pocket while you do. We added this program to Your Eight Steps and it is converting off of the charts!

This will show you exactly how to set it up. (Watch this video no matter what you are promoting)

This is the perfect funded proposal, when you follow that set up in the video above, it will build your email list x 4, it will put immediate cash in your pocket as you build your business, it will build your downline, referrals and commissions in Your Eight Steps at the same time!!

In the video I show you how to tie it in to your existing Your Eight Steps campaign, so every opt-in receives your emails from that campaign.
All you do after you are set up is advertise PS Click Power, you will build all by doing so.

Log into Your Eight Steps after watching the video, go to the recommended downline builder to join PS Click Power under your Your Eight Steps sponsor:


Don’t forget to add your username in the
recommended programs downline builder!

Don’t miss out on this one, it is paying extremely well!

See you there:)

Richard Weberg & Brenda de Reus

2 thoughts on “**The perfect Funded Proposal.. Please watch this video

  1. Richard/Brenda,

    Is the PS Click Stream feature still working for you? I can’t add my urls, when hitting submit I just get directed to the PS Click Power home page. I have sent a support ticket, but not heard anything.

    Just wondering if it is working for you…

    Tony Gibson

    • Yes, I just got commissions yesterday from a sign up I had personally.

      Have not had any problems right now, that I am aware of.

      Richard Weberg

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