The February Monthly Leader Board, Congrats to all!

Congrats to everyone who is following the steps
and making it happen, and great job Mr. Donald Ducharme,
way to lead the pack again, two months in a row!!

Here is the leader board for the month of February.
Congrats to all, way to rock it!!

We reset this leader board each month,
if your name is not at the top, now is the
time to step on the gas, and become a Top Leader!!

February Monthly Leaderboard

Member Name Referrals
Donald Ducharme 88
Richard Weberg 51
Jonathan Weberg 45
Antoine DuBois 28
Cristiano Anjos 21
Ralph Martin 21
Martin vanDijk 16
Klaus Odermatt 16
James Lawrence 14
Mark Barton 13
chris kelly 9
Carola Gustavsson 9
Michael Camire 7
Edward Allen 7
Randy Sult 7
Lucienne Fleury 6
Seely ClarkIV 6
Frances Buchanan 5
Julie Brandt 4
Jerry Garaffa 4
James Starcevic 4
Join Silver 3
Roderick Marlow 3
Doyle Lord 2
Paulina Jenkins 2
LindaMichel White 2
Mario Salerno 2
Marshall Baldwin 2
Nick Hankey 1
Karri DaltonHull 1
James Fawcett 1
Francois Kok 1
Randy Meagher 1
David Todd 1
travis bradford 1
Shash Bhave 1
Omar Saady 1
Kevin Harmoning 1
Janid Inayat 1
Gregory Herring 1
Don Hill 1
Doug Ravish 1
Derek Simmons 1
Lugano Synergy 1
Justin Pady 1
David Jackson 1
Hitesh Sangani 1
Paul Louderback 1
Paul Wilson 1
Bob Caine 1
Louis Elder 1
Miguel Rodrigues 1
erik badeaux 1
Marty Petrizza 1
Santha Blum 1
Fred Vandersteen 1

 Make 2018 YOUR year, log in and follow the steps, it is that simple!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
Your Eight Steps Facebook group

Our August Monthly Leader board for Your Eight Steps

Congratulations to our top leaders in the month of August, and everyone who promoted Your Eight Steps this past month!! Thank you, we really appreciate all of our members, and the effort you put forth every month.. Thanks
for being the best affiliates and partners any site owners
could ever want! You all Rock  my friends!!
  August Monthly Leader board Results

Member Name Referrals
Richard Weberg 125
Ronald Young 64
Mario Salerno 63
Steve Laycock 43
Audrey Sorg 26
Laura Dews 19
John Bell 13
Wim Saelmans 11
Carol Walczak 11
Chris Elsom 9
Dave Hayes 9
Stan Gran 8
Mark Barton 6
Pietro Conte 6
Gloria Moore 5
Join Silver 5
Richard Winters 4
Brenda deReus 4
Donald Jones 4
Robert Fogg 3
Mark Stevens 3
Alonzo Patterson 2
Franklin Lai 2
Harry Scott 2
Dave Young 2
Jim Sinclair 2
Ted KazmirekJr 2
Scott Douglas 2
Martin Huber 2
Marcy McManaway 2
Sandra Tibble 2
Frances Buchanan 2
Steven Hupprich 2
Domenic Amato 2
Naomi Hill 2
Dan Watson 2
StormMarie Barlowe 2
Ronald Kennedy 2
Bill Rislov 2
Peter Freemantle 2
Paul Yeager 2
Paul Kinder 2
Victor Hunte 1
Frank Richy 1
Margaret Gaskin 1
Marty Petrizza 1
Ebonie Cross 1
Bridget Malone 1
Robert Rehling 1
Jonathan Weberg 1
Luis Zaragoza 1
Robert Jacobs 1
Marion McFadden 1
Karri DaltonHull 1
bob collins 1
James Posey 1
Trevor McNamee 1
David Todd 1
chris kelly 1
Ronald Cox 1
Thomas Jose 1
Michael Sweeney 1
Samuel Boydston 1
Jairo Silvera 1
Anton Baikov 1
Bo Tipton 1
Marco Mauro 1
GoddyKen madukwe 1
Tej dhillon 1
ronnie Swift 1

P.S Brenda is almost done with the new look for Your Eight Steps, she has been putting the finishing touches on it, and will be done very soon.

Seeing new names on the leader board each month, means Your Eight Steps is strong vibrant and growing We are very proud of you all my friends!!

We have the best members of any site online, we look forward to your future success!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus