The Biggest Team Build Ever!!

Almost done…TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

We are getting close to launching our new site, that will put people into your downline in GVO, PureLeverage, YourEightSteps..on complete autopilot..totally hands free!

So if you are not a member yet of GVO or PureLeverage I highly suggest you get signed up under your sponsor immediately, this is totally going to kick *ss!!!!

We are going to put your name in lights!!

YourEightStep members will get first shot at this..Do not hesitate..Together we will win!

Make sure to sign up to GVO first from the sign up link in YourEightSteps downline_builder,
then you will join PureLeverage by clicking a button on the left hand
side near the top in your GVO members area.
GVO has a one click sign up to PureLeverage,
but as of right now, there is not the same one click
sign up from PureLeverage for GVO.

And if you are already
a member of PureLeverage, you need to send in a support ticket,
and ask to have GVO’S hostthenprofit added to your PureLeverage account.
You do not want to miss this..

You Have In Your Hands One Of The Biggest And Best Opportunities Of Your Life!!

We will be launching it very soon, in the next day or two, and Youreightsteps members get first dibbs!!

Hint: I am going to help you build your business, with my own traffic, plus+++++

We are going to kill this together!

Just have a little faith and believe in me, and I will help you finally win!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

4 thoughts on “The Biggest Team Build Ever!!

  1. Glad to have you on the team Harold, I will be working very hard on behalf of all team members, I am very excited!

    Richard Weberg

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